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Qatar has the best transportation system. There are many options for the residents and visitors to have a ride around the country. You can ride buses, trains, and trams. There are also private taxis and personal cars.

What is Karwa Bus?

Doha and other important locations in Qatar are connected by the public bus known as the Karwa Bus. Further, the leading provider of transportation services in Qatar is Mowasalat. This authority runs the public transport and Karwa buses.

Also, these are comfortable, air-conditioned buses. Well over 50 routes are currently offered, with the first buses leaving at 4 am and the last ones going at around 11 pm.

According to Mowasalat, most pathways depart from the Doha Bus Station, near the Gold Souq. Everyone in Doha drives, and although there is public transportation access to lots of buses and a Doha Metro system, taxis are often the most convenient and reliable way to get around Qatar, especially in scorching weather.

On most bus types, there is a facility for wheelchairs. Mowasalat suggests that users need to obtain the "Karwa Smart Card," an e-ticketing digital payment card.

What Is A Karwa Bus Card?

It is a smart card that you use for e-ticketing and e-payments. You must buy a Karwa Smart Card to pay your bus fare with it. The Karwa Smart Card must be tapped when boarding and exiting the bus.

KARWA Smart Card

KARWA Smart Card Has Three Types;

Karwa Smart Cards come in three different varieties: you can choose between the Classic Card, the Limited Card, and the Unlimited Card, as per Mowasalat.

  • Classic Card: QAR 30, long-term rechargeable card
  • Limited Card: It costs 10 QR and is valid for two trips within 24 hours of purchase.
  • Unlimited Card: The QR 20 Unlimited Card allows unlimited travel with a validity of 24 hours.

What Do You Require To Get A Karwa Bus Card?

You require a smart card for public transportation in order to ride the Karwa buses. The Qatar Mall, The Pearl Qatar, Doha's main bus station, and various shops all over the city are places where you can buy it and top up.

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What is Mowasalat?

In order to ensure the efficient delivery of "integrated ground transport services," the Qatari government established Mowasalat in 2002. Mowasalat is an organization that runs the Karwa bus service. The state entirely controls the Mowasalat.

The Contact Details of Mowasalat:

Where to Purchase and Top-Up Karwa Smart Card?

The Karwa bus Cards purchasing and top-up venues;

  • Doha Bus Station
  • Karwa Bus Stations
  • Ticket Vending Machines
  • Merchants
  • Ooredoo Self Serving machines

You can easily recharge your Karwa Smart Card by using Ooredoo Money. You can use the USSD menu (*140#) to add QR 5–QR 500 to your Karwa bus card. Entering the first 10 digits of your Karwa smart card number is required to charge up or top up.

How to Ride the Karwa Buses

The government-owned Mowasalat Karwa runs all buses. There's also a large bus system that travels throughout all of Qatar, including Doha. Air-conditioned Karwa buses typically run between the hours of 5 a.m. and midnight every day, with shortened routines on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Keep visiting the Mowasalat website for a schedule and a map of the bus routes.

The Karwa Smartcard is the best option for bus trips. The bus drivers do not sell you a ticket but charge a "lost card fee" of 10 Qatari Riyals. Simply put, you must purchase a smartcard from one of the many automated systems at points at the airport.

Within Doha's city limits, the standard bus fare is 3 to 4 Qatari riyal, ranging from 4 to 9 riyal outside Doha. The Karwa Smartcard devices do not provide change. They accept cash and Qatari riyal notes in the digits 1, 5, 10, 50, and 100.

Using the card requires tapping both when boarding and exiting the Karwa buses. Kindly note that women and children generally have exclusive access to the front of the bus.

How to Top Up Karwa Smartcards

Mowasalat uses Karwa SmartCards as a quick and convenient payment method for trips on the Karwa bus within Qatar. Now, you can use Ooredoo Money to recharge your Karwa SmartCard with any amount between QR5 and QR500.

To add QR5 to QR500 to your Karwa SmartCard, get either the Ooredoo Money app or the USSD menu (*140#). To top up, all you need to do is enter the first 10 digits of your card number.

It's quick, simple, and effective! Suppose you don't yet have Ooredoo Money. In that case, you can sign up at local Ooredoo stores or by visiting the official page.


How Can I Add Money To My Karwa Bus Card?

You can add up to QR 500 to your Karwa SmartCard using the USSD menu (*140#) or the Ooredoo Money app. You can top up any functional Karwa SmartCard. To recharge, you must insert the first 10 digits of your Karwa Card number. It is a fast and simple step.

How Can I Book A Karwa Bus?

By calling 800-TAXI (8294) to make a reservation or instantly booking it through the Karwa Taxi app, you can simply book it.

Where Can I Recharge My Karwa Bus Card?

  • There are ticket vending machines at every Metro station.
  • All Metro stations have ticket vending machines.
  • At a few bus stops, some machines run on solar power.
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