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Easily Buy Villas for Sale in Al Dhakhira

Located around 7 kilometers northeast of the city of Al Khor City and 60 kilometers from the capital Doha, Al Dhakhira is a town on the shore of the Al Khor municipality in Qatar. As the Al Muhannadi clan established both, they are closely related to Al Khor City. Al Dhakhira has long been involved in development. You can easily buy a villa for sale here. In addition to being a good or cheap place to live, it is also a beautiful area to live. So you find many affordable villas for sale in Al Dhakhira.

Want to Know about Villas for Sale in Al Dhakhira?

Two, three, and four-bedroom villas are available for purchase. Villas for sale in Al Dhakhira often offer spacious living areas and bathrooms. Likewise, the two-bathroom floor plan with the most popular has three bedrooms and a balcony. Thus, those looking for 4 bedroom villas for sale might discover homes with an average amount of square footage and 4 baths.

Many villas come equipped with contemporary amenities like a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, steam room, gym, ATM, prayer room, etc. There are also cheap villas for sale. These villas also have a good living standard. These villas are ideal for big families with a strict and limited budget.

Where to Find the Best Villas for Sale in Al Dhakhira

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