Where to Sleep At Doha Airport

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We will guide you with the necessary knowledge to know for sleep at Doha Airport if you need ever. Regardless of whether your situations call for a quick nap during your stopover or overnight sleep.

There are a lot of seats, the majority of which have armrests. If you can sleep on your back, some Quiet Rooms offer semi-reclined seats designed for sleeping. Some travelers try to get some rest by sleeping on the carpet. Some find other places to take a rest.

Places & Seats to Sleep at Doha Airport

Travelers can find great places to sleep listed below:

  • Concourses A, B, and C provide quiet rooms with couches. There are rest zones to get comfortable seatings.
  • Sleep in the seats or on the carpeted floor on Level 0 of Concourse C, which is located downstairs from Gates C20-C29.
  • The kid-friendly play spaces are often calm and cozy at night.
  • There are a few seats in the TV and family sections on Concourses A, B, and C.

Rest Areas or Rest Zones to Sleep at Doha Airport

Doha Airport provides special Quiet Rooms that are gender-separated so that weary people can rest and take a break before their journey. However, there are semi-reclining lounge seats here.

Not everyone finds them to be suitable for sleeping. These spaces often resemble not-quite rooms due to the high rush of people. Thus earphones may be helpful. Locations are spread out across the airport.

Passengers Can Rest, Read, or Take A Nap in Quiet Rooms

Enter one of the quiet rooms if you want some quiet time before your flight. These quiet rooms provide a calm atmosphere and cozy chairs so you may relax, read, or nap. Quiet areas are spread over the main terminal for men, women, and families. To locate one close to you, follow the signs, inquire at a reception desk, or use the airport map.

What is the Temperature at Rest Zone?

There have been many reports of cold temperatures, especially overnight. Bring a blanket or maybe a backpack so you can rest well. If the area gets colder, a hoodie offers extra comfort. There are a few lounges at Doha Airport. However, none of them include sleeping or resting places. Look through this selection of lounges at Doha Airport Guide if all you want to do is rest in a comfy chair.

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Sleeping Pods at the Sleep' n Fly Lounge at Doha International Airport

Don't ever be shocked if you listen to a wake-up call if you are asleep in a public area. As passengers start to arrive for the next flights. The security gets you awake. What an issue to have a nap at the airport. Your good luck is that sleep 'n fly also provides a wake-up call. 

However, we still advise setting the alarm because the terminal is not liable if you miss your flight due to negligence. The sleep 'n fly offers sleeping pods at Doha International Airport.

They can accommodate up to 50 travelers in the sleep pods and rooms, together with four younger kids under the age of seven. There is no food, drink, or lavatory for you in the sleep 'n fly area at Doha International Airport.

These services are a short walk away, and you can leave and return at any time. There is no WiFi service. You'll find the sleep 'n fly lounge in the duty-free and transit area of the airport.

Sleep 'n Fly Lounge

The Sleep 'n Fly Lounge Details

The sleep 'n fly Lounge is located in the transit area and the main duty-free area of the Airport. It offers a variety of cabins and sleeping pods with space for up to 50 adults and four kids.

Travelers can pay by the hour to remain in these sleeping pods. These air-conditioned sleeping apartments offer a place to relax and rest in advance to wait for the flights.

At sleep' n fly lounge, you get these options:

  • FlexiSuite Sleep Pods for a single person
  • YAWN Double Cabin for two persons
  • YAWN Double Cabin with kid's pull-out bed for two persons with a kid
  • YAWN Bunk Cabin for two persons

Contact Information: +974 4467 8993

E-mail:     reservations.doh@sleep-n-fly.com

Website & Online Reservations:

Security & Safety at Doha Airport Rest Zone

Security is essential whether you are sleeping alone or with buddies in the airport. Find out and check for security cameras in the area where you want to spend the night.

Where is it okay to stay the night? Inquire security. They will point you toward a secure place because they have likely seen several airport sleepers before you.


Is There A Place To Stay At The Airport In Doha?

Primary navigating, the sleep 'n fly Sleep Lounge is an excellent place to sleep at the airport. It is situated in the transit area of HIA's duty-free area. It offers a variety of rooms and sleeping pods with space for up to 50 adults and four kids.

Can I Sleep In The Lounge At Doha Airport?

Some lounges don't have sleeping facilities to keep visitors from sticking. However, Qatar Airways provides a beautiful, quiet location for extended stopovers at the Al Mourjan Lounge in Doha.

Where Is The Doha Airport's Sleeping Area?

Airport sleeping zones in Doha

Concourses A, B, and C provide quiet rooms with couches.

Sleep in the seats or on the carpeted floor on Level 0 of Concourse C, which is located downstairs from Gates C20-C29.

Can You Sleep On The Airport Floor?

A chair without armrests makes it much simpler to spread out while also being more pleasant and hygienic than sitting on the ground. Look for areas with fresh carpeting: If no seats are available, you might want to think about sleeping on the carpeted floor.

Does Doha Airport Have A Hotel?

The Oryx Airport Hotel is inside the Doha Hamad Airport terminal. It offers guests all they require for a cozy stay without leaving the airport. The Oryx Airport Hotel is the ideal place to stay for a little break between flights at Doha Hamad Airport.

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