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2BHK Unfurnished Apartment for rent at Old Airport
2BHK Unfurnished Apartment for rent at Old Airport
2BHK Unfurnished Apartment for rent at Old Airport
2BHK Unfurnished Apartment for rent at Old Airport
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5,000 QAR / Monthly
2BHK Unfurnished Apartment for rent at Old Airport
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Old Airport Road Old Airport Road , Doha

All about the Apartments for Rent in Qatar

Are you looking for beautiful apartments for rent in Qatar?

You are exactly in the right place to find Qatar's best apartments for rent. The Saakin Qatar real estate directory offers multiple residential properties for rent in Qatar. If you are searching for flats with beautiful city views, get a fantastic apartment in Doha.

The city provides high-quality residential apartments and also affordable flats for rent. Foreigners searching for highly sought Options for a living should consider apartments for rent and flats in Qatar. Qatar is no doubt home for renters and rental apartments.

Types of Apartments for Rent in Qatar

You Can Choose the Size of the Apartment Rental as Per Your Needs

How are Apartments for Rent in Qatar?

Apartments for rent in Qatar come with all basic facilities and amenities. Most of the apartments for rent are unfurnished. However, you can also get furnished apartments, from one-bedroom furnished to 5 bedroom-furnished rental apartments, with include bills.

Qatar also offers unique and premier flats for rent in beautiful neighborhoods. As the capital of Qatar, Doha has enough to offer everyone. In the past decade, the city has seen remarkable growth in every area, from its population to its economy to its place as a host of main events.

All the residential properties of Qatar provide excellent amenities and facilities. Mostly the apartments for rent provide safety & comfort. There are special modern luxuries for the residents. Most apartments have the following;

The architecture of the apartments is also very exquisite. When you look for a modern-style home for living, you should consider apartments in Qatar in a proper building with proper amenities.

The Places where you Find Amazing Apartments for Rent in Qatar

Doha is the most wanted place for apartments for rent, where most people live. You also find more expensive apartments with ideal locations. West Bay is also a fantastic area for living, and apartments for rent in West Bay give you modern and fantastic architecture.

If you are curious about the beautiful living style, you should choose a rental apartment in West Bay. The place also provides you with incredible surroundings.

The most popular place to rent apartments in Doha is The Pearl Qatar which is highly sought after for its surroundings, ocean sights, amusement, and locations. The apartments for rent in The Pearl have different themes for each section.

Situated within The Pearl is an area known as Porto Arabia, which is in very high demand due to its location, design theme, and attractive rental options.

The Most Affordable Apartments for Rent in Qatar

For affordable residential places, go through Saakin Qatar to get relevant details. It offers budget-friendly and cheap apartments for rent in Qatar. When you move to Qatar with a fixed budget, you look for the right place.

Your main concern will be to attain an affordable living apartment. Specific areas offer cheap apartments with a suitable housing style. You can have a cozy lifestyle on a low budget in the most affordable places in Qatar.

The apartments for rent in Qatar have, unlike rental prices. The range starts from 5000 QAR to 2200 QAR. Moreover, the location and the level of the features of an apartment building determine the rental price. Likewise, you find attractive apartments for rent at different prices, and the luxury level and size of the apartment determine that apartment's rental fee.

Flats for Rent in Doha Are Available To Choose

More popular areas include West Bay and Al Sadd. Apartments for rent in West Bay provide residents with matchless views of the glittering Doha skyline through its rental apartment buildings and towers and the surrounding sea.

At the same time, Al Sadd offers quality flats and apartments for rent, and renters can enjoy beautiful city views from their apartments for rent in Al Sadd. It's all about location, of course!

The city has adapted well to meet the demands of a diverse society, so you'll quickly locate everything from studio and one-bedroom apartments to 4 bedrooms and even five-bedroom apartments for rent in Doha.

Some apartments will also come with a maid's room for those with that in their search criteria. If you don't have a maid, you can use the maid's room for guests or as extra storage space in your apartment for rent in Doha.

How to Find the Best and Ideal Apartments for Rent in Qatar

You can easily find the best and ideal apartments for rent in Qatar through the Saakin website. It is the best real estate directory that provides featured properties of Qatar and rental properties to offer renters. On Saakin, you discover Qatar's most beautiful and unique featured apartments for rent, and you avail lavish apartments for rent through it.

Further, the FIFA World Cup 2022 has created more opportunities for renters to find Qatar's best and most affordable rental properties. You can evaluate a rental apartment's property value through the website listings that guide you properly. It also describes all the information about the rental prices and other features.

Popular Areas in Qatar for Rental Apartments

There are a number of different neighborhoods to choose from when looking for an apartment for rent in Doha. Fereej Bin Mahmoud is a popular option for those who want to be close to the heart of Doha. West Bay is another popular choice, offering luxury accommodations and stunning skyline views. For those on a budget, Al Mansoura and Al Gharrafa are two neighborhoods that offer affordable apartments for rent.

No matter what your budget or preferences are, there is sure to be an apartment for rent in Qatar that meets your needs.

Why Rent an Apartment with us?

Saakin Qatar offers you the option to choose from many apartments in Qatar for rent. Our portal has the best selection of various apartments in different sizes. The portal also describes the facilities, comforts, and rental prices.

You get a concise report of what you are finding at Saakin Qatar. We provide an online solution related to your search for rental properties. To most clients' queries, the site is doing its best to offer various apartments and properties for rent.


What is the Cheapest Rent in Qatar?

Al Sadd lies among the cheapest accommodation for singles in Qatar. The rent is only about 500 QAR with the bunk bedroom, saving a lot of your salary. If you plan to stay in a shared room, the accommodation cost will be around 1500 to 3000 QAR, depending on the locality and room.

Do Apartments in Doha have Air Conditioning?

Semi-furnished apartments are equipped with the basics, perhaps simple appliances, air-conditioning, and all utilities.

How Much is the Rent in Doha?

Which month's Rent is the Lowest?

The lowest rental rates are usually between October and April, particularly right after the December holiday season. Fewer people are interested in moving—bad weather, schools are in session, etc. So individuals renting between December and March typically find the best rental bargains.