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Abu Hamour (Abū Hāmūr) is a district in the city of Al Rayyan in Qatar. It is also known as the "Wholesale Market District," a part of Metropolitan Doha. In Arabic, "Abu" means "father," and this context is used as a prefix for a distinct feature of this area. The word "hamour" is a type of fish found commonly in Qatari waters. According to local tradition, the district was named after the type of fish most commonly caught by resident fishermen. It is in the 56 zones.

Located in Al Rayyan, Abu Hamour is rapidly becoming a popular residential place, mainly because of the budget-friendly homes and the variety of housing options it provides. It is near many international schools and nurseries and offers easy access to almost all areas in Doha.

Abu Hamour is very popular with families and young individuals, and it allows for a short drive for both schools and the office! There are also a few malls, supermarkets, and other shops.

Abu Hamour has a blend of compounds and standalone villas, ideal for anyone looking for complete privacy. Compounds in Qatar are a very popular option for family homes, as they include facilities such as pools and community rooms, and children's playgrounds.

While the drive to and from the city's center can be a little daunting at times, the area is truly becoming a popular neighborhood, and many residents enjoy living in the area.


Because of its central location, Abu Hamour is an increasingly popular choice for retailers. Many retail outlets from elsewhere in the country have relocated to the neighborhood. People watch a camel lifted by a crane in the Abu Hamour Wholesale Market.

In history, Abu Hamour hosted the largest wholesale market in the country, but in April 2017, the wholesale market transferred to Umm Salal Ali.

The distance between Abu Hamour and the Industrial Area is 11 km by road. You can also find the distance from Abu Hamour to the Industrial Area using other travel options like bus, subway, tram, train, and rail.

Abu Hamour is a place of a refined petroleum products distribution depot that once belonged to the National Oil Distribution Company (NODCO), a subsidiary of Qatar Petroleum.

Abu Hamour is the fast-growing destination of choice for retailers. The people are setting up shops there and retailing from other parts of the city. Many retailers see the area where some companies and business outlets have launched operations over the past year, developing into a major commercial hub in the coming days.

Wholesale Market Area

Ornamental plants market in Abu Hamour

The Wholesale Market Area in Abu Hamour once adapted Abu Hamour Central Market, one of the largest marketplaces in Qatar. The Abu Hamour Central Market had a fresh vegetable and fruit market, livestock, and ornamental plants market. In early 2017 all Abu Hamour Wholesale Market wholesale shops were shut down, most being shifted to the Umm Salal Central Market in Umm Salal Ali.

The fruit and vegetable market shifted to Al Sailiya. In contrast, the livestock market, which frustrated locals had attributed a foul odor, was transferred to Abu Samra in southern Qatar. Municipal officials plan to convert the now-defunct Abu Hamour Central Market into a commercial complex.

Baluchi Camp

Street in Baluchi Camp in Abu Hamour

The government set up a wide area in Abu Hamour to house the Baluchi racial group members.

Although many structures do not meet regulations and contain illegal modifications, the Qatari government supplies the residents with building materials. This area is poor, with many of the 900 to 1000 houses lacking sewage and running water. There are five mosques and two supermarkets found in the camp.

Abu Hamour is very well-liked by Families

Abu Hamour is very popular, especially for families looking for more space. Villas in Abu Hamour have a minimum of three rooms and are available for rent as either furnished or unfurnished. However, you can style and furnish your home the way you want, especially by keeping your budget within the set limits!

Houses in Abu Hamour usually include a garden or a front yard, perfect for entertaining family and friends when the weather permits. There are also several apartments for rent in Abu Hamour, which are spacious and set in very well-maintained buildings, including pools and gyms for tenants' use.

While there are some stand-alone villas for rent in Abu Hamour, most villas are located in compounds. The compounds for rent in Abu Hamour offer families an added sense of security. Living in a compound in Abu Hamour is also a great way to meet new people and make friends, with some people creating lifelong bonds with their neighbors.

Yet wherever you decide to find properties for rent in Qatar is up to you and your personal needs and priorities. Still, we are certain that you will easily be able to find the right home for you and your family with such an active renters' market.

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