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Schooling System in Qatar

Qatar is rich with the world's third-largest oil and natural gas reserves. When we talk about the education system of Qatar, most ex-pat children prefer private schools or education, and Qatar offers excellent academic facilities and values to the children.

Qatar's Rank in Education System

According to a report, Qatar ranked first in the Arab region and 4th internationally in quality education. It provides quality education for free to all its citizens through kindergarten and high schools. Education in public schools is free, whereas the private school management charges as per the standard and location or according to the curriculum system & facilities.

About The Fee Structure

Usually, the fee range of International schools in Qatar is 25,000 QAR to 70,000 QAR. There are also many Indian schools in Qatar. So the fee range is around 550 to 1000 QAR per month.

Education System in Qatar

Qatar considers education one of the most significant pillars of a knowledge-based economy. However, the educational policies formulate a prosperous society for its citizens of education in Qatar to produce confident, self-reliant, and, uh, hardworking tinkers. It supports the education system on the best compliments.

It tries to develop educational policies to achieve success and recruit, train, support, and license public school teachers. It also monitors and incorporates the best practices to establish the country in social context values to improve learning. The curriculum standards include mathematics, sciences, Arabic, English, and Islamic studies for standard 12 schools.

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Choosing a School in Doha 

When choosing a school in Doha, Qatar, know educational options wisely. Some schools uphold stellar reputations, while others fall short. The top-tier institutions are \known and highly coveted, commanding premium fees. Extensive research and networking are required to secure a spot in these coveted establishments.

The primary curricula offered in Doha's schools include the American (covering primary, middle school, USHSD, AP), International Baccalaureate, and English curricula. However, it's worth noting that some British schools may offer a diluted version of the English curriculum, with varying degrees of adaptation. Given the overwhelming demand for places in reputable schools, persistence pays off. While initial responses may only sometimes be encouraging due to high inquiry volumes, opportunities do arise, especially considering the transient nature of the expat community in Doha. When evaluating schools, consider the balance between native English-speaking students and non-native speakers. Even if a school offers a desirable curriculum, if teachers predominantly teach non-native English speakers, it could slow the general progress of the class.

Here is a list of the Top 10 Schools in Qatar

  1. American School of Doha
  2. ACS Doha International School
  3. The Hamilton International School
  4. Arab International Academy
  5. Qatar leadership academy
  6. Pearl school, Al Thumama, Doha
  7. Michael E. DeBakey School
  8. SEK International School Qatar
  9. Belgravia High School Doha
  10. Compass International School Doha

American School of Doha

The American School of Doha is the world's leading nonprofit International School with approximately 2000 plus students from multinational or different countries. It is located in Al Waab, Doha, Qatar. The schooling system is co-education. It is a private school, and its curriculum is American. The annual fees of the school are around 34,500 QAR to 74,816 QAR.

ACS Doha International School

It is an International School with three excellent sister schools in Greater London. It has approximately 2000 plus students from different nationalities. It is situated at Al Kheesa Doha. It has a co-education schooling system, and its curriculum is IB. The annual fee is around 51,000 QAR to 80,000 QAR.

The Hamilton International School

It is also a private school with a Co-education schooling system with an IB curriculum. The yearly fee is almost 47,000 QAR to 60,000 QAR. It is situated near the religious complex in Doha.

Arab International Academy

The Arab International Academy was founded in 2016. It has received an authorized IB diploma, middle years, and prime year program. Moreover, it aims to develop individual, social, cognitive, emotional, and physical development. It is situated at Al Sadd, Doha. It also has a private accreditation schooling system with curriculum IB. The annual fee is around 35,000 QAR to 52,000 QAR.

Qatar leadership academy

It is a senior secondary schooling system, and it is affiliated with International Baccalaureate (IB), With the American curriculum. It is a coed boarding school and an English medium school.

Pearl school, Al Thumama, Doha

This school is up to the secondary school system and is affiliated with CBSE's central board of secondary education. It is an English medium school. It teaches hundreds of students from 1 to X.

Al Khor International School, Al Khor

It is a schooling system from KG I to grade XII. It has a British curriculum, CBSE, and CIE.

Michael E. DeBakey School

The distinctive feature of this school is that it is an award-winning high school that provides students with a college preparatory science, mathematics, and medical education curriculum. Furthermore, the school has a 100% graduation acceptance to top universities and colleges in America, England, Qatar, and Canada. It has an American curriculum and annual fees of around 49,000 QAR to 68,000 QAR.

SEK International School Qatar

It is an excellent school that has been rewarded as a Microsoft showcase school party from 2021 to 2022. It is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and is authorized to provide the three IB programs: primary year, middle year, and diploma. It is a co-educational schooling system, and its academic fee is around 31,000 QAR to 63,000 QAR.

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Some Other Famous Schools in Qatar

  • GEMS American Academy Qatar
  • GEMS Wellington School
  • Nord Anglia International School
  • Doha College, Al Waab Campus
  • Doha Modern Indian School
  • International School of London
  • Qatar International School
  • The Cambridge School Doha
  • Doha English Speaking School
  • MES Indian School
  • Dukhan English School
  • Qatar Academy Sidra
  • Loyola International School
  • Olive International School, Doha
  • Qatar Academy, Al Wakrah
  • Bhavans Public School, New Salata, Doha.
  • Noble International School, Doha.
  • Qatar Leadership Academy, Al Khor.
  • Al Khor International School, Al Khor.
  • Pearl School, Al Thumama, Doha.
  • Rajagiri Public School, Doha.
  • Qatar Academy Doha, Ar Rayyan.
  • Bhavans Public School Doha, Al Wakrah.

The Number one School in Qatar

American School of Doha is the number one school in Qatar. The American School of Doha (ASD) was established in 1988 by the US embassy and superior members of the Qatari community to fulfill the increasing requirements of students in Doha.

The Public Schools in Qatar

The enrollment of Qatari students in government schools in Qatar is complimentary. In contrast, the registration of non-Qatari students is subject to the policy specified by individual schools.

Primary schooling is mandatory for every child and is free in public schools. Education in Qatar is very diverse, with several schools representing a variety of international curriculum systems. Furthermore, there are approximately 338 international schools in the country.

Can Foreigners Study in Qatar?

Yes, foreigners can study well in Qatar. There are many institutions to get an education. International Student in Qatar University is prescribed as the student acknowledged to Qatar University either in Undergraduate / Graduate / Arabic Program for Non-native Speakers and issued his Qatari residence permit under Qatar University sponsorship through Scholarships and International Admissions Section.

Free Schools in Qatar:

Qatar provides free education to citizens and residents in government schools from primary to secondary levels. However, non-Qatari residents may need to pay a fee for admission to government schools. Additionally, several private schools in Qatar offer education at varying costs.

Best Indian Schools in Qatar:

Several Indian schools in Qatar offer education based on their national curricula. Some popular Indian schools in Qatar are DPS Modern Indian School, Birla Public School, and Ideal Indian School. It is important to note that the quality and standards of education may vary among schools, and it is advisable to research and compare the schools before making a decision.

Online Education in Qatar:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Qatar has implemented several measures to ensure the safety of its students and staff, including the provision of online education. The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has announced that schools in Qatar may provide online education as an alternative to in-person learning, depending on the local health situation and guidelines. It is advisable to check with your school or the Ministry of Education and Higher Education for the latest updates on online education in Qatar.

Summer Break in Qatar:

The summer break in Qatar varies from school to school, but it generally lasts 8-10 weeks, starting in mid-June and ending in early September. However, it is advisable to check with your school for the exact dates of the summer break.


Qatar wants to support and regulate high-quality learning opportunities across the region by providing educational levels to individuals and society. It promotes the needed knowledge, skills, and professional skills according to the abilities to enhance national values. It is a beautiful country where you can get a diversified and quality education up to international standards.

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