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Lusail City: Qatar's Future City

Lusail (Arabic: لوسيل) is a well-planned city in Qatar, located on the coast in the southern part of the municipality of Al Daayen. Lusail is located about 23 kilometers (14 mi) north of the city center of Doha, just north of the West Bay Lagoon, on over 38 square kilometers (15 sq mi). It will ultimately have the infrastructure to accommodate 450,000 people.

For Qataris and Expats, Lusail City is an ultramodern planned community, a major development with much more to offer. If either you would like to see the Lusail Stadium, which will host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, or would prefer to see the most opulent yachts in Lusail Marina.

The cutting-edge new city will undoubtedly become Doha's most unique central hub. Let's now explore how you can maximize your time in Lusail City.

 The city extends across 15,000 square miles (38,000 square kilometers) along the sea, forming a coastline of 17 miles (28 kilometers). Walk along the marina walkway and stare at a dancing fountain and luxury yachts.

Commercial towers, residential buildings, resorts, cafes, and shops outstretch inland from the coastline. Finally, as many as 450,000 people will live, work, and time out here.

Cities Near Lusail

18 Districts of Lusail City

  1. Golf District
  2. North Residential District
  3. Al Kharaej Towers
  4. Stadium District
  5. Waterfront Residential District
  6. Energy City 1
  7. Waterfront Commercial District
  8. Fox Hills
  9. Al Erkyah
  10. Energy City 2
  11. Entertainment City
  12. Entertainment Island
  13. Medical and Education District
  14. Qatar Petroleum District
  15. Marina District
  16. Qetaifan Islands
  17. Boulevard Commercial
  18. Lusail Towers

Famous Landmarks

Lusail is a developing city in Qatar. It is called the future city of Qatar. There you find an increase in residential properties and commercial centers. There are many international hotels and resorts with luxury shopping malls and other sports facilities. The unique factor of the city is the Lusail stadium that will host the final matches of the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Therefore, the residential value is growing day by day. You find various properties and excellent villas for rent in Lusail city. In addition, Lusail city is a hub for entertainment options for tourists and residents. Thus you find many rental properties here.

Different Types of Properties for Rent in Lusail

You discover many villas for rent in Lusail. It is an ideal place to locate the right home for you. The villas present stunning views of the city, which attract the tenants. Moreover, the villas range from two to four-bedroom homes with more spaces.

The rental villas come with complete amenities, a garden, and a secure playing area for children. The sense of community living is very attractive in this city.

Further, the villas for rent provide facilities and services that are amazing. In the future, Lusail city will play a vital role in the economy of Qatar. The city is promoting more and more investment prospects. It is among the emerging new and modern cities of Qatar.

The Brand-New Properties for Sale in Lusail

A typical furnished apartment for sale in any area of Lusail city provides the best bedrooms with attached bathrooms and room for the maid. There is a dining room and a living room with a fully fitted kitchen. In addition, a luxurious apartment has a centralized AC system, security system, built-in wardrobes, and a balcony.

The residential buildings give all the basic amenities to enjoy and fulfill your needs. The off-plan properties and ready properties in Lusail give you the best chances to invest.

Flats for sale cater to a wide range of needs. Fully furnished customized apartments for sale in Lusail with fantastic designs with luxury. The most modern housing in Qatar is available. Living in an upcoming neighborhood will benefit residents. It will provide a variety of entertainment options and foreign eateries and cafes.

Buying an Apartment in Lusail - The Best Option for Investment

You can buy from a studio to a five-bedroom apartment in Lusail city. Apartments have different costs as per the features and location of the apartment. You can purchase an apartment on a six-year payment plan, and you have to pay a 30% down payment of the total cost of the apartment at the time of purchase. Furthermore, you can also invest in residential apartment buildings that give you a 6% ROI.


Lusail Real Estate, Off-Plan Market

Get Higher ROI by Investing In New Projects and Residential Properties in Lusail

In 2022, around 1000 properties were presented in different projects in freehold and lease-hold areas in Qatar. Developers like Al Asmakh, Arian Real-estate, and United Development Company launched new projects ideal for investors and end-users. Among the freehold areas, Lusail city is providing the prevalence of inventory in the Qatar real estate market, including ready and off-plan apartments, villas, office space, and shops.

Furthermore, you can also invest in residential apartment buildings that give you a 6% ROI. Get Higher ROI by investing in new projects and residential properties in Lusail city. There are incredible apartments, commercial towers, retail outlets, and shops to invest in.

How to Find Rental and Featured Properties in Lusail

Saakin Qatar provides superior real estate services. It is serving home buyers and renters with excellence in the real estate market of Qatar. Besides, you can find rental villas in Lusail city on the Saakin Qatar website. The filters help you find the best villas for a good deal on rental payments.

You also find details and locations of the properties for sale. For any inquiry about rental properties and villas in Lusail, you can reach us and speak to a real estate agent to review a schedule. We look forward to having an opportunity to discuss with you renting villas and other properties across Lusail.

Explore the Most Popular Real Estate Directory

Renting an apartment is one of the easiest ways now with Saakin Qatar – Qatar's best real estate directory. You are just one step away from finding the best apartments for rent in Lusail.

You need to enter the property filters on the website like price, location, space, and many rooms to display. Many apartments shall meet your desires—from the cozy studios for rent to the luxury apartment for rent.

Cities near Lusail

  • Doha
  • Simaisma
  • Umm Salal

18 Districts of Lusail City

  1. Golf District
  2. North Residential District
  3. Al Kharaej Towers
  4. Stadium District
  5. Waterfront Residential District
  6. Energy City 1
  7. Waterfront Commercial District
  8. Fox Hills
  9. Al Erkyah
  10. Energy City 2
  11. Entertainment City
  12. Entertainment Island
  13. Medical and Education District
  14. Qatar Petroleum District
  15. Marina District
  16. Qetaifan Islands
  17. Boulevard Commercial
  18. Lusail Towers

Top 8 Places to See In Lusail for the Excellent Holiday

  1. Crescent Park
  2. Lusail Marina
  3. Lusail Stadium
  4. Place Vendome Mall
  5. Lusail sports arena
  6. Marina Twin Towers in Lusail City
  7. Katara Tower Lusail
  8. Entertainment City in Lusail
  9. Al Maha Island Lusail
  10. Winter Wonderland

Crescent Park Lusail

Crescent Park Lusail is the best tourist attraction in Lusail city. There are beautiful garden spaces, 530 parking spaces, and the best restaurants to entertain visitors. You find there many playgrounds and games to enjoy.

You can really relish your picnic at that park. You can stay at Al Aziziyah boutique hotel, Swiss- Belinn Doha, Sheraton Grande Doha Resort, and convention hotel. These are top-class luxurious hotels for accommodation.

Lusail Marina

Lusail Marina is the most stunning attraction in Lusail and an excellent venue for visitors and residents that is located at a prime location. You can enjoy the view of the Doha skyline and the water fountain. You can stay at Staybridge suites Doha Lusail, Waterfront Hotel Apartments, and Cielo Hotel Lusail.

It displays beautiful yachts and many palm trees. Besides it, The Marina promenade is the best point in the district. You can enjoy your leisure but different recreational activities and eateries.

Lusail Iconic Stadium

Lusail Stadium is to be one of the must-visit spots in Lusail city. Lusail Iconic Stadium (or Lusail National Stadium) will be Qatar's main football stadium for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The outset game and the cup final will be played in this stadium.

This stadium, located in the Stadium District of Lusail, was conceived by Foster + Partners, a London-based architecture and design firm. The art of bowl weaving inspires interior design, an ancient Arabic craft traditionally practiced in the area.

Further, the curved surface of the building is said to imitate the sails of a traditional dhow boat. Lusail stadium has 80,000 seats to accommodate people. The top hotels near this stadium are Ezdan Palace Hotel, Staybridge suites Doha, and Cielo Hotel Lusail.

Place Vendome Mall

The Vendome project is one of Lusail City's most tremendous and unique constructions. Perhaps its name is a nod to Paris's city of style and romance. The mall is only one element of the growth, as other retail establishments like dining options exist.

These are some of the best spots in Lusail to go shopping and have fun. Place Vendome Mall is one of the best shopping malls in Lusail, where people can spend a full day just shopping their hearts out.

Place Vendome Mall was created to strike the right balance between regional marketing and international style while somehow taking into account traditional tastes and choices. A helipad on its rooftop will be there to comfort customers and visitors.

It is an upscale way for customers to be flown straight to their residences from the helipad. This popular tourist destination in Lusail will have 500 outlets, more than 50 elevated brands, and a 7-meter high auditorium to house entertainment on the mall's main level.

Lusail Sports Arena

Lusail sports arena is a beautiful venue for sports activities. We also call it the multi-purpose hall of Lusail city. It displays the traditional culture of Qatar with a beautiful interior. It reflects the team of beaches, deserts, and wonders.

You must appreciate the value of sports if you ever go to Lusail city. You will definitely admire the architectural beauty of this spot.

Marina Twin Towers

Marina twin towers is another incredible building that is a commercial tower that offers office spaces and much more for tourists and visitors. The wonderful Marina Twin Towers in Lusail City, Qatar, is famous for its special colored blocks that are designed in a piled way.

These two towers are among the best places to see in Lusail. The tower height of 430 meters and the twin towers provide ample area for commercial use with offices and amenities.

Twin Towers is a model-designed tower with 33 floors, offering a vast amount of commercial space. Created over an area of 8236 square meters and a height of 333 meters above ground level. These towers provide:

  • Office spaces.
  • Retail units on the ground floor.
  • Apartments that can be used for residential purposes.

In total, there are 648 luxurious apartments available in this tower. These are the most delicate architectural things to see in Lusail.

Get Katara Towers Lusail - the Glory of the City

The katara towers at Lusail is a unique, developing project that presents the most iconic view of the city. The massive building has excellent design and structure to view the city's beauty.

You will enjoy great modernity and a six-star hotel environment here. You will really enjoy your stay and entertainment at this fantastic point.

Entertainment City in Lusail

Sometimes when family entertainment is what you're looking for in Lusail, Entertainment City is the location to be with all of its main venues displayed. As the title suggests, this is unquestionably the best Lusail location to tour with friends because you can enjoy yourself endlessly.

Relax a day of enjoyment at the water parks, theaters, and theme parks. The best family fun is being brought to Qatar by this city in Lusail. 8 exciting and fun precincts are available in Entertainment City.

In short, everything is available, from water parks to shopping complexes. At this location, you will never get bored. Trams and train stations connect the city, making it simple for everyone to get around this tourist destination in Lusail.

Al Maha Island Lusail - an Excellent Entertainment Location

Al Maha Island Lusail is one of those that are the best additions to tourist attractions in the country. Everything gets better with a receiving which comes from entertainment. Al Maha Island is the ideal destination for fun and enjoyment, setting the standard for the tourism industry in Qatar.

Al Maha Island, situated all over the Lusail Marina promenade and connected to the mainland by a walkway, is expected to draw more than 1.5 million tourists annually. It includes Lusail Winter Wonderland, Nammos Beach Club, Al Maha Arena, and a high-end dining area.

It is also anticipated to become a major tourist attraction in Qatar. It will draw visitors from the surrounding area, too. The partnership between Estithmar Ventures and IMG, working with Qatar Tourism and Qatari Diar, is in charge of this top-tier endeavor.

Al Maha Island is one of the best entertainment locations in Qatar. It provides world-class leisure activities for the excitement of the visitors. It has a great contribution to boosting tourism in the country. It is a worthwhile investment project that has brought about novelty and sustainable, eco-friendly leisure destinations in the country.

The infrastructure of this project is designed amazingly. That protects natural resources to promote a healthy environment. It is an ideal hotspot for tourists. It is expected that 1.5 million visitors will visit this place yearly.

Moreover, this island is near the Vendome Mall in Lusail city. Many things are included in the key attractions of Al Maha Island. It is situated in Lusail, Qatar.

Al Maha Island - Provides you with a New Perspective on Entertainment

Al Maha Island will be the top tourist destination for those seeking more excitement, delight, and adventure. The best services are prepared to interact with the customer, and the framework is complete.

You will enjoy vacationing to the full extent on this island. You can create memories through entertainment that stays forever.

The Innovative Venues for the Best Entertainment

  • Doha Winter Wonderland
  • Venue for International Music Fest
  • Nammos Beach Club,
  • High-End Dining Restaurants with Unique Tastes

The Most Loved Thing – Dining Experience

You find different tastes and dishes in top-class dining venues of

Al Maha Island. The best of those are;

  1. Zuma
  2. LPM restaurant
  3. Em Sherif
  4. Billionaire
  5. Dokya

Qatar’s Mega Entertainment Spot - Al Maha Island Has an Opening Date

The 230,000 sqm destination will welcome visitors and all locals around two weeks before the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 starts. According to Marwan Dimas, Group Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Estithmar Holding.

“Al Maha will be one of the ultimate entertainment destinations for visitors to the Qatar 2022 World Cup, and the winter getaway will remain open each year from November to April for the best in fun and entertainment,”.

Doha Winter Wonderland—Modern Leisure & Entertainment, All within Your Reach

Life is a beautiful blessing to enjoy. Indeed, you need some kind of entertainment to add some flavor to your life. Doha Winter Wonderland will be a big surprise to amuse you with its exciting entertainment hub and standards.

When you surround yourself with this entertainment point, you will be happier every day. It is such a place where entertainment goes on and on. You just feel delighted. It is a grand leisure project to entertain the FIFA World Cup 2022 visitors.

It will be an excellent place for tourists during the grand FIFA event. There is a big area with green walkways and lush greenery. Further, this park will include many adventurous rides and world-class games.

There will be thrilling rides, a roller coaster, a Ferris wheel, family rides, and cute rides for the kids to enjoy. It offers different recreational and adventurous activities for people of every age.

A Highly Appreciated Addition to Tourism

Doha Winter Wonderland is located at Al Maha Island, Lusail. It is a more extensive project of leisure that has been developed to entertain the FIFA visitors during this grand sports event. It is a great part of the adventure and excitement for people of all ages.

It is spread over an area of 200,000 square kilometers. This theme park in Qatar is a highly appreciated addition to tourism and is now functional to host its visitors. You can really explore too much in this theme park with all the sensations and amazement. If you are a lover of parks, it will be a kind of new escape for you.

Unique Games for Your Entertainment in the Wonderland

Wonderland is an exclusive leisure venue with a global vision of entertainment. There are different remarkable things like the space gun, drop and twist tower, and vertical swings to enjoy.

There are hot air balloons, bumper cars, pony adventures, and circus swings for kids. This Wonderland also offers its guests fantastic food with a refreshing taste. You will really enjoy your time in this amazing Wonderland.


Lusail University

Lusail University is a private university in Lusail, Qatar. It is the first national private university in Qatar. Lusail University has three colleges:

  • the College of Law
  • the College of Education Arts
  • the College of Commerce and Business

The College of Law offers programs such as Public Law and Private Law. Lusail University offers specific programs and studies courses such as English and French Literature in association with the University of Hassan II Casablanca Morocco, the University of Jordan, Sussex University in the United Kingdom, and Sorbonne University in France.

Shopping Guide for Shopping Lovers in LUSAIL City

Shopping lovers can shop from the best shopping places in Lusail. There are the most luxurious shopping malls and Galleria with the most trending fashion and style. They offer a luxury shopping experience. With the most prominent markets and shopping centers like the Marina Mall Lusail, Lulu Hypermarket Lusail, and Place Vendome, Lusail will be the best entertainment city in Qatar. Some of the best malls to shop in Lusail city are,

  1. The Marina Mall Lusail
  2. Place Vendome
  3. Lulu Hypermarket

The Marina Mall Lusail

The Marina Mall, which will be among the best shopping centers in Qatar, is situated right in Lusail. The 180,000m2 shopping center has five levels, three retail levels and two basement levels.

There will be 248 square feet of retail space, including a movie theatre, dining hall, fast food joints, and much more. Speaking of shopping, you can visit the suitable hypermarkets in Lusail to purchase the best clothing, accessories, and other home furnishing items.

Place Vendome Mall

The Vendome project is one of Lusail City's most tremendous and unique constructions. Perhaps its name is a nod to Paris's city of style and romance. The mall is only one element of the growth, as other retail establishments like dining options exist.

These are some of the best spots in Lusail to go shopping and have fun. Place Vendome Mall is one of the best shopping malls in Lusail, where people can spend a full day just shopping their hearts out.

Place Vendome Mall was created to strike the right balance between regional marketing and international style while somehow taking into account traditional tastes and choices. A helipad on its rooftop will be there to comfort customers and visitors.

It is an upscale way for customers to be flown straight to their residences from the helipad. This popular tourist destination in Lusail will have 500 outlets, more than 50 elevated brands, and a 7-meter high auditorium to house entertainment on the mall's main level.

Lulu Hypermarket

The most recent acquisition to the ranking of the top malls in Lusail is Lulu Hypermarket. This brand-new Lulu hypermarket in Lusail covers 2,000 square meters and has retail establishments for all your needs.

The brand, housed in the e18hteen Towers, has shops selling cake shops, beverages, fresh fruits and vegetables, and other grocery items. Additionally, there are outlets for products in beauty and glamour, health, style, electronic goods, home furnishings, and different kinds.

Best Clinics located in Lusail

DOC Medical Center - Lusail

  • Address: Marina Lusail, Tower 50, Lusail, Qatar
  • Areas served: Lusail
  • Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 9 PM
  • Phone: +974 4475 3333

Marble Plus Medical Center/ Lusail

  • Address: Street 319 Building No. 34 Zone 69, Lusail, Qatar
  • Areas served: Qatar Foundation and nearby areas
  • Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 9 PM
  • Phone: +974 4448 3000


  • Address: CG26+W6F, Lusail, Qatar

Platinum Medical Center - Lusail

  • Address: QIG - Tower, Lusail, 17th Floor, Lusail, Qatar
  • Hours: Opens ⋅ at 10:30 AM
  • Phone: +974 4455 0411

Alfardan Medical with Northwestern Medicine (AMNM)

  • Address: Burj Alfardan and AL ARabi TV, Lusail, Qatar
  • Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 9 PM
  • Phone: +974 4004 6000

Lusail Medical Center

  • Address: 8GWC+532, Lusail Expy, Doha, Qatar
  • Hours: Open 24 hours
  • Phone: +974 7055 0099

The Best Beach to Visit in Lusail city

The beaches in Lusail City are a wonderful getaway for relaxation and exciting seaside activities. Lusail, near Doha, is one of the newer tourist destinations that provide visitors with an incredible time.

Moreover, the beach resorts near the city offer a peaceful retreat to surroundings, even though there are shops, hotel chains, and restaurants to fill your time with a posh lifestyle.

Prepare for the most incredible fun that has yet to come by getting your sunblock, fishing poles, and diving outfits. Don't forget to check off the adventures you want to try all through your Lusail beach vacation.

The Best Beach to Visit in Lusail city

Simaisma Family Beach

Simaisma Beach is located just 25 min away from the Lusail Marina, which can be easily reached via a short drive from the city.

Things to do at Simaisma Family Beach:

  • Relish the Beach games like Volleyball
  • Try your hands-on Fishing
  • Capture some photos
  • Enjoy the peace and leisure seating under the shadows

Qatifan Island Beach

The Qatifan islands are just offshore and easily accessible from Lusail by car. With their unique design and top-notch amenities like a seafront, a fitness center, a spa, and much more, the islands exude a feeling of luxurious lifestyle and extravagance.

Things to Do on Qatifan Island:

  • Adventure sports in Water Park
  • Dining at the waterfront restaurant
  • Fishing
  • Beach sports like Volleyball and additional

The Best Restaurants in Lusail city

Lusail Marina Food Arena

Diners can stop through these cafes and eateries in the Lusail Marina Food Arena and place their orders via drive-by, drive-in, or drive-thru. Here is a complete list of the best cafes and restaurants in the Lusail Marina Food Arena.


  • 1M Coffee
  • 40 Square Meter
  • Addiction Coffee Shop
  • BOLD
  • C H A R G E Я
  • Chai Jmer
  • Chai Mhadar
  • Churros Café
  • Code
  • Crazy Cookies
  • Crìmy Cookies
  • Donuts Time
  • Enjoy Café
  • Exit Coffee
  • Float
  • Glitter Café
  • Honeybee
  • Ice Skimo Gelateria
  • Ink Café
  • June Café
  • Karak Mqanes
  • KL Café
  • Le Meilleur
  • Le Meilleur Specialty Coffee
  • Mango Talaat
  • Mood Coffee Bar
  • One Coffee
  • Owl Specialty Coffee
  • P l C C O L O
  • PI Coffee
  • Plus Coffee
  • Poori and Karak
  • São Paulo Café
  • Sugar Rush
  • Tammy's Cookies
  • The 86
  • The Box
  • The Silver Qatar
  • The Waves
  • Vibe
  • Wing- Enjoy Life Sip By Sip


  • 375 Chicken 'N' Fries
  • 3H Restaurant
  • 3nb Leaves
  • Abocado
  • Art Burger
  • ATMA
  • B Fit Restaurant
  • BARCODE |||
  • Cheat Burger
  • Firefly Burger
  • Hesh
  • Joon Persian Cuisine
  • La Parrilla
  • Last Order
  • Miami City Qatar
  • Miky's Deli
  • Noodleswok
  • ON AIR
  • Order Here
  • Philly Cheesesteak
  • Pizzeria Napoli
  • Portobello
  • QQQ Burger
  • Roads
  • Rotana Restaurant
  • Samoon
  • Shawarma
  • Shawarma Palace
  • Shawarma Shop
  • Smoothie Factory
  • Steak o Burger
  • Street
  • Tarboush Beirut
  • The Döner
  • The Tiny Leaves
  • Traditional
  • X Slice
  • Xfire Truck

The Best Parks in Lusail

Lusail Park

  • Address: 9GJH+G3V, Lusail, Qatar
  • Hours: Open 24 hours

Lusail Marina Promenade

  • Address: street 79 al bahara buildind lusail, Qatar
  • Hours: Open 24 hours
  • Phone: +974 4497 7770

Crescent Park

  • Address: CF5X+52H, Lusail, Qatar
  • Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 12 AM

Lusail Marina Corniche

  • Address: 9GXF+G39, Unnamed Road, Lusail،, لوسيل،, Lusail, Qatar

Child Sand Park Lusail

  • Address: 9GJH+P9V, Lusail, Qatar
  • Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 2 AM

Family Park

  • Located in: Tea Time Mareena
  • Address: 9GJH+H8V, Unnamed Road, Lusail, Qatar
  • Hours: Open 24 hours

Lusail Marina Walk

  • Address: 9GRJ+3C7, Unnamed Road, Lusail, Qatar

Commercial Office Space in Lusail For Rent - Office in Lusail City
  • Rent
30,376 QAR / Month
New Offices In Lusail Area (Marina View) - Office in Lusail City
  • Rent
85 QAR / Month
Amazing view brand new Office in Lusail Marina - Office in Lusail City
  • Rent
66,000 QAR / Month
Spacious Beautiful Shop In Fox Hills in Lusail - ShowRoom in Lusail City
  • Rent
18,000 QAR / Month

Lifestyle and New Projects of Lusail City

In addition to four private islands and 19 districts with a variety of housing, combined amusement, and business establishments, Lusail covers an area of 38 square kilometers.

The lively, multiracial jumble of Lusail, which includes 22 hotels with the superstar rating system, holds great promise for the hospitality, tourist industry, and investment sectors.

More than 200,000 people will live in the city's picturesque environment, 170,000 professionals will work in its 19 districts, and 80,000 people will visit its fun, leisure, retail, and hotel management services, giving its inhabitants close to 450,000.

Each of Lusail's districts offers a variety of residential, commercial, hospitality, and retail locations. These areas integrate collectivism into an identity prototype. They include sports, recreation, and shopping malls, in addition to school systems, mosques, and healthcare centers.

The city of Lusail's green, new sustainability aspirations is brought to life by lush greenery and compartment parks throughout its neighborhoods, domestic, and commercial areas, as well as two main park networks, the Crescent Park and the Wadi Park. These parks also provide easy accessibility to marina promenades and water bodies.



The Marina District, located on the initial step of Lusail and overlooks the marinas, is the city's bustling heart. Here, you can find beachfront homes, blended buildings, shops, and hotels, as well as open areas that lead to the beachside seafront.

A gentle transportation network will provide service to the Marina District. It will connect it to the remainder of Lusail City and subway systems, with direct access to subsurface parking garages.


Al Tarfa serves as the central location for landmark sights and arenas for entertainment and recreation, all of which are perfectly integrated into an advanced, sustainable urban setting.

The city offers a wide variety of shops, restaurants, apartments, auditoriums, health clubs, residences, office spaces, amusement parks, and cinemas. A sizable monument, a park, and opulent hotels with public and privately owned beaches are all in the works.

Place Vendôme, the district's crowning pride, covers over one million square meters. The building was designed with a nod to Paris's renowned Rue de la Paix, where Place Vendôme first appeared.

The area has five-star luxury hotels, a shopping complex with up to 600 various retail establishments, a solely opulent side devoted to top designer brands, and a pivotal entertainment hub of iconic sights and activities.

Al Maha Island, a neighborhood off the coast of Al Tarfa, will offer a haven of top-notch leisure and cultural amenities for locals and guests to experience.


Al Wessil is a hot spot for the area's advertising, operational, and personnel management needs and neighboring companies. It is at the core of business and economic evolution.

Al Wessil's experts and business owners will access the best and most modern technologies in top-notch, international amenities pinnacle of sustainable development.


The Al Kharaej district is perfectly positioned among Al Nafel Residential and is intended to house 42 apartment buildings. Large open pavements, a landscaped neighborhood country club, and a private location with existing world design are all in the neighborhood. Likewise, it will be near beaches with beautiful surroundings and calm waters.


Property plot lines for villa developments are available in the low-rise Al Nafel and Al Khuzama districts, providing a whole perspective of outdoor land and beautiful natural scenery.

The calm surroundings of the communities are also emphasized by their closeness to the quiet, unique, and voluntary Al Kharaej District, which Alijarah Holding is establishing.


A residential district and distinctive commercial and healthcare green areas are all connected by the Al Erkyah planning process. By effectively reducing traffic flow and congestion, the site was developed and planned to ensure a safe ans healthy environment for both residents and tourists.

This moderate neighborhood will be a distinctive tourist attraction along the Al Khor highway.


This exceptional innovation development has been designed as a residential district and is situated on the northern outskirts of Lusail City. In addition to public facilities like three public mosques, play areas, and outdoor areas totaling over 113,345 m2 sqm.

The progress will provide the optimal combination of villa plots. Further, the project covers a total area of 2,147,733 sqm and will house 2,883 contemporary residential villas, ranging from 400 to 800 sqm.

These villas will create a cohesive neighborhood for family life in a secure and tranquil setting. The Lusail Expressway forms the western boundary of Huzoom Lusail, which extends to the Al Khor Expressway.

How to Get To Lusail City

Lusail City is located 20 kilometers away from central Doha. The city is connected well by giving you many options for traveling there. It takes only 30 minutes to go to Lusail City by car from Doha City Center.

Tourists can travel to Lusail without any problems. Traveling from one place to another in Lusail will not be a problem. Public transport is accessible. You can easily fly by air and land at the Hamad International Airport. The international airport is the only main airport that is functional.

After landing at the airport, you can take a taxi or hire a car to reach Lusail. As the cities lie close to each other, travelers often stay in Doha and travel by road to Lusail, one of the perfect ways of transportation.

Lusail is about 20.8 km from Doha via Lusail Expressway. The whole trip can take nearly 25 minutes. One can travel by air, taxi, metro, or even hire a motorcar and reach Lusail. Most visitors usually like staying in Doha and visiting Lusail sometimes. Upon reaching Doha, one can hire a taxi or car to reach Lusail. As the cities are close, one can easily travel by road.

You can hire a taxi or go to Lucille City via the Doha metro. The metro is a very easy way to get to Lusail city. You can get to the metro from downtown, though, and reach Lusail city in a few minutes.

If you are in the heart city, add the metro station. It would help if you took the metro redline to Lusail City. Another option is to use the same line to get to the Lusail Stadium metro station. The Lusail tram is expected to be functional soon.

The development and infrastructure of the LUSAIL city are almost accomplished. People can see the city any time of the year, relying totally on them. It is one of the best locations to explore for its inducements and much more.

Directions to Lusail with Public Transport

These transit lines have routes that pass near Lusail City

  • Metro: M1
  • Light Rail: T1

Bus Stations near Lusail

  • Katara Hospitality  14 min walk

Bus lines to Lusail City in Doha

  • Line Name       Direction
  • M147   Qatar University Station - Circular via Lusail

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