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Budget-Friendly Apartments for Rent in Abu Hamour

Located in Al Rayyan, Abu Hamour is rapidly becoming a popular residential place, mainly because of the budget-friendly apartments and the variety of housing options. It is near many international schools and nurseries and offers easy access to almost all areas in Doha. Abu Hamour is very popular with families and young individuals. It lets a short drive for both office and the schools. There are also a few malls, supermarkets, and other shops. Thus you find a great number of apartments for rent in Abu Hamour.

More about the Apartments for Rent in Abu Hamour

Apartments are also a very popular accommodation. Many choose to rent apartments in Abu Hamour. It is true for families looking for a larger space for living. Apartments for rent in Abu Hamour have one, two, three, or more rooms.

They are available for rent as either furnished or unfurnished, with the latter being the most prominent option. However, this means that you can style and furnish your apartment the way you want.

There are also many apartments for rent in Abu Hamour, which are spacious and set in very well-maintained buildings, including pools and gyms for tenants' use. There are some luxury apartments for rent in Abu Hamour.

The estimated rental price for a one-bedroom unfurnished apartment in Abu Hamour is about QAR 3,000. You can still find one for as low as QAR 2,500 per month. Abu Hamour is found on the left if driving down Salwa Road. It's a suitable area with everything from gas stations and hospitals to malls, restaurants, and schools.

You Are To Ensure a Great ROI on A Property for Rent

According to some listings on Saakin Qatar. There are apartments and other properties for rent in Abu Hamour, bringing a good % ROI (return of investment) to the investors! If this figure is singular for a specific property, you may consider the medium market ROI between 4% and 8%. Even so, this is a great deal for you.

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