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Different Sizes Apartments for Rent in Al Duhail

Are you moving to Al Duhail, Qatar?

Are you searching for apartments for rent in Al Duhail?

Al Duhail is a town in a municipality in Qatar. This place provides good apartments for rent at Al Duhail across the region. You discover different sizes and rental prices of the apartments in this area.

It has a populated area primarily. Therefore, you discover many residential apartments in this region. There are cheap apartments for rent and budget-friendly apartments for rent in this area, too. Further, you even get affordable rental apartments in this location.

How are Rental Apartments in Al Duhail?

The apartments are furnished and unfurnished. You can even get a family apartment for rent here. Each apartment has standard bedrooms with tiled bathrooms, a living area, and a dining hall with a kitchen. You also get dedicated parking and maintenance services. Usually, departments have easy access to shopping centers and other amenities nearby. There are mosques, playgrounds, parks, and sports clubs. Most apartments represent a stylish and modern way of living. The luxury and interiors are worth praising. All the residential units come with modern kitchen appliances and additions.

Furthermore, each apartment comprises a lounge with an open kitchen. You also benefit from the outdoor pool, equipped gym, concierge services, and covered parking. Generally, water, electricity, and high-speed internet are included in the rental amount. You also find satellite television, a local telephone line, and other facilities.

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Special about Duhail that increases its Residential Value

Duhail is a district in Qatar located in the municipality of Doha. The district's northern half accommodates the main base of the Internal Security Forces (also known as Lekhwiya) and Abdullah bin Khalifa Stadium, which serves as the home grounds for Qatar Stars League club Al-Duhail SC. Some Famous landmarks in Duhail are: