Desert Safari In Qatar

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Bash the Dunes!

Visiting a Desert is an exhilarating experience for everyone, the beautiful Metropolitan country Qatar holds a terrific long and breath-taking desert that can add treasured memories to your adventures out there. Desert Safari in Qatar is one of the most adventurous and notorious experiences globally! Qatar holds a large area, among which most is occupied by the deserts, which makes it ideal and quite amazing for desert safari!

Many other countries such as Dubai and Egypt mainly hold deserts, but what's the uniqueness in Qatar? It discovers you the same enjoyment and marvelous experience of breath-taking landscapes & seascapes with excursions BUT at just half the prices!

Organize Desert Safaris in Doha

Various companies organize desert safaris in Doha and other regions of Qatar, oaring three packages, half-day, full-day, and overnight! It includes various activities such as sightseeing of inland seas, dune bashing, bonfires, science fort with three meals a day, etc.

This Dune Bashing experience commences with a driver picking you up at the desired destination of the hotel in the Land Cruiser, where the level of your excitement will go sky-high! You will be able to take in the city's sights, suburbs, and the countryside. Following a brief stop at Sea Line Beach, where the professional drivers will first deflate the tire to abandon the boring tarmac for the exotic dune bashing experience - breath-taking, roller-coaster drives across the desert where the speedy screeches lie all around.

Qatar Desert safari stands out as a happening and cheerful experience; the Dune bashing is the uttermost best experience of Desert safari for many who visit there. There are daren't paths through the dunes, from extremely fast and bumpy rides to smooth and casual drives... It's a must-visit for every ex-pat.

Life-living Experience

During the dune bashing, the driver might also stop the car to feel the singing sands seep through your fingers and feel the hot desert texture. Not only that, you can write anything over the tunes, let your feet sink in the sand, or maybe capture some good resolution memories of this life-living experience!

The driver might also stop the car at 360 view dunes, also known as the photography dune, for 10 to 15 minutes so that the panoramic view can be beautifully clicked and enjoyed.

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The next stop is near the camping tents where the trip advisors arrange exotic five-star level tents, which were mouth-watering, spicy, and toothsome live barbecue. It is upon the ex-pats and their choice to eat whatever they like!. Not only that, but there are activities also available side by side with the food area that allows you to deeply feel the desert experience by sandboarding with a surfing board, playing volleyball, and pocket-friendly yet amazing camel ride for 20 QT. Only! Who can also take pictures with the animals, namely falcon, mules, etc.?

Desert Safari Tour

A desert safari tour will also take you to the wonders of the inland sea (Khor al-Udaid) with its white sandy beaches and pristine, crystal clear water near the Qatar-Saudi Arabian border. It is a spectacular sight and an extraordinary landscape with dunes and sea beds that will leave you wanting more. This amazing view priers stark beauty to the desert; it's also home to various marine life where you can also spot turtles, flamingos, dugongs, Arabian Oryx, camels, and more.

The views of Saudi Arabia are prominent here; it gives an impactful yet glorious view of Saudi Arabia, making your horizon golden and glistening! It's an exceptional recreational safari that leaves your eyes in wonder!

The Half-day safari then ends, where you are escorted back to Doha. If it's the afternoon, then the sunsets in these Golden sands would leave your eyes wide open and wanting the beautiful skies over the shining hot dunes to stay!

Desert of Qatar

Camping is also included for those who opt for a midnight stay! So that the spectacular starry night skies can be peacefully eyed while lying in the soft dunes in the desert of Qatar!

From a city of Hustle bustle, it's a sided peaceful place holding the natural beauty of Arabia.

Other activities can also be customized or chosen according to your preferences, including the enticing Bonfires with marshmallows being given, ex-pats worldwide gathering there, making it a delightful recreational platform!

Furthermore, you can also get a chance to ride on the quad bike, ATV, or dune buggy; this adrenaline rush on the dunes makes up a stunning adventure for all the tourists that avail of it!

Operate Bedouin-style Camps

Another favorite Qatari pastime that visitors who want recreation with their families can enjoy during the daytime. Evening or overnight are the camping trips through several companies that operate Bedouin-style camps (with all the mod-cons) in the desert. You can have food, enjoy photography and get going with your choice of activities under the peaceful blue sky amid dunes!

Not only that! If you are a surfer and feel like a fish out of water, you can get hold of the Sandboard along the dunes for a unique experience.

Do you prefer a bird's eye view? Then paragliding, kite surfing, and more are readily available.

All these activities and the drives will make you feel like wanting more! Thus, pack your stuff up and get going for this once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will cherish throughout and will leave you with the treasured memories of the golden singing dunes of Qatar!

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