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Energy City Qatar is the first integrated business hub dedicated to the hydrocarbon industry. The project has the support of the Qatari government and will lead the way in hydrocarbon above-ground resource development. Hence, you find many apartments for sale in Energy City Qatar.

Energy City Qatar will consist of 92 apartment buildings to house about 20,000 people. You can buy apartments in these buildings. All buildings have to adhere to the building guidelines defined by ECQ. Structures will be constructed at the highest bars, yielding US Green Building Council LEED Certification requirements for energy efficiency.

Different kinds of Apartments for Sale

Here's a real estate investment opportunity. There are semi-furnished 1BR, 2BR, and 3BR apartments for sale in Lusail. Energy City was designed to integrate beauty and sustainability to develop a community of Lusail's unique sense of place. The city will include hotels, mosques, healthcare schools, nurseries, and sports and entertainment facilities.

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