How to Apply for Qatar ID

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If you intend to relocate to Qatar, obtaining a Qatari ID is essential. This ID card will be your formal identification while entering government buildings, paying your bills, and renting a home. Until you are registered as a legal resident of Qatar, your options almost get infinite. Luckily, Expats may rely on their companies to handle most documents to apply for Qatar ID.

Where to Apply for Qatar ID

Visit the Ministry of Interior Qatar website to submit an online application for the Qatar ID. To view the requirements of applying for an ID card, go to the Department Services page, select Official Documents Services, then Qatar ID Card Request.

Requirements to Apply for QID

You need the following documents to apply for QID

  • Medical examination
  • Blood testing
  • Other documents' formality is due to the employer. He also bears the expenses of applying for the ID card.

You need the following documents to present at the time of application submission for the Qatar ID card.

  • Two photographs. It is required for children below 12 years and people who are more than 65 years old.
  • Duly attested application form. You can download that application from the Ministry of Interior website.
  • You need to present your original passport photocopy.
  • The result of your blood group
  • Your birth certificate photocopy
  • Your parents' ID card photocopy
  • A letter of consent from the parents or the guardian
  • If you are applying for a Qatar ID card for the very first time, you need to present yourself there, physically.
  • A medical test and blood typing results will also be part of your data to apply for a Qatar ID card.
  • Then, they will get a record of your fingerprints.

How much time does it take to get your QATARI ID?

Normally, it takes 4 weeks for your identification card to be available. You will be contacted if there are any incomplete papers or information from your application. Your ID card won't be ready in this situation for 4 weeks or less.

Is it Important to have a Qatari ID?

The Qatar ID is the most important document if you are working there.  This ID card is necessary for most of your activities in the nation. You must show your QID when applying for government benefits and in some situations while transacting with private businesses like banks.

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Why is it Important to get your ID CARD?

Getting your QID is very important because you need to conduct many transactions. This card holds your fingerprints and photo. Also, this ID serves as your identity in Qatar. You could even get your smart card.

The ID card is an essential document you need in Qatar while working. All the time all the people need to bring it with them. You can also use it to get government permission to do any business or obtain a license or some other access to medical care. It gets renewed every year.


Who can apply for an ID in Qatar?

Adults and children can apply for Qatar ID if they live in the country. The foreigners get an arrival visa for three months. They have a good time applying for an ID card.

How Long Does It Take To Get Your Qatar ID card?

It may take about four days to get your Qatar ID card. It also depends on the medical test result and your fingerprint results. You need to present your passport during this process.

Where is The Medical Commission Located in Qatar?

The medical Commission is located on Al Muntazah Street near E Ring Road. You can also manage the medical exam in a private hospital in Qatar, like at Doha clinic hospital.

From Where Can You Get Your Blood Type Certificate?

You can get your blood type certificate from any clinic in Qatar. There is a very small amount to pay for this certificate. When you get this certificate, you can go to the medical Commission for your medical test and blood test report.

Where Can I Get My Fingerprints Done?

You can register your fingerprints in the Ministry of Interior, at the Salwa flyover near the industrial area. There are also such services in Al Khor, Duhail, and Mesaimeer.

What Is The Cost Of Applying For A Qatar ID?

Renewing a Qatar ID (QID) costs one year.

Sponsoring for the wife, kids, and family is 500 QR. Workers sponsored by companies, businesses, and stores will get QR 1,000.

When Can I Expect To Receive QID?

A QID is typically prepared within three weeks following an application with supporting documentation. However, if all required documentation is still missing, authorities will ask you to present it. The sooner you submit your documents, the sooner you receive the card.

Can I Leave Qatar without My ID card?

Yes, you may go. If your business offers an online exit, you may.  ID is necessary for visa cancellation only.

How do I use the internet to check my Qatar ID?

How to Check Your MOI Qatar ID Status Online in Steps

  • Visit the website of the Ministry of Interior (MOI).
  • Select MOI Services by clicking.
  • Select the "Inquiries" area by clicking.
  • Select Other Inquiries by clicking on it.
  • Now click the Official documents option.
  • Please enter your QID or passport number.

What is a Qatari ID?

Any person or resident of Qatar is required to carry the Qatar ID, which is a mandatory document. Everyone, including adults and kids, must always have it. The mentioned ID is necessary for all official business, including submitting a license or seeking medical attention. It must be renewed every year.

What is a Qatar Smart Card?

The E-Gate system (Smart ID) allows air travelers and local politicians to enter and exit the country. By tapping their cards at the gate and placing their fingertips on an electronic scanner, owners of the E-Gate Card can skip the immigration procedures at the Doha International Airport. The government has given this special service for the convenience of the people.

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