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Affordable Apartments for Rent in Al Nuaija

Nuaija is a small district in Doha, Qatar, located in the municipality of Ad Dawhah. Nuaija's Zone 41 was once known as Al-Hilal West but was merged into Nuaija as of the 2010 census. Municipal authorities are developing the district as a major mixed-use hub for south-central Doha. For some years, Al Nuaija has been involved in development. Apart from being an affordable/cheap place to live, it is a good place to live in.

Al Nuaija is considered a very practical place to live in. It has several malls, cafes, restaurants, discount centers, parks, and other places of interest. If one decides to spend their weekend in Al Nuaija, they certainly won't be disappointed. Apartments for rent in Al Nuaija are not only affordable, but they are up to par with other districts in terms of amenities and features.

Types of Apartments for Rent in Al Nuaija

In Al Nuaija, apartments for rent range from studios, 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, and 3 bedrooms to 4 bedroom flats/apartments. Typical studio apartments for rent in Al Nuaija will come with 450 sqft of Home area with 1 bathroom. When it comes to 1 bedroom rental apartments in Al Nuaija, the most popular floor plan with 1 bathroom. Likewise, for 2 bedroom apartments or flats for rent in Al Nuaija, the average home area is 1200 sq. ft and 3 bathrooms with a balcony.

Thus, those searching for 4 bedroom flats for rent in Al Nuaija can get an average floor area. Ft with 4 bathrooms. Many apartments have facilitated modern amenities like a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, steam room, gym, ATM facility, prayer room, etc.

Where to Find the Best Apartments for Rent in Al Nuaija

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