How Can I Check My Labour Contract Copy Online in Qatar?

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A labor contract is a contract between a worker and his employer. This contract is valid for a specific time period for which the contract is made. The worker must fulfill all the requirements and jobs mentioned in the contract for the wages decided in the contract. The work can be of any kind, and the employer has to deliver it.

In this article, you will understand a labor contract and how you can get it online.

Employment Contract Details

Many things are necessary for an employment contract. For any work contract, the contract must be in writing. The MADLSA must verify the labor contract. One of the plus points of doing so is that the labor contract comes in both English and Arabic. This thing makes it easy for immigrants to get a labor contract.

There will be three original copies of the labor contract. One will be given to the labor. The other one will be given to the employer, and the third one will be kept at the office of MADLSA. You can also get a labor card from the MADLSA to keep with you at all times.

Digital Authentication for Employees

The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour & Social Affairs introduced a multilingual employment contract. They launched a system through which the labor contracts of various companies could be integrated, and digital alternatives for authenticating employment contracts were launched. This made it easy for immigrants to get employment and labor contracts.

Types of Labour Contracts to Know About

There are two main types of labor contracts.

  • Fixed Contract
  • Indefinite Contract

Fixed Contract

The main feature of this contract is that it can neither be extended nor be ended before the selected time period. It can go for as long as five years. It can be renewed, but the same contract can't be extended. So, neither the employer nor the worker can terminate it.

Indefinite Contract

There is no time limit for this contract and it can be continued for as long as the worker and the employee are comfortable and compatible. This contract is also easy to terminate; both the worker and the employer can terminate it without giving specific reasons.

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Process for Applying for a Labour Contract

All the workers working in Qatar and under the umbrella of Qatar's Labour Law can submit an online application to the "Labour Relations" Department on the Ministry of Labour (MOL) website online.

Here is what you will need to enter in the required section:

  • Visa number
  • QID card number
  • Mobile number
  • Enter the code sent to your number
  • Click the option to enter
  • Now you can view your contract

How to Check the Labour Contract Online?

The government of Qatar has now made it easy for employees and workers to view their labor cards online. What you have to do is open up the Hukoomi app online. It is a government app. You need to log in to your account. You have to just put in your credentials.

After that, you need to enter the information, and then you can view your labor contract. At Hukoomi, you can also download the labor contract. It is that simple.

Additional Information

Here are some details that you should know about the Qatar Labour Contract.

  • The government of Qatar has made it easy for workers to get labor contracts by making the option of getting all the services online. By doing so, workers can claim their rights easily.
  • If workers see any contract violation, they can easily report it to the ministry. They can also report it online at the official website of the ministry.
  • Many people wonder if one can terminate a labor contract. But what would be the conditions? A worker can terminate the labor contract if the employer has not paid him his wages but assigned him to work to do. And an employer can cancel the contract anytime if the worker is not doing his work up to the mark.
  • You can also print a copy of your labor contract by logging into your account at Hukoomi. It is a one-stop created by the Government of Qatar for employees to view their labor contracts and other things.
  • Hukoomi is also where you can report violations of your labor contract.
  • It is suggested that you should never start working until a written labor contract is made.
  • The government also issues Labour cards to the employees, so it is easy for them to keep them all the time.

Wrapping It Up!

Qatar is a place where you can get employment contracts for workers' safety and rights. The government of Qatar has now made it easy for workers to view their contracts online and Qatar labor contracts online. Qatar provides both its citizens and immigrants with labor rights. You must get a labor contract to ensure you get all of them. You can also now print a copy of your labor contracts as well. So, what are you waiting for? Apply now.

Saakin is a platform where you can find details of various properties in Qatar. You can also apply for labor contracts using this platform in Qatar. Saakin also helps workers make an account on Hukoomi so they can view their labor contracts online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are also some of the frequently asked questions to know about.

What Is The Fee For Applying For A Labour Contract in Qatar?

There is no fee for applying for a labor contract in Qatar. If you apply for a labor contract in Qatar, you will not have to pay any fees, and it will be free.

Can A Worker Terminate the Contract Whenever He Wants To?

Yes, a worker can terminate the labor contract, but he will have to provide specific reasons for it. It is impossible to terminate the contract without any practical sense.

Is Violating The Labour Contract A Punishable Offence in Qatar?

Yes, sometimes, but not all the time. Only when violence is unavoidable.

For How Long Does One Labour Contract Last?

A labor contract can be made on the time period the employer and the worker agree. It could range anywhere from months or years.

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