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Commercial Offices for Sale in Lusail

Lusail is a beautiful city to do business with beautiful views. You find dedicated commercial buildings and offices for sale in Lusail. The office buildings provide commercial spaces on the ground floor, including restaurants, retail, and coffee shops. You can choose an office building for commercial use or retail spaces for sale, and there are also shared offices available for sale.

Buying an Office for Sale in Lusail

Finding an office for sale in Lusail is an easy task. You have to pay a 2% down payment, 34% upon handover situation, and the remaining 66% by installment plan. The real estate agent or agency fee and other costs are separate. You can choose a modern office in a tower building or commercial area according to your business needs. In addition, all the office buildings secure underground parking for the employees and their clients. There is also a lounge area and a good reception in the building.

Some Offices for Sale have highly Luxurious Amenities to Offer

It also provides an air-conditioned gym, a garden, and a pool. Offices for sale include meeting rooms and free access to the computer room in the lobby with a beautiful internal garden. There is proximity to the tram station and other public transport. The commercial buildings have all the basic amenities nearby.

All the basic community needs like residential club zone, hotels, mosques, ATMs, health care centers, and restaurants are enclosed. It also comes with maintenance which is an extra perk. The Lusail office tower is a mega project for offices and smart business initiatives.

Finding the Modern Offices for Sale in Lusail

Saakin Qatar has a wide range of commercial properties and offices in Lusail. Investing in commercial building helps the brands to expand in the global market, and Saakin helps you achieve that with flair. You can get offices for sale in a prime location near all major locations for regular business dealings. An office for sale in Lusail increases your brand visibility and market perception. See the whole gorgeous Qatar skyline from your towering office and enjoy beautiful attractions and views.

Buying commercial office space in Lusail is also a unique opportunity to emerge your status among all your business rivals. Saakin provides its clients with affordable offices for sale, and it delivers you premium office spaces near all public transport and mosque. So call us today to have a meeting.