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Al Rayyan ( الريان; Ar Rayyan) is the third-largest municipality in the state of Qatar. It occupies the entire eastern section, largely covering Metropolitan Doha, and functions as a suburb. The vast expanse of mostly undeveloped lands in the southwest falls under the municipality's administration.

The city stems its name from the Arabic term "ray," which means "irrigation." Due to its low height, this name was vested upon it, allowing it to act as a flood plain and provide an upheld water supply to the numerous plants that grew within its boundaries.

Municipality    Al Rayyan

Five Municipalities Border Al Rayyan:

The west includes rural territories, farms, and open desert, and the east comprises the city of Al Rayyan, an urban offshoot of Metropolitan Doha's westward growth.Al Gharrafa is a district of Al Rayyan City. Also, a part of metropolitan Doha is being developed as a large-scale commercial hub for residents of northwest Doha, northern Al Rayyan, and southern Umm Salal.

Districts of Al Rayyan

Two main areas represent the city's historical center:

Old Al Rayyan الريان القديم

New Al Rayyan الريان الجديد

Other Districts of Al Rayyan City

Famous LandMarks in Al Rayyan

Oxygen Park

Oxygen Park was constructed over 1,30,000 sq meters, presenting a pleasant atmosphere to all its tourists. It is one of the ideal spots where people can jog, walk or even enjoy playing games like volleyball. Moreover, the architecture has been uplifted by nature to enlighten people about the value of healthy living. This park is one of the most suitable and pleasing places to spend time with friends and family. Additionally, people can even spend a day at the beaches in Doha.

Aspire Park

It is one of the biggest parks of Qatar and has an area of around 88 hectares. It is the best place to do many recreational activities and fanfare with your friends and family. There are artificial lakes that intensify the beauty to view the towering skyscrapers. You observe greenery all around that enhances the beauty of the park. It is in Doha, Qatar. It is open 24 hours with an entry fee of 498 QAR. You can go walking, jogging, and barbecuing.

Villaggio Mall

Villaggio Mall is a shopping mall in the Aspire Zone in the west end of Doha. It is located on Al Waab Street between the Hyatt Plaza and Sports City. To the surprise, the mall has over 200 stores, including many famous brands in the U.S., U.K., Italian and German markets. Inside, the interiors are Italianate-themed, both as an Italian hill town and a 150-meter long indoor canal with gondolas.

Gondolania Theme Park

The mall contains the Gondolania Theme Park, an indoor theme park that includes the Gondolania Ice Rink, one of two ice hockey rinks in Qatar, the home of the Qatar Ice Hockey League, and the regional Desert Cup tournament. It is the only Olympic-size rink in Qatar. Also included are a ten-pin bowling center and a roller coaster.

Aspire Zone has Doha's tallest structure; the Aspire Tower, bordering Villaggio Mall, is the most popular mall in Qatar. The complex is a significant feature of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Aspire Zone, also called Doha Sports City, is a 250-hectare (2.5 km2) sporting complex located in the Baaya district of Doha, Qatar, owned by the Aspire Zone Foundation.


Khalifa International Stadium

It is also known as National Stadium, is a multi-purpose stadium in Doha,

Education City. Developed by the Qatar Foundation, the 12 square kilometers property houses various educational facilities, including satellite campuses of eight international universities.

Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP)

It supports international technology companies and technology businesses.

Qatar Foundation for Education, Science, and Community Development

According to the Qatar Foundation, its ambitions are training in education, science and research, and community development. It promotes international universities to establish campuses in Qatar to maintain a knowledge economy.

2022 FIFA World Cup Stadium in Al Rayyan, Qatar

Education City Stadium - capacity of 45,350

Ahmad bin Ali Stadium - capacity 44,740

Khalifa International Stadium - capacity 40,000

Ahmad bin Ali Stadium - capacity 44,740

Al Rayyan is famous for its love of traditions and local culture and its hugely popular football team, Al Rayyan Sports Club. The close-knit community is dedicated to the team, whose new stadium will host up to 44,470 fans at FIFA World Cup 2022 football. Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium is built on the site of a forum with the same name and includes symbols of Qatari culture in its stunning undulating façade. The stadium's structures also reflect the country, with sand dune-shaped designs reflecting the beautiful wildlands to the west. Further, Al Rayyan welcomes football fans from around the world with happiness, keen to show them the rich culture of Qatar.

Quick Facts About Ar Rayyan

Ar Rayyan city is located on the east coast of the Qatar Peninsula in the Persian Gulf. Ar Rayyan's latitude and longitude are 25.2862° N and 51.4204° E. The estimated population of Ar Rayyan city is 6.06 lakhs residents as of 2018, in an area of more than 11.9 square kilometers (4.6 square miles).

Al Gharrafa, Al Maqran, Mebaireek

Places to Visit in Ar Rayyan

Top Attractions in Ar Rayyan are

  1. Museum of Islamic Art
  2. Doha Corniche
  3. The Pearl Qatar
  4. Imam Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab Mosque
  5. Katara Cultural Village
  6. National Museum of Qatar
  7. Oxygen Park
  8. Aqua Park Qatar
  9. Snowy Dunes
  10. Education City Mosque.

Property Trends in Al Rayyan

Foreign Property Ownership Facilitated More

The new law-oriented in October 2020 has two important changes:

  • It raises the number of locations where non-Qataris can purchase real estate outright

  • It presents a two-tiered residency program that rewards large investors with government-provided services

Properties for sale in Al Rayyan

The area that offers properties for sale in Qatar is numerous, and one central location offers homes for sale in Al Rayyan, the third-largest municipality in Qatar. It is a prominent location and offers many properties for sale. Popular with families and young professionals, there are many schools in Al Rayyan and malls, restaurants, cafes, and more, making it an active area for those looking for that lifestyle.

There are numerous villas for sale in Al Rayyan that are well maintained and spacious. They usually offer three or four-bedroom units. Several compounds for sale in Al Rayyan include the added benefits of swimming pools, gyms, community rooms, and children’s play areas.

Gated community living is very popular, especially since it allows children to play around safely and for families to enjoy the added facilities. Another reason that Al Rayyan is popular is because of the prices of the homes – which in retrospect, are more budget-friendly than other family-friendly areas in Qatar.

Properties for Rent in Al Rayyan

The popular areas in Doha are Al Rayyan, a municipality of Qatar. It is well-liked due to its central location and the fact that it is extra family-friendly. There are some schools available in the area, which is ideal for those who would like to be close to their children’s schools. Al Rayyan also has several malls in the vicinity and restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets. Further, Al Rayyan is right for exploring Qatar’s sports venues, universities, shopping centers, cultural attractions, and family-friendly activities. Moreover, the area is connected to an 8-lane highway for a quick ride to the city center. It is a hub for family housing, and there are many properties for rent in Al Rayyan.

Al Rayyan offers Budget-Friendly homes

Al Rayyan offers multiple properties for rent, including villas for rent and apartments for rent, most of which are big and modern. You will be glad to find a blend of styles to fit your flair. Properties that range in size make it easier for singles, couples, and families to find what they are looking for. You find compounds for rent in Al Rayyan, which are very popular with residents.

They offer benefits such as playgrounds and pools, making life with children easier and easier for parents. Villas for rent in Abu Sidra, Al Rayyan, is a very popular option with residents, as it offers spacious and luxurious homes. Qatar is introducing new cities and areas for residents to find suitable lodging in Al Rayyan. It is one of the most popular and first areas to be developed as a residential area.

Qatar offers Several Investment Choices

With the steady development taking place in Qatar and the preparations for the country to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the government is now encouraging foreigners to invest in the real estate market. It has changed the rules for foreign ownership and investment in the country, allowing foreigners to buy property in Qatar in many large-scale developments and specific areas.

Qatar's Housing Market is Improving

The economic conditions and Qatar's housing market show signs of improvement.

Rents stabilize; average to good rental yields

Residential rents are now stabilizing. In Q3 2021, Qatar's residential median asking rent was unchanged from the previous quarter but down by 3.7% from a year earlier.

General view of Renting Cost

The rental cost of residential properties can vary as per the region and class of the living style. There are a variety of apartments, from simple to highly luxurious. Some are furnished, and some are unfurnished.

The average rent range is between QR4 000 and QR 10,000, and QR 6 00 to QR 11,000. The luxury apartment rental price is QR 20,000 + and onward as per your residence standard. Furnished apartments with ideal locations increase the status of the rental cost.

Better Opportunities for Better ROI

Residential Real Estate Market in Qatar by Category (Condominiums, Villas, and Other Types) in Al Rayyan - Industry Analysis, Growth, Share, Size, Trends, and Forecast 2021 – 2028. Qatar's residential real estate market is evaluated to register a notable CAGR during the forecast period, 2021–2028. The market's growth is attributed to the influx of population and vast GDP growth related to government policies and employment options.

There is a rise in rates for well-located, prime compounds, owing to the demand for quality by tenants. The pipeline supply of compound villas is comparatively lower than apartments; if the demand rises further, it may lead to rental expansion. The real estate activities in the first quarter of 2019 fell by 5.84% to QAR 9.68 billion, compared to QAR 10.28 billion in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Market Trends, Drivers, Restraints, and Opportunities

  • The affordable and stabilized rates for rentals are estimated to drive the expansion of the residential real estate market.

  • The massive investment for World Cup 2022 is projected to drive the market growth of the residential real estate market in Qatar.

  • Rising population, urbanization, and employment opportunities are likely to spur the demand for residential real estate.

  • The rapid growth in the range of malls, towers, communities, and gated and luxury villas in the market is anticipated to propel the growth of the residential real estate market during the forecast period.

  • R&D investment and technological advancement in Qatar's residential real estate market are expected to offer lucrative opportunities for the market players.

Finding Exclusive Properties for Sale & Rent in Al Rayyan at Saakin Qatar

You can find the best properties for sale and rent through Saakin Qatar real estate directory. The listings on Saakin describe all the residential and commercial buildings for sale in Al Rayyan. You can choose any as per your need and choice.

We realize the potential of our clients, and we are the experts to build up the real estate solutions of the future. We are your partner to help you decide by investing in the best property of Al Rayyan.


Education City Stadium is a 2022 FIFA World Cup venue. It has a seating capacity of 40,000 viewers and will contain built-in solar panels.


The underground Al Shaqab station serves the Green Line of the Doha Metro. It is situated on Huwar Street in Old Al Rayyan, near its border with Al Shagub.  Another station that is a part of the Green Line is the Al Rayyan Al Qadeem station, and it is located in the neighboring Lebday district near the border with Old Al Rayyan.

Al Rayyan Neighborhoods:

  • Old Al Rayyan
  • Qatar Foundation
  • Al Gharrafa
  • Al Maqran
  • Mebaireek


The underground Al Shaqab station serves the Green Line of the Doha Metro. It is situated on Huwar Street in Old Al Rayyan, near its border with Al Shagub.  Another station that is a part of the Green Line is the Al Rayyan Al Qadeem station, and it is located in the neighboring Lebday district near the border with Old Al Rayyan.

Bus stations near Ar Rayyan

Station Name Distance

  • Labor Camp Stop 2     2 min walk
  • Labor Camp Stop 1     7 min walk

You can get to Ar Rayyan by Bus.

The lines that have stops nearby

Bus: 20, 21, 300, 301, 304, 57, 737

  • Line Name       Direction
  • 20        Humaila Medical
  • 21        Al Ghanim Station
  • 32        Al Baraha Al Ghanim (Bus Station)
  • 33        Mowasalat Al Ghanim (Bus Station) Via Salwa Road
  • 57        Mowasalat - City Centre - Mowasalat
  • 300      Labor Camp - Mowasalat
  • 304      Karwa City Station - Al Mansoura - Karwa City Station
  • 301      Karwa City Station - Al Waab - Circular
  • 305      Mowasalat - Logistics Village - Mowasalat
  • 737      Mowasalat

Clinics & Hospitals in Al Rayyan

Al Wehda Medical Center (Al Rayyan Branch)

Address:          Al Salam Str, St 990, Zn 53 - Blg 16/18, Al Rayyan, Qatar.

Tel:      +974 4455 3863

Naseem Al Rabeeh Medical Centre - Rayyan

  • Al Rayyan - Qatar
  • Rayyan Dental Centre
  • Al Rayyan - Qatar

Surgical Speciality Center - Hamad Medical Corporation Hospitals

Specialized Hospital Clinic

  • Al Rayyan Rd, Doha, Qatar
  •   +974 4439 6666
  • Aster Medical Centre - Al Rayyan
  • Medical Center Clinic
  • Al Shafi St, Ar-rayyan, Qatar
  • +974 4444 0499

Naseem Al Rabeeh Medical Centre - Al Rayyan

Medical Center Clinic

Behind Ansar Gallery Street No. 405, Ermaila Street، Ar-Rayyan, Qatar   +974 3313 3275

Al Rayyan Health Center مركز الريان الصحي

  • Medical Center
  • Furousiya St, Ar-Rayyan, Qatar
  •   +974 4027 4444

Gharrafat Al Rayyan Health Center مركز غرافة الريان الصحي

Medical Center

  • Al Maszhabiliya St, Ar-rayyan, Qatar
  •   +974 4027 3555

Dohaty Nursing Services

Al Rayyan - Qatar

Zone Dental Center

Al Rayyan - Qatar

Al Hekma Medical Complex

Al Rayyan - Qatar

Family Health Care

Al Rayyan - Qatar

Best Nursing Home Medical Care

Al Rayyan - Qatar

Mina Pharmacy

Al Rayyan - Qatar

Ibn Rushd Pharmacy

Al Rayyan - Qatar

Al Tafaol Rayan Pharmacy

Al Rayyan - Qatar

Khazaf Dental Lab

Al Rayyan - Qatar

Top Best Schools in Ar Rayyan 2022


Wadi al Ghusm street al Rayyan Doha

Qatar Academy Doha, Ar Rayyan

Ar Rayyan, Al Rayyan, Qatar

Qatar Academy Sidra, Ar Rayyan

Qatar Foundation Education City, Al Rayyan, Qatar

Al Emam Ashafei Prep Independent Boys


Al Rayyan - Muaither

Al Khwarizmi Independent School for Girls

Al Wajba

Al Rayyan - Al Wajba

Al Hekma International School


Al Rayyan - Izghawa

Al Andalus Elementary Private Schools for Boys


Al Rayyan - Muaither

Al Rayyan Private Schools

School Education Training

Ar-Rayyan, Qatar   +974 3111 6600

Compass International School Doha

 Al Rayyan Campus

Private School Education

Building 14, 856 Wadi Al Ghusn Street، Doha, Qatar   +974 4034 9777

London Academy Banihajir

Tutoring Service

Near Qatar Foundation، Bani Hajir Garafat Al Rayyan And Dukhan Highway, Ar-Rayyan, Qatar   +974 7069 8788

Best Supermarkets in Al Rayyan

  • Al Musahidoon Shopping Complex


Rayyan, Qatar · +974 4436 8899

  • Al Meera Doha. Al Rayyan
  • Al Rawabi Food Center Doha.
  • Saudia Hypermarket, Ar-Rayyan
  • Rawabi Shopping Center
  • Al Meera Furousiya St
  • Lulu Express Ar-Rayyan, Qatar
  • Carrefour Dar Al Salam Mall Doha
  • Al Meera, Izghawa
  • Ar-Rayyan, Qatar
  • Al Meera Nasriya Al Gharaffa
  • Ar-Rayyan, Qatar
  • Al Meera Nasriya Al Gharaffa
  • Ar-Rayyan, Qatar
  • Lulu Express
  • Ar-Rayyan, Qatar
  • Family Shopping Complex
  • Furousiya St, Ar Rayyan, Qatar
  • Grocery Stores & Supermarkets in Old Al Rayyan, Qatar
  • talabat mart
  • Smiley grocery
  • Fresh mart supermarket
  • and many online stores and groceries

Shopping Malls in Al-Rayyan

Mall of Qatar

#1 of Shopping in Al-Rayyan

Specialty & Gift Shops • Department Stores • Shopping Malls

Hyatt Plaza Doha. Al Rayyan

Mall Of Asia Doha. Al Rayyan

3700 SQM Retail Space available for Rent - Shop in Muaither Area
  • Rent
250,000 QAR / Month
Spacious Partitioned Offices in Muaither for Rent - Office in Muaither Area
  • Rent
4,500 QAR / Month
  • Rent
18,000 QAR / Month

Al Rayyan Abu Sidra Y Village

  • 4
  • 5
  • 363 sqm
furnished flat 1bhk in compound+pool+gym - Apartment in Muaither Area
  • Rent
3,800 QAR / Month
Generally Approved - Huge Warehouse with offices - Warehouse in Old Industrial Area
  • Rent
264,000 QAR / Month
Warehouse/General Store 600 SQM approximately - Warehouse in Old Industrial Area
  • Rent
21,000 QAR / Month
Warehouse/General Store 600 SQM approximately - Warehouse in Old Industrial Area

Al Rayyan Old Industrial Area Salwa Road

  • 600 sqm


Al Rayyan provides a multi blend for people seeking comfort, security, fun, and energy. People are attracted to Al Rayyan for its rich, exciting, and international standards. There are some laws and local traditions that you should respect when living in Qatar.

Whether you decide on an apartment or a villa for living within a compound, the standard of living for ex-pats families is high. The cost of living depends on your relocation allowance and salary. Living in a compound is a good choice and has many benefits. Compounds are ready-made neighborhoods with coworkers, other families, and school friends close at hand.

Local Traditions and Culture

Both men and women should dress fair in public and while driving. Women should dress in a proper covering and avoid wearing short skirts. Any closeness in public between men and women can lead to arrest. The Muslims pray five times a day, and the Mosques call people to pray through ‘AZAAN’. Notice that drivers, who are not close to a Mosque, may stop at a suitable lay-by to pray privately.

Food, Drink, and Entertainment

Many hotels and restaurants suit all tastes in the city, and members-only clubs, such as rugby and golf clubs—large shopping malls with many popular and recognized high-street brands for weekend shopping and entertainment. There are a few customs and traditions to be aware of when socializing in Qatar. Dancing is allowed in the privacy of your home or at licensed clubs. But dancing in public is ordered as indecent.

It is an offense to drink alcohol or be drunk in public, but alcohol is available at licensed hotel restaurants and bars. Immigrants living in Qatar can get alcohol on a permit system to drink it at home. Qatar has a zero-tolerance policy toward drinking and driving.

During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn to sunset. This month, eating, drinking, playing loud music, and dancing in public places during daylight hours are strictly banned and punishable by law, including non-Muslims.

Guide and Support

You will find enough information and guidance on Qatar portals and Doha ex-pats online. If you have any queries about relocating your family, finding the right home for living, or queries about Qatar neighborhoods, please get in touch with us for a complete guide. Saakin Qatar provides you with a comprehensive city guide through its website and quick responses.

Restaurants in Al-Rayyan

  • Meesh Me-Time Cafe
  • Burger
  • Bread and Bagels
  • PF Chang's
  • Asha's Restaurant
  • The Cheesecake Factory
  • Tandoor Restaurant
  • Batteel Bakery Qatar
  • Chic Outdoor Restaurants
  • Shrimpo Restaurant

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery

Address: Al Shafi Street, Ar-Rayyan, Qatar

Open Closes 2:30AM Reopens 11AM

Phone: +974 800 0857

  • Al Bait Al Kuwaiti Restaurant مطعم البيت الكويتى
  • Hala Restaurant
  • Afghan Brothers Restaurant
  • Luqimaty
  • fine way restaurant
  • The Burgers Club
  • Al Wali Pakistani Restaurant


Address: Sailiya Security Gate, Ar-Rayyan, Qatar

Phone: +974 7700 5545


Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No-contact delivery


Woqod Al Rayyan Petrol Station, Huwar St, Ar-Rayyan, Qatar.

Closed Opens 11:30 AM

Phone: +974 4447 7288


Salt N Pepper Restaurant

  • Indian restaurant
  • Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No-contact delivery
  • Address: شارع آلشافي، Ar-Rayyan, Qatar
  • Hours:
  • Open Closes 3:30 AM Reopens 4 PM
  • Updated by this business two weeks ago
  • Phone: +974 4414 1364

Indian Hyderabadi Spices Restaurant

Indian restaurant

  • Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No-contact delivery
  • Address: Street No 10, Al Kassarat Street, Industrial Area, Ar-Rayyan, Qatar
  • Hours:
  • Closed Opens 6 AM
  • Health and safety: Mask required · Temperature check required · Staff wear masks · Staff get temperature checks · More details
  • Phone: +974 7012 3557

Al-Rayyan Hotels and Places to Stay

  • Hilton Salwa Beach Resort & Villas
  • Rayyan Hotel Doha, Curio Collection by Hilton
  • Al Messila
  • A Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Doha
  • Millennium Hotels Al Rayyan
  • Rotana Hotel Management Corporation PJSC Al Rayyan
  • Fraser Hospitality Al Rayyan
  • Inter-Continental Hotels By IHG Al Rayyan
  • Marriott Hotels & Resorts Al Rayyan
  • Crowne Plaza Hotels By IHG Al Rayyan
  • Hyatt Hotels Al Rayyan
  • Kempinski Hotels & Resorts Al Rayyan
  • Movenpick Hotels & Resorts Al Rayyan
  • Al Rayyan Inn and Suites
  • Value Al Rayyan Hotels
  • Grand Luxury Al Rayyan Hotels

Al Rayyan Hotels By Star Rating

  • 5 Star Hotels in Al Rayyan
  • 4 Star Hotels in Al Rayyan
  • 3 Star Hotels in Al Rayyan

Al Rayyan Hotels by Amenities

  • Hotels with a Pool in Al Rayyan
  • Al Rayyan Hotels with Indoor Pool
  • Al Rayyan Hotels with Outdoor Pool
  • Hotels in Al Rayyan with Free Shuttle
  • Hotels with Free Wifi in Al Rayyan
  • Hotels in Al Rayyan with a Gym
  • Hotels with Free Parking in Al Rayyan
  • Hotels in Al Rayyan with Childcare
  • Al Rayyan Hotels with Valet Parking

Accommodation Types in Al Rayyan

  • Aparthotels in Al Rayyan

Theme Hotels in Al Rayyan

  • Romantic Hotels in Al Rayyan
  • Beach Hotels in Al Rayyan
  • Pet-friendly Hotels in Al Rayyan

Beaches in Al Rayyan

Zekreet Beach

Sae Beach

Swimming facility in Qatar

Address: 26.052145,357896, Street 51, Ar-Rayyan, Qatar

Umm Bab Beach

Al Rayyan Park

Dukhan Public Beach

Famous Beauty & Fitness points in Al Rayyan

Marah Beauty Center

  • Gym in Ar-Rayyan, Qatar
  • Address: 7CF7+2RJ, Ar-Rayyan, Qatar
  • Closed Opens 9 AM
  • Phone: +974 7723 1214

Rose Beuty Saloon

  • Gym in Ar-Rayyan, Qatar
  • Address: 7CPF+8VJ, Ar-Rayyan, Qatar

Miral Beauty Center

  • Gym in Ar-Rayyan, Qatar
  • Address: 7CMF+R7V, Ar-Rayyan, Qatar

Liaqtek Saloon & Gym

  • Beauty salon in Ar-Rayyan, Qatar
  • Address: 6CXF+99Q, Ar-Rayyan, Qatar
  • Closed Opens 10 AM
  • Phone: +974 4443 0300

Rayyan Salon & Spa

  • Gym in Umm Salal Mohammed, Qatar
  • Address: Unnamed Road, Qatar
  • Closed Opens 10 AM
  • Phone: +974 4460 6071

Sweet Pixie Salon

  • Gym in Ar-Rayyan, Qatar
  • Address: 7CV9+F3C, Ar-Rayyan, Qatar

Things to Consider


  • The fastest way to go from Doha International Airport to Al Rayyan is by taxi, which takes 20 min and costs $22 - $27. Is there a direct train between Doha International Airport and Al Rayyan? Yes, a direct train departing from Ras Bu Abboud and arriving at Al Aziziyah.
  • The driving distance between Doha Airport (DOH) to Al Rayyan is 28 km. It takes about 23 min to drive from Doha Airport (DOH) to Al Rayyan.
  • The best way to get from Doha Airport (DOH) to Al Rayyan without a car is to line the 757 bus and Metro, which takes 24 min and costs.


  • Metro station Al Riffa is located a little away from the stadium. And it is the last station on the newly-constructed Greenline, which can be boarded in central Doha. The journey from Al Bidda station takes about 25 minutes. On the way, you pass Education City Stadium in Al Rayyan.
  • The following transit lines have routes that pass near Al Rayyan Stadium

Bus: 104, 104A

Metro: M2

  • You can get to Al Rayyan Stadium by Bus or Metro. These are the lines and routes that have stops nearby -Bus: 104, 104AMetro: M2

Mall of Qatar

The following transit lines have routes that pass near Mall Of Qatar

  • Bus: 104, 104A
  • Metro: M2

You can also get to Mall Of Qatar by Bus or Metro. These are the lines and routes that have stops nearby -Bus: 104, 104AMetro: M2

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