How Do I Apply For A Qatar Residence Permit?

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You must have a current residence permit if you intend to work and live in Qatar. It will also enable you to recognize yourself legally. The RP is a hard card with your picture, name, birthdate, and ID number printed on it. The card will also display your profession and nationality. The Ministry of Interior issues residence permits.

How Do You Get Your Qatar Residence Permit?

All foreigners who want to live and work in Qatar must first get a Residence Permit, often known as an RP. A foreigner's company applies for a travel visa when they initially arrive in Qatar.

This temporary visa is eventually modified to a work residency permit, a procedure usually takes 2-4 weeks but occasionally takes longer. Candidates are not permitted to depart the country during the relevant period from visa to permission.

What Are Qatari Residence Permits Utilized For?

So you must have your RP on hand since you are required to give it if requested. A residence permit is necessary for many factors, including:

  • Identification in municipal buildings
  • Hiring a vehicle
  • Establishing a bank account
  • Acquiring a driving license
  • Requesting a mortgage or any loan

How to Apply For a Residence Permit in Qatar

The positive thing about the Residence Permit is that the companies handle most documentation. When you find a company based in Qatar interested in hiring you, they start the process of becoming your sponsor.

You will need to fly to Qatar after the procedure has started because the documentation needs to complete there. You must stay inside Qatar until the process completes and you get your RP.

Which Medical Test is required for Residence Permit in Qatar?

You will obtain the necessary documents upon your arrival in Qatar. Further, a chest x-ray, fingerprints, and blood test are required to monitor infectious diseases. It's essential to know that if your HIV status is discovered, you will not get your RP. In that case, you will have to leave the country.

Make sure that you check all the processes. It is better to go through. A residence permit application procedure may take the typical two to four weeks. You (or the working person) can sponsor your family to live in Qatar after you receive your RP.

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Requirements for a Residence Permit in Qatar

  • An employment contract is a primary prerequisite for obtaining a residence permit.
  • Further, you'll require your passport and a copy of your passport.
  • In addition, you'll require your 4 pictures.
  • The annual fee of a residence permit is 1,000 QR.

What Should You Do If You Misplace Your Residence Permit?

When you misplace your residence permit, visit a Ministry of the Interior office with your passport and an amount of QR 200 charges. You must fill out a missing ID form before receiving a new card. Duplicate your Residence Permit card as soon as you obtain it to make it much easier.

How Can I Apply For A Qatari Residency Permit?

You must submit the following documentation to receive a residence permit in Qatar;

  • Your passport
  • Two pictures from the employee's passport.
  • The visa for employment.
  • A duplicate of the corporate registration of the business.
  • A duplicate of the immigration card for the company.
  • The employee's health record.

Permanent Residency in Qatar

Suppose you've been living in Qatar for many years. In that case, you can even apply for a permanent residence permit in Qatar. The permanent residency allows you to get many benefits and advantages like living in the country in the long term. You can even buy a vehicle and use your status to travel to other countries.

You can even apply for your health or medical card and a driving license. Thus you get many privileges if you hold a permanent residency card. It opens up many employment opportunities. This residency permit allows you to get real estate ownership and investment ventures.

Requirements to Get Permanent Residency in Qatar

Qatar grants permanent residency to foreigners under the following terms and conditions;

  • The government of Qatar gives foreigners permanent residency if the significant conditions are satisfied, as stated in Article No.1 of Law No.10 of 2018 on Permanent Residency:
  • For non-Qatari candidates born outside of Qatar, the minimum residence time is 20 years, whereas it is 10 years for those born there.
  • Existence of a legal means of support, with a minimum basic income of QR20,000 for public servants and total pay of QR30,000 for salaried employees.
  • The Council of Ministers has the authority to establish these minimum requirements or exclude candidates from that as well. If you are eligible to apply for permanent residency in Qatar, visit the official website to know the requirements and procedure.

for more info visit the Website:

Cabinet Resolution Real Estate Ownership

Permanent residence advantages, such as free medical care and free education, are available to foreigners who own or rent real estate in Qatar worth at least 3.65 million rials (about $1 million). In 9 specific freehold areas of Qatar, they can buy properties for sale.

Foreign Investment Gets Benefits

Foreigners who invest in real estate or lease real estate can apply for a residency permit. The investors get quick and more privileges in the country because they invest their assets and money in the state. So it is the fastest way to get residency in Qatar by investing a minimum required amount in country real estate or freehold properties.

In this way, the investors can also get a resident permit for their families. Their families and children also bring benefits to the same as they own themselves through their resident permit in Qatar.

Types of Residency Permits in Qatar

Qatar offers foreigners three types of residency permits or residency visas.

Work Residence Permit

The company sponsors this work residence permit. This residence is valid for one to three years. You can get it renewed after the completion of time. You can change the sponsor after two years if the company gives you a no objection certificate.

Real Estate Visa

Foreign investors who invest in the real estate of Qatar or buy properties in freehold areas can get this real estate visa. This visa type is valid for five years and remains active until the property is sold out.

Family Residence Visa

A person with a work residence permit and a minimum salary required to apply for a family residence visa can get a family residence visa through his status. It is also valid for one to three years. You can get it renewed after the completion of time.


Suppose you want to learn more about the rules for applying for a residency permit in Qatar. In that case, you can get extensive knowledge and information from the state of Qatar Ministry of Interior website.

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