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A town in Qatar's Umm Salal district is called Al Kharaitiyat. A significant infrastructural project has been underway in the town. In the case of the project, Al Kharaitiyat is being jointly developed for more than 1.87 million square meters with Al Froosh. Four hundred twenty residential units, 22.7 km of new road, and 17.4 km of sewage are all part of the developments. Buy villas for sale in Al Kharaitiyat if you're looking for the perfect place to call home.

Affordable Priced Villas for Sale in Al Kharaitiyat

Villas for sale are the most popular type of housing. These villas have standard amenities like a gym, swimming pool, grocery stores, and pharmacies. Besides, a premium villa has a somewhat higher buying cost. You can buy a villa for sale at a lower price than in the other neighborhood.

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The location, views, entertainment, and retail opportunities in Al Kharaitiyat make it a popular place to live. Al Kharaitiyat's standalone villas for sale include good architecture and high standards.

Landmarks of Al Kharaitiyat

Al Kharaitiyat SC headquarters off Al Ebb Road in Al Kharaitiyat