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Ideal Living Apartments for Rent in Al Kharaitiyat

Al Kharaitiyat is a town in the district of Umm Salal in Qatar. The town has been carrying out a major infrastructure project. In the situation with the project, Al Kharaitiyat is being jointly developed with Al Froosh for over 1.87 million square meters. Developments will include 420 apartment units and the addition of 22.7 km of road and 17.4 km of sewage. If you are searching for an ideal apartment to live in, you can have good apartments for rent in Al Kharaitiyat.

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Landmarks of Al Kharaitiyat

Al Kharaitiyat SC headquarters off Al Ebb Road in Al Kharaitiyat

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Al Kharaitiyat is a popular area to rent apartments, highly sought for its location, views, entertainment, and shopping options. The apartments for rent in Al Kharaitiyat are located with good design and standards.