How to Apply For a Police Job in Qatar?

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Do you desire to be a police officer in Qatar?

Are you passionate about social security and willing to put in your share?

Then this article is really for you. Around the world, some sincere police officers and security workers are excited about moving to Qatar for a job. And Qatar is not a wrong choice.

Why Do People Want To Apply For A Police Job in Qatar?

Some look for better pay, while some seek job security. But there are other reasons to work in the Qatar police. For example, Employer stability, Executive work, Administration earnings, opportune excursion, different leaves, and more.

Apart from that, foreigners have been attention to Police and Security sector in Qatar. Foreigners should be proud to find their brothers and sisters in Qatar Police. Below is a guide for applying for those jobs that suit you the most. It will guide you to apply for a Police Job in Qatar.

How to Search for Qatar Police Department Jobs

You can apply Online on the Official Qatar Police Department Careers Page.

Website Link:

Applying Procedure at Qatar Police Department's Career Portal

Applicants can submit an application in the way described below. You can fill out your form by referring to the details provided here.

  • You must first go to the Qatar Police Department's official website.
  • Then, click the Qatar Police Department Careers link on the official website's top right.
  • The Qatar Police Department jobs links will be in front of you.
  • You must now select the Qatar Police Department -Profile- Jobs link.
  • When you click it, a new window will open with all the instructions for completing the form.
  • You must correctly fill out all the fields.
  • You must click the submission button after completing all the fields.
  • Your entry for Qatar Police Department is done.
  • You can save a copy of it for later use.

Which Degree is required to apply for a Police job in Qatar?

What requires for this responsible job is a Bachelor's or Master's degree in law along with a practical experience in law. One must be familiar with printing and computing techniques. One must know the capability to use automated systems and the ability to write and speak Arabic and English.

Getting Hold of This Post Has Some Requirements

Qatar police require you to have at least a High school graduation. Be physically active, and have at least two years of law enforcement experience, either in a Security Bureau or military training. You must know fire procedures, disaster plan procedures, bomb threats, and hotel evacuation procedures.

Be well aware of local law/government regulation. And have SIA training and license. Be a good communicator, work under pressure, and maintain calmness in emergencies. And be able to work on their own or in teams.

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Eligibility Criteria for Qatar Police Job

Applicants should be 5.7 feet tall. For civilian candidates, their age should be between 22-30, and for retired army or police officers, their age should be between 22-35. They all should be physically strong.

Documents Required

You must have an attestation certificate of your passed High School graduation, genuine experience documents from the army or police department, and some other training certificates. Besides, suppose you are looking forward to being a Police Driver.

In that case, you need a valid Qatar passport and visa, a valid motor vehicle license of the State of Qatar with 2-8 years of driving experience, and a High School Diploma from any recognized institute.

Recruitment Process

Firstly, the Qatar Police shall pass the candidate through a Physical Test. It has three observations: running, pushing up, and sitting up. Secondly, the authority will interview the candidate. Then questions about introducing yourself, reasons for joining Qatar Police, and their strengths and weaknesses.

The candidate may be supposed to write. Lastly, testing language is no exception. The applicant must be able to read and write English, for it is mandatory. If they also know Arabic, then that will be a plus point.

The selected applicants will then have to go through a 4-month preparation time in a Qatar Police training institute in Doha. The Qatari public police officers are paid between 12,300 and 18,100 every month.

Further Guide for Foreigners to Apply For a Police Job in Qatar

Which Qatari Police Departments hire foreign nationals?

Mainly, foreigners serve the Qatar police by working in various departments. Still, they do not get access to sensitive data, including confidential information and national security plans. In Qatar police, Pakistanis make up a majority of uniform officers, and some are also employed in the Royal Qatar Army.

Police officers' salaries in Qatar differ considerably based on region, gender, expertise, and other factors. The starting monthly salary for a Qatari native police officer is between QAR 12,300 and QAR 18,100. In contrast, a foreign police officer is between QAR 3000 and QAR 6000.

What Are The Foreign Police Officer's Duties In Qatar?

  • Traffic policeman.
  • Jail guard.
  • CID
  • Acting to protect critical infrastructure
  • Interrogation and detention of foreigners
  • Duty of watching over the police station.
  • Ensure occasion security in public places.
  • IT expert
  • The police van's driver.


So tie up your braces to step into Qatar Police, where you will be wearing a police officer uniform and be serving the state with appreciative conduct. If you face difficulty applying, you still do not have to worry.

You can apply online on the Qatar Police Officer Website link, where you have to fill up some personal information and upload the documents. After you are done, submit the online form and await your response. Till then, keep up with the preparation to apply for a Police Job in Qatar.


Can I join the Police Force in Qatar?

Yes, you can join the police force in Qatar.

How can I Apply for a Police Job in Qatar?

The Qatari police may hire people in Qatar from different nations. If you want to apply, you can submit an online application through the ministry of the interior's website. In other cases, you should contact the human resources office in your homeland.

What Requirements to join Qatar Police Force?

Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) attested by the Qatar Embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Documents of academic credentials with attestations from the foreign ministry and the embassy of Qatar in the country of birth.

How can I Apply online for a Qatar Police Job?

You can only apply online through the Qatari government's official website.

  • Visit the Ministry of Interior website.
  • Select the MOI applications tab from the homepage, and proceed as per the instructions.
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