Apartments for Rent in Al Messila, Doha 4 results

Residential Apartments for Rent in Al Messila

Al Messila is a small district in Qatar located in Doha. For the most part, large gated compounds and schools occupy this district. It shares its western border with Lebday and Old Al Rayyan in Al Rayyan Municipality. There are many apartments for rent in Al Messila. It has residential value because there are some famous landmarks in Al Mesilla:

Description of the Apartments for Rent in Al Messila

To rent an apartment in Messila, two master rooms, a hall, a bathroom, a reception, and a kitchen costs you an average of 5500 thousand Qatari riyals. There are also beautiful brand new apartments for rent in the Prime location of Al Messila with easy access to all the nearest places. Like LULU, Al Meera, Hamad Medical Center, and schools like the DESS and English Modern School and accessible through has the following features:

Where to find good Apartments for Rent in Al Messila

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