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Residential Villas for Rent in Al Markhiya

Al Markhiya is a Doha neighborhood. It is one of northern Doha's more developed districts. The district is home to three awsaq al-furjan complexes, part of the government's development plan to centralize all large corporations. Therefore, there are residential properties and villas for rent in Al Markhiya that cater to the needs and interests of diverse residents and cultures.

Rental Trends for Villas in Al Markhiya, Qatar

Qatar's rental market has stabilized as a result of tourism for hosting a global event such as the World Cup in 2022. The average monthly rent for residential units fell 1.7 percent in the preceding quarter and 5.5 percent year over year. Villa rates are dropping more slowly than villa rentals, which are predicted to decline by 2020.

Even though costs have decreased as a result of the influx of new units, demand for villas for rent in Al Markhiya, Qatar, remains high. Because of growing internet stimulants, demand, rising per capita spare cash, and opportunities presented by government capital projects, the percentage of the residential estate through digital portals has steadily increased.

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Landmarks in Al Markhiya

Al Hazm Mall is a shopping mall in Al Markhiya

Al Hazm Mall is a premium shopping complex with Italian-style architecture that was partially opened in May 2017 by Al Emady Enterprise. The marble was brought from Italy, the stone from Palestine. The architects were flown in from Rajasthan, India, at the cost of QR 3 billion. It has access via Al Markhiya Street.

Al Markhiya Sports Club is a sports club in Al Markhiya.

The headquarters and stadium of Al Markhiya Sports Club are located off of Al Markhiya Street.