How to Check Your Visa Status on the Qatar MOI Website?

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All Qatari citizens can more quickly check the status of their outstanding documents. You can check visas and residence permits by visiting the Ministry of Interior (MoI) Qatar website, which serves as the Kingdom's e-services portal. In addition, the Ministry of Interior website offers other services like visa extension, tracking of visa approval, visa printing, and more.

Online Check Qatar Visa 2022

There are now two methods for determining whether your Qatar visa is still valid. Through the websites of the Qatar Visa Center (QVC) or the Ministry of Interior (MOI), you can check the progress of your application for a visa to Qatar online. You'll need your passport number or visa number in both situations.

MOI Qatar Visa Status Inquiry

To check the status of your visa, residence permit, or Qatar e-visa, you can either enter your passport number or visa number. To be sure, please prepare both documents and just one.

Use the steps below to check the visa status of your application on the MoI website:

  • Go to the MoI website and click on "Visa Services."
  • Then select "Visa Inquiry & Printing."
  • You have the option of checking using either your passport number or visa number.
  • Choose your country of citizenship and enter the verification code.
  • Once you click "Submit," you may see your visa status.

If Your Visa Is Deemed To Be Invalid, You May Want To Look Into:

  • Verify that your visa has been issued and that it is genuine.
  • Check to see whether you received any duplicate visas.
  • Make sure your travel agency processed your Qatar visa correctly.

Qatar Visa Validity Extension

Travelers with current visas to Qatar for business, tourism, or other purposes can extend their visas online through the Ministry of the Interior portal. Alternately, the extension may be issued on behalf of the traveler by embassies and other authorized parties.

Please Follow These Steps To Extend Your Qatar Visit Visa Online:

  • Log in to MOI's e-services website with your smartcard.
  • Get a visa extension by clicking on "Visa Services" first.
  • Fill up the necessary details (passport or visa number)
  • Choose a nationality
  • To extend, input the correct captcha code and click on it.
  • Choose the required extension period and pay the required expenses.

Qatar Visa Extension Fee

The extension fee for Qatar visas is QR 200 per month.

Moi Qatar Visa Tracking

Follow these steps below to check the status of your Qatari visitor visa approval on the website of the Ministry of Interior (MOI):

  • Check out the Moi website.
  • Enter the "Application Number"
  • From the "Visa Type" column, choose "Visit."
  • Input the QID for your sponsor or the responsible party.
  • The "Nationality" field
  • Correctly fills out the Captcha displayed on the screen.
  • Click "Submit."
  • Your Qatari visitor visa's approval tracking status will show on the screen.
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Qatar Residence Visa Status Check

Follow these steps below to check the status of your Qatari resident visa approval on the Ministry of Interior (MOI) website:

  • Check out the M0I website
  • Type "Application Number."
  • Choose "Residency" under "Visa Type" in the table.
  • Either the "QID Sponsor/ Person in Charge" or the "Application Date" should be entered.
  • Correctly fill out the Captcha that will display on the screen.
  • Simply click "Submit."
  • Your Qatari resident visa's approval tracking status is now shown on the screen.

MOI Qatar Email and Contact Numbers

Please get in touch with the MoI Qatar at the following number if you need any more help with your queries or issues about your Qatar visa:

Honorable Minister of the Interior

Ministry of Interior - Headquarters

Public Relations Department

General Directorate of Civil Defense

General Directorate of Traffic

General Directorate of Passports

Human Rights Department

General Directorate for Drug Control

Nationality and Travel Documents Department

Forensic Evidence and Information Department

Administration of Punitive and Correctional Institutions

Qatar Police Sports Federation

Purchase Management

Information Systems Management

Standing Committee on Drugs and Intoxicants

Standing Committee for Emergencies

Human Resource Management

Missions section

Management of the security of establishments and bodies

Events and Diplomatic Liaison Branch

Communication and Interpol Division

Committee for Regulating the Marriage of Foreigners

General Administration of Public Security

Community Police Department

Residents of Qatar can also use the Metrash2 app (iOS, Android), which is available on all smartphones. You can access MOI services, including visit visas, resident permits, exit permission, e-Gate services, and other general inquiries.


Can I Check The Status Of My Qatar Visa Using My Passport Number?

You can track the status of the visa by using your passport number. If the applicant loses the recognition number given to him, this feature will be helpful.

How Can I Check My Visa Status In Qatar?

Visa Inquiry and Printing through Moi

  1. visit the MoI portal (Ministry of Interior)
  2. choose 'Visa Services'
  3. Click 'Visa Inquiry & Printing'
  4. You can select to check using your visa number or passport number.
  5. Select your nationality and type the verification code.

How Can I Check My Metrash 2 Visa Status?

You can track the status of different applications such as visas, residence permits, PCC, Qpost, and many other services through the 'Inquiries' option on the #MoIQatar website and #Metrash2 mobile app.

How Can I Check My Qid Status in Metrash2?

To know the status of your QID, you can visit the Ministry of Interior website. You can see different options when you get to the portal. Click on "Inquiries," where you can check the status of your transaction. Then select "Other Inquiries" to check on the status of your QID.

Final Words

You can access the latest status of a visa application online. You can proceed by making an online payment after your application has been accepted. You can click the Remarks icon to see the rejection reasons if the application is refused. If your application is still in process, all you can do is read the Ministry of Interior's statements.

Check Visa Online

  • Enter the application number.
  • Enter your passport number.
  • Choose nationality.
  • Click "Submit."

Additional Information

  • You can check your Qatar visa status also through MOI website by typing your passport numbers or visa
  • Must print the visa once it is issued.
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