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Abu Samra is a settlement in Al Rayyan municipality in Qatar, about 90 kilometers from Doha. Abu Samra is a small border town in the southwestern part of Qatar, near its border with Saudi Arabia. Situated in the Al Rayyan municipality, it is strategically important due to its proximity to the Saudi border. The town serves as a key checkpoint for travelers crossing between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, facilitating both trade and transportation. Zone 96, primarily desert plains, spans 801.7 sq km, with a mere 43 sq km developed. Commercial/industrial areas cover 2%, government offices 4%, farmland 11%, and the rest falls under ongoing projects.

Doha, Qatar's capital, lies 97 km northeast, with Sawda Natheel at 47.2 km and other areas at varying distances. The settlement got its name from a Samr tree that grew in the area. The tree was one of the few Samr trees in the region, so it was named Abu Samra, which means 'father of the Samr tree.' The tree is significant locally because it is used as food for camels.

Abu Samra is primarily known for its border crossing, which is a gateway for people and goods moving between the two countries. The border checkpoint facilitates the movement of commercial trucks, private vehicles, and individuals, contributing to economic activities and cross-cultural exchanges between Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Despite its small size and primarily functional role, Abu Samra offers basic amenities for travelers, including rest areas, fuel stations, and convenience stores. Its desert surroundings provide a stark yet captivating backdrop, showcasing the arid beauty of Qatar's landscape.

This strategic location facilitates the movement of goods, vehicles, and people, contributing to cross-border trade and commerce. Businesses in Abu Samra, including fuel stations, convenience stores, and rest areas, fulfill the needs of travelers and truck drivers traversing the region.

The town's advantageous location near major transportation arteries further heightens its significance as a pivotal logistical center. Abu Samra's role as a nexus for commerce underscores its commercial value, as it is a link in the supply chain network

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