Is Qatar Better Than Dubai?

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Qatar vs. Dubai

An interesting comparison of the two greatest Arab countries for traveling

If you are thinking to settle or just to visit in the Middle East, then Qatar and Dubai are your foremost choices. But how do you select between the two? Don't worry. You will get some facts here to help you decide. Certain factors make an interesting comparison between the two states.

Qatar is a state, whereas Dubai is a city. Also, Doha is Qatar's capital, a strong economical pillar. Most people like to move to a city for its economic growth and strength.

However, everyone has their own destination while planning to make a move. But here are some more interesting facts and comparison checks which will surely help you choose the best one for you. Overall, it is a fact that Dubai and Doha offer equally good environments to live in. It is based on accommodation, location, weather, salaries, career, visiting sites, crime, education, population, and transport.

Accommodation Cost of Living

The cost of living is less in Qatar than in Dubai. However, it is a minor change.

“Residence in Qatar is cheaper than in Dubai, at around 4%! You would need 16,250 AED in Doha to maintain the same standard of life as in Dubai for 17,000 AED,” as described by Numbeo.

The grocery rates are normal in Qatar. It is 9% cheaper than Dubai.

Physical Features Comparison

Dubai has mountainous areas as well. By chance, Qatar and Dubai have flat surfaces on the plains. They are also deserts. So, the physical features of both states match. Both countries have the facility of flights intra-country and inter-country daily. From Dubai, you can travel to many other locations by road, like Oman.

The baron land of sand in Dubai and Doha sometimes leaves us bored. In Dubai, you can also have a tour guide for visiting different places in the city. You can explore fantastic mountainous backdrops as well as wonderful wildlife within, whereas Qatar doesn't have this beauty.


When it comes to weather and humidity, both of them are the same. Both Dubai and Doha are located on the coastal line. They have a pleasant sea breeze. However, their temperatures vary only by 1 or 2 degrees Celsius. There is low rainfall in Qatar and Dubai.

Salaries Comparison

It is worth noting that a particular profession's actual highs and lows can vary greatly in Dubai and Qatar. In Qatar, you can enjoy more or double the salary of the same job in the UAE.

Here is a list of some of the profession's average salaries in Qatar and Dubai, together with the help of Salary Both cities have very competitive salaries.

Profession Salary in Dubai (AED) Salary in Qatar (QAR)
Accountant (155,000) 126,070
Civil Engineer 211,000 177,000
Electrician 111,000 184,000
Business Development Manager 183,000 280,000
Teacher 144,000 151,000
Admin Clerk 72,600  100,000
Graphic Designer 61,500 120,000
Air Traffic Controller 249,600 209,000
Mechanic 82,800 71,000
HR Manager 373,000 283,000
Petroleum Engineer 235,200 310,000
Nurse 185,000 141,000
Doctor 640,000 446,600
Dentist 580,000 424,000
Hair Stylist 99,900 83,755
General manage 148,800 236,000
Bar Manager 157,200 213,000


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Career Opportunities

Let's take a look at unemployment rates and new start-up rates. The unemployment rate in Doha is 0.1%. In contrast, the unemployment rate in Dubai is 4.2%. However, both the state's effort to produce more and more opportunities for employment.

Locations to Explore in Dubai

  • Beaches
  • Burj Khalifa
  • Huge Malls
  • Dubai Eye (Again Dubai)
  • Skiing in the Sky, Camel Racing,
  • Horse Racing,
  • World Class Golf Courses
  • Desert Safaris
  • Global Village
  • Dubai Frame
  • Water Parks
  • Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood
  • Water Sports,
  • Scuba Diving

Locations to Explore in Qatar

  • The Pearl of Qatar
  • Banana Island
  • Islamic Art Museum Doha Corniche Shopping Malls
  • Zoo and Family Parks
  • Water Parks
  • Beaches
  • Desert Safari's
  • Scuba Diving
  • World Class Golf Courses

Dubai mostly emphasizes things to do, marvels to visit, and adventure. At the same time, Qatar reflects Islamic heritage and religion more in its environment. It creates a far more authentic feel than Dubai on the glittery side of life. Overall, Dubai has more exploring spots than Qatar. Dubai has more natural locations to visit, while Qatar has more creative and architectural models to explore.

Food Style

The food in Dubai is famous and diverse. It is a blend of traditional and international meals.

In Qatar, you can enjoy traditional food and classic dishes. When it comes to fine dining, Qatar also has some fantastic variety. All famous kinds of cuisine, you get here. It offers versatile cuisines.

Crime Rate

As a whole, the crime rate in both Dubai and Doha is very low. According to the Crime Rate by Crime Index, "Qatar has a crime rate of 11.9 in comparison to the UAE at 15.40."


Is Education free in Qatar and Dubai?

Education is not free in Dubai. Residents must pay education fees, whether in private or public schools. In Qatar, education is free.

Population Density

The 3.31 million population of Dubai makes it the most populated region in the Middle East. Dubai and Doha are two middle-eastern cities that have an extremely low population density, which can be seen in the table below:

City Population Density per Square Km

  • Doha 260
  • Dubai 850
  • While New York covers 38248 population density per square meter.

Public Transport

Public transport in Dubai and Qatar seems better than in many other cities worldwide. Taxis, buses, metros, and trains are easy, modern, and wonderful to ride. Doha boasts of its Doha High-Speed metro, which has 37 stations spread across 76Km speed. It is a driverless train, one of the best networks in the world. Dubai is never behind in facilitating inexpensive and clean public transport.

Property Trends and Real Estate Market

The real estate market is active and vibrant in Dubai and Qatar. Dubai has remarkable commercial towers and apartments. Qatar has stunning skyscrapers and villas. It offers the best properties for sale and rent. Qatar and Dubai featured properties are listed on top Real Estate directories.

You can search and find it on Saakin Qatar, the best property finder website. By investing in properties, you can earn ROI and get permanent residency in Qatar. Moreover, Qatar's Real Estate market is growing rapidly by creating more options for foreigners.


After considering the certain factors discussed above, both places are good to settle in when looking to move to Dubai or Qatar. However, Qatar came first as the richest Arab country, with a more robust economy than Dubai. It is also inexpensive and has all the other factors that make living easy and entertaining.

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