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You may need a real estate agent if you're looking for a property to rent out or sell your home. For getting the best deals and solutions for your property management, you deserve the best real estate agent, real estate agencies, and real estate Companies in Qatar.


Simplifying Your Property Finding Hassles with A Lot of Luxurious Properties

SaakinQatar is the #1 fastest-growing online real estate directory in Qatar. It is the best property-finding platform for buyers, sellers, renters, and investors. Find and buy properties, and move with trusted real estate companies and brokers.

We have listed Qatar's top real estate companies and the leading brokers of Qatar for your support. You will find listings of the best properties for sale and rent. You can get all the answers you need about the features of the properties in Qatar and the top real estate agents.

It is the leading portal for property finders in Qatar. It provides the best property for sale and property for rent in Qatar. Further, the website also lists the top-rated properties and the featured properties in Qatar.

You can also find the best real estate agents in Qatar through this platform. It connects buyers and sellers and provides its valued customers with the most comprehensive real estate services.

The Best Real Estate Companies in Qatar That List the Best Properties

Steps Real Estate

Steps real estate is one of Qatar's most popular real estate companies. It is an experienced real estate company with trained professionals. They are dedicated to providing you with the best real estate services.

They offer every solution to your real estate needs and requirements. They list the best-featured properties in Qatar. The company's expert agents are ready to support you in every matter related to properties for rent and sale.

Better Homes 

Better Homes is a dynamic real estate company in Qatar. It is a trusted name in the real estate industry, with sufficient experience. They are accessible and reliable for you to get any kind of property consultation to the highest standards. They have the most extensive selection of properties for sale and rent.

They are experts in the local market, so that they can provide you with a comprehensive property management service. You can get residential and commercial property management, short-term rental, and off-plan properties, whatever you need, at the best level of satisfaction.

Mirage International Property Consultants

Mirage International Property Consultants are the best to deal with property management. It is also a trustworthy real estate company in Qatar. They focus on delivering property solutions to clients.

Enterprise, cooperation, and individual people get transparent and quality services related to purchasing and sales, property management, facilities management, and leasing.

Property Hunter

Property Hunter is also a fantastic solution for investors, home buyers, and renters that hunt for properties for sale and rent in Qatar. They know the local real estate market well because they have worked in this field for many years.

They provide the best property management and consultancy services to property hunters. Even investors and realtors can buy, rent, and sell their homes in Qatar with their help. They listen to their clients personally to build up a trusted relationship by providing the best services.

World-Class Properties

It is a leading real estate company in Qatar, delivering the best customer service. The expertise has high standards to provide the clients with the most prestigious properties in West Bay, Lusail City, and the Pearl. They have managed a wide range of property databases and provide a complete property management service.

Besides that, they provide a luxurious standard of properties in Qatar with great insight into the current local market of real estate trends. You can buy or rent a property with the collaboration of an experienced agent for world-class properties.

Realtors Real Estate

They have great experience in the Qatar real estate market and provide buyers and tenants with the best properties. Realtors support property hunters and property finders with exceptional services in all commercial, residential, and retail categories.

Homes 2 Rent Real Estate

This is also a reliable real estate agency in Qatar. It provides luxury and fully furnished properties for sale and rent. Through their brokers, you can even find exclusive properties on a long-term and short-term basis.

Direction Real Estate

Direction Real Estate is a property management and real estate rental management company. The property dealers provide access to Qatar's most luxurious properties and even the Middle East. It focuses on providing maximum client satisfaction and then the best options to choose from.

It directs the clients towards the right decisions and property options. They are committed to maintaining integrity and honesty to ensure customer expectations are met with perfection.

Piaci Real Estate

Piaci Real Estate Company deals in commercial real estate planning and development for potential realtors and developers. Investors can benefit from this platform. The company helps the investors manage successful resources to upscale the developing projects.

It enables them to get the best returns on their investment. Moreover, they have competent property consultants and experts handling all property management services.

Garvey Properties

Garvey Properties is a strong real estate agency that develops relationships between property hunters and finders. It provides services for locals and foreigners.

It is a private real estate company located in Qatar that is an expert in property management services. It provides corporate and personal short-term rentals. It also offers long-term rental property management services.

The Agents

They list the best properties for sale and rent in Qatar. They have properties for investment, residential use, and commercial purposes that are even for commercial use.

They have listed luxurious properties as well as affordable properties for sale and rent. You can avail any property in this category with the help of the real estate agents in Qatar.

Al-Athbi Real Estate

Al Athbi Real Estate is proud to offer exceptional services with ample experience to satisfy all types of property demands fully. This real estate company has a steadfast and long-standing existence in Qatar. It has established a stellar real estate financial advisory and property management record.

Coreo Real Estate

Independent capitalists, property owners, and large developers and investors are among the clients that Coreo counsels. Coreo offers various real estate services for domestic and industrial sectors, including marketing, renting, selling, and maintaining any real estate concern.

The company can help you buy properties or whatever you need to rent, buy, or sell. It tries to go above and beyond to satisfy the clients by collaborating and using innovative thinking.

Future World for Real Estate

Future World provides advice to a wide range of clients, including big real estate developers, investors, and home buyers. Irrespective of the kind of property you have to lease, buy, or sell, it can assist you with the transaction.

Real estate services' team spirit, creativity, and devotion are at the core of their values. The best luxury property listings you will find here. The primary objective of Future World is to offer well-defined brokerage services to licensed and seasoned real estate agents.

Just Real Estate

According to devoted clients and exceptional success stories, Just Real Estate is well known for its distinctive approach to real estate. The company attracts high-net-worth investors and buyers by offering outstanding properties in Qatar and globally. Known for delivering excellent investment returns with integrity and reliability, it emphasizes service excellence and affordable luxury.

Client outcomes—obtained by a committed, knowledgeable team of international property experts, including surveyors, real estate insiders, investment and finance consultants, and inventive marketing teams—serve as the yardstick for their success. The professionalism of their staff is the cornerstone of their business.

Just Real Estate offers comprehensive property management services for high-net-worth investors and buyers. They specialize in developing, managing, selling, and leasing premium properties in Qatar. Their expertise ensures excellent investment returns, with a strong focus on integrity and reliability. Their in-depth market knowledge and commitment to service excellence enable them to deliver the best customer service for affordable luxury and commercial property hunting.

Their team comprises highly skilled professionals, including property surveyors, real estate insiders, investment and finance consultants, and creative marketing experts. This diverse expertise allows them to provide superior property development, sales, and marketing services, ensuring clients receive the best possible outcomes in their real estate ventures.

They list multifarious and premium properties in Qatar for rent and sale. They also list off-plan properties. They offer the best selection of the best real estate options for high-net-worth investors and buyers. Their portfolio includes luxury residences, commercial spaces, and investment properties. With a focus on quality and client satisfaction, the company ensures that each listing meets the highest standards, providing excellent opportunities for living and investment in Qatar's thriving real estate market. 

Find your ideal property effortlessly with our premier property-finding solution! Trust our dedicated team to navigate the market and handpick options just for you. Your dream home awaits – let us make it a reality together! Just Real Estate is located at Shoumoukh Towers, Ground Floor, St. 231 Suhaim Bin Hamad, P.O. Box 30540, Qatar. You can email them at or call +974 4491 3333.

Al Heyaza Real Estate

Rent or sell your property in Qatar with Al Heyaza Real Estate. It specializes in premium commercial and residential property management, facilities management, brokerage, valuation, and advisory services. Al Heyaza serves private investors, institutions, corporations, and more. Known for its comprehensive services and innovative solutions, the company blends global best practices with local expertise.

By recruiting top international and local talent, Al Heyaza delivers customized real estate solutions, respecting the region's cultural and economic nuances. This strategy has increased its reputation as a leading Qatari real estate company.

In addition to property management, Al Heyaza excels in commercial brokerage, helping clients navigate the market to find the best deals for buying or selling properties. They provide expert valuation services to ensure properties are accurately priced, reflecting their true market value. The company also offers advisory services, guiding clients through the complexities of property agreements, legal matters, and investment strategies.

Its holistic approach means it handles every detail, from tenant agreements and lease management to strategic property investment and development advice. Their blend of global best practices and local expertise ensures clients receive innovative and culturally sensitive solutions. With a commitment to excellence and a reputation for reliability, Al Heyaza Real Estate is your go-to partner for all property-related needs in Qatar.

Stop searching and start living in the home of your dreams! Our property search service takes the stress out of house hunting, delivering recommendations that align perfectly with your criteria. Whether you are a first-time buyer, upgrading, or investing, we are here to guide you every step of the way. Don't settle for less—find your perfect match today!

ABH Real Estate

ABH Real Estate, recognized as one of the premier real estate companies in Qatar, specializes in managing, selling, buying, and investing in properties. Their primary objective is to provide services that assist clients in finding their ideal home, resolving pricing disputes, and managing the sale or rental process. A network of incredibly talented, experienced, and bilingual real estate agents has helped them earn their exceptional reputation through consistent hard work and successful outcomes.

As a premier real estate company in Qatar, it excels in property management for sales, purchases, and investment opportunities. ABH Real Estate was honored as Qatar's Best Real Estate Broker for two years, with the prestigious Best Brokerage Award in 2022 and 2023. It offers a comprehensive range of property listings, including residential, commercial, and industrial ones. They specialize in high-end villas, luxury apartments, and commercial spaces such as offices and retail outlets. ABH Real Estate also provides property management, leasing, and sales services for local and international clients.

Their portfolio includes properties in prime locations across Qatar, ensuring options that meet diverse needs and priorities. Additionally, the company offers advisory services on market trends and investment opportunities, assisting clients in making informed decisions. Their commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of the Qatari real estate market make them a trusted partner for all real estate needs in the region.

Say goodbye to endless listings to find a property! With our innovative property-finding platform, your ideal home is just a few clicks away. Our team of experts scours the market to hand-select options that meet your specific requirements, ensuring you find the right fit without the hassle. Ready to discover your next chapter? Let us get started!


STEP IN PROPERTY brings over 17 years of expertise in the MENA region’s real estate market and is positioned to capitalize on Qatar’s rapid development. The team is dedicated to delivering exceptional brokerage services, ensuring Qatari and multinational clients receive superior support in residential and commercial property transactions. Built on integrity, partnership, teamwork, and accountability principles, they provide the best strategic consultancy and comprehensive property management.

Their commitment to ethical behavior and transparency fosters trusted, long-term client relationships. They employ innovative marketing strategies to enhance property value and profitability. 

STEP IN PROPERTY offers a full spectrum of real estate services, including rental, sales, and property management. Whether clients seek rental accommodations for residential or commercial purposes, assistance in buying or selling properties, or professional property management solutions, it delivers expertise and support. With dedication and a focus on integrity, partnership, and accountability, their team provides comprehensive help throughout every stage of the real estate process.

From property search and lease negotiations to sales transactions and ongoing property management, it strives to meet the diverse needs of its clients while maximizing value and profitability in Qatar’s dynamic real estate market.

Experience the ultimate stress-free property hunting service! Whether you seek a trendy downtown loft or a suburban sanctuary, we have the keys to your dream home. Let us do the legwork while you focus on envisioning your future. Don't settle for anything less than perfection – let's find your dream property together!

Address :

  • Office H108,
  • 1st Floor, Mirqab Mall,
  • Doha Qatar
  • Phone:+974 4142 4622

Al Bassma Real Estate

Al Bassma Real Estate is dedicated to providing exceptional property solutions. With a keen understanding of the dynamic real estate market, they offer complete services for buying, selling, or investing; their experienced team guides clients every step of the way. Trust Al Bassma Real Estate to deliver distinctive expertise and customized service, making the real estate journey a successful and satisfying experience.

It offers property management solutions to optimize rental and sales processes. Their automated notification systems expedite renting and contract management, bolstered by strategic advertising and marketing plans to maximize property occupancy rates. 

Al Bassma Real Estate specializes in Project Development and management, offering end-to-end solutions for seamless execution. Their sell-and-buy brokerage services provide expert guidance and support throughout transactions, ensuring optimal outcomes for both buyers and sellers.

Moreover, as certified real estate evaluators, they deliver accurate valuations backed by industry expertise. Trust their comprehensive suite of services to navigate the complexities of the real estate market with professionalism and proficiency.

Discover your dream property hassle-free with an expert property-finding service! Whether you are searching for a cozy apartment, a spacious family home, or a good investment opportunity, you will find the right one. Say goodbye to endless scrolling, and let us find the perfect property for you. Get started today and turn your property dreams into reality!

For inquiries or assistance, please reach out to us via:

  • Phone: +974 66 09 7773, +974 44 76 0526
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Visit us at:
  • Lusail Marina Twin Tower B,
  • Floor 19,
  • Doha, Qata

Gloria Real Estate

Gloria Real Estate is a well-known property-hunting real estate agency in Doha, Qatar, offering a diverse range of real estate services to meet the needs of buyers and renters. Specializing in properties across all locations in Doha, Gloria Real Estate provides an extensive portfolio that includes residential, commercial, and luxury properties.

The agency is renowned for its comprehensive listings, enclosing everything from stylish apartments and family homes to prime office spaces and retail units. Focusing on quality and customer satisfaction ensures that each property is listed to meet high standards of comfort and convenience.

The agency prides itself on deeply understanding the Doha real estate market. It uses its local expertise to guide clients through every step of the property transaction process. Whether clients want to buy, rent, or invest, it offers personalized services for their unique needs and priorities.

The team at Gloria Real Estate is composed of experienced professionals dedicated to providing good service and expert advice, ensuring a rewarding experience for all clients. Gloria Real Estate has established itself as a trusted and reliable name in the Qatari real estate industry through its commitment to excellence.

In addition to its extensive property listings, Gloria Real Estate offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to support clients throughout their real estate journey. These services include property management, where the agency handles the day-to-day operations and maintenance of properties on behalf of owners, ensuring optimal performance and tenant satisfaction.

They also provide expert valuation services, offering accurate and detailed assessments of property values to help clients make informed decisions. The agency offers strategic marketing services for those looking to sell or lease their properties, utilizing traditional and digital channels to maximize exposure and attract potential buyers or tenants. 

Contact Details


  • Salatah al Jadidah, Ali Bin Abi Talib Street No 820, Building No 96, Zone 40, PO Box 20041 , Doha-Qatar
  • call: +974 31355054   +974 44327343

United Real Estate

United Real Estate is a renowned real estate agency. It works for property rentals and sales in Qatar, providing real estate services to tenants and buyers. Specializing in residential and commercial properties, it offers an extensive portfolio of rental listings, ensuring clients can access a wide range of options to suit their needs. Whether clients are looking for luxury apartments, family homes, or office spaces, the company prides itself on matching clients with properties that meet their requirements.

Their commitment to quality service is evident in their approach, which includes detailed property information, virtual tours, and expert advice on the local real estate market.

In addition to property listings, United Real Estate is known for its effective and client-focused services. The company assists clients throughout the rental or buying process, from initial inquiries to finalizing contracts. Their team of experienced professionals provides valuable insights and support, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

It offers a variety of property rental solutions, including short-term and shared rentals for diverse client needs. Their extensive listings provide multiple residential and commercial property options, ensuring flexibility and convenience. With a focus on personalized service, it assists clients throughout the rental process, helping them find the perfect property that suits their choices and requirements.

Locate your perfect rental with us! Whether you seek budget-friendly options or luxurious living, their extensive listings fit all needs. Avail brokerage service, expert guidance, and a quick rental experience. Find your ideal home or office space today with us. Your dream property awaits!

World Wide Real Estate

World Wide Real Estate's mission is to ensure that every real estate need in Qatar is met and exceeded with user-friendly service. They pride themselves on connecting buyers, sellers, and tenants in a manner that prioritizes safety, satisfaction, and excitement. Their comprehensive suite of services has everything from brokerage to property management, cooperative management to facility maintenance, and property valuation.

Regarding brokerage, their focus is on ensuring that their clients feel safe and ecstatic about their property transactions in Qatar. They navigate the intricate details of buying, selling, and renting with precision and care, ensuring that every deal is conducted with the utmost professionalism and integrity. Property selling is more than just evaluating properties and negotiating deals for them; it is about providing exceptional customer service at every step of the process.

In property management, they extend an array of services to meet the unique needs of residential and commercial property owners. From tenant screening and rent collection to property maintenance and beyond, they handle every aspect of property management with diligence and expertise.

Facility maintenance is another area where they excel, providing maintenance solutions that effectively address each client's specific requirements. Their property valuation services uphold the highest professional practice and conduct standards. They approach every valuation with meticulous attention to detail, utilizing their expertise to provide accurate and reliable assessments that help clients make informed decisions about their real estate investments.

Qatar's Premier Real Estate Solution. Expert brokerage, property management, and precise valuations—to exceed your expectations. Trust us for reliable & exceptional services. Your satisfaction is our priority. Connect with us now! For inquiries or assistance, reach out to us at our Corporate Headquarters:

  • World Wide Commercial Building, Building 72,
  • Street 250, Zone 42, Al Hilal, D Ring Road, Doha, Qatar
  • Email:
  • Call: +974 44335123  +974 66990078

Epitome Real Estate

Epitome Real Estate is a professional brokerage in Qatar specializing in buying and selling various properties. Based in Doha, it offers experienced real estate services to meet each client's needs. With a skilled team and extensive market knowledge, it excels in the Pearl, West Bay, and Lusail areas. It strives to lead Qatar's real estate industry by providing quality services, fostering strong client relationships, and ensuring ongoing growth. Its strategy focuses on transparency, professionalism, and building long-term client partnerships.

Epitome Real Estate specializes in various services, including property sales, management, facilities management, leasing, marketing, investment consultation, and evaluation. It offers the best solutions to meet clients' diverse needs, from facilitating property transactions to expertly managing and maintaining properties. Whether assisting in leasing or providing investment advice, it ensures efficient operations and maximizes client value. The company stands out as a trusted partner in Qatar's real estate market, focusing on professionalism and expertise.

Visit Epitome Real Estate at the Lusail Trust Tower, Office 405, located in Lusail Marina, Qatar. Our office hours are Sunday through Thursday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 p.m. Additionally, you can reach us anytime through a convenient online query form. I look forward to assisting you with all your real estate needs.

Al Emadi Enterprises WLL

Al Emadi Enterprises WLL makes it easy for you to handle all your real estate needs. With their help, you will know what to do at every stage. They guide you from the beginning to the end, ensuring everything goes smoothly. They use their knowledge to help you make smart buying, selling, or investing decisions. You can trust them to understand what you want and to get you the best results. With their support, you will succeed in real estate; follow their lead!

Their team is committed to making your real estate experience as smooth as possible. With years of collective expertise and a genuine desire to see clients succeed, they offer guidance through every phase of the journey. From initial consultations to final transactions, they deliver personalized assistance to meet individual needs. Their comprehensive knowledge spans all facets of real estate, empowering clients to make good decisions and reach their objectives. 

Their expertise is navigating rental market intricacies and optimizing property listings for maximum visibility. They prioritize your success in securing or listing rentals and are dedicated to providing support every step of the way. Trust their excellence in rental transactions.

You can easily contact the company at their

  • office at 176 Main Airport Road, Al Emadi Building, 2nd Floor, P.O. 3890, Doha, Qatar. To reach by
  • phone, dial +974 4466 6625 or fax at +974 4466 4166. You can send inquiries via
  • email at They will assist you with any questions or real estate needs.

Les Roses Real Estate

Les Roses Real Estate sets itself apart through an extensive range of specialized services for the diverse needs of our discerning clientele. Their bespoke services include every aspect of the real estate journey, ensuring a satisfactory experience for buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants alike. It offers comprehensive property management solutions for property owners looking to maximize their investments.

From tenant screening and rent collection to maintenance coordination and financial reporting, their dedicated property management team ensures optimal performance and hassle-free ownership, allowing clients to enjoy peace of mind while their investments thrive.

Moreover, their esteemed clients benefit from personalized consulting services, leveraging our in-depth market knowledge and industry insights to make informed decisions. Whether it is strategic investment advice, property portfolio optimization, or market trend analysis, their expert consultants guide to help clients achieve their real estate goals.

Moreover, their service excellence extends beyond the transaction phase, as they offer ongoing support and assistance to clients even after the deal is closed. Whether it is facilitating property inspections, renting an apartment in a complex, or providing post-sale/lease support, the dedicated team remains committed to ensuring the satisfaction and success of valued clients every step of the way.

Contact Information


  • Les Roses Compound 1, Al Waab St -P.O Box. 21285, Doha, Qatar
  • Telephone: +974 44919652
  • E-mail:
  • Mobile: +974 6690 8937 or +9743317778