How to Apply For Qatar Health Card Online?

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Health Care is something that everyone at some point in life needs. Now, the citizens and residents of Qatar can get facilitated from the facilities of a Health Card. The Hamad health card provides different health care options which you can use in Qatar.

This health card will give you different health facilities, including prescriptions and check-ups. You can apply for a renewal of your health card if the previous one gets expires. Following are the details on applying for Qatar Health Card online.

Step By Step Guide for Health Card Application Online

If you want a health card to access different healthcare facilities or hospitals, you need to apply for a health card by following the procedure below.

Download the App

Suppose you want to apply for Health Card in Qatar online. Then you will have to download the governmental app, Nar'aakom App.

Process of Applying

Follow the step-by-step procedure.

  • After downloading the app, open it.
  • By putting in your credentials (QID number & password), log in to the NAS system (National Authentication System).
  • You will see many options here. You have to click "Register for New Health Card."
  • Now click the applicant's option, and you will have to submit a few documents and provide information about yourself.
  • After uploading the information and documents, you must click "submit."

Additional Information

  • Another method of applying for a health card is via the PHCC website.
  • Suppose you have a live application that has not been accepted yet and is under process. Then you will not be able to apply for another application with the same credentials and name. If you want to do so, you will have to cancel the present application request.

Fee Required

The fee required for the health card is as follows:

  • For workers, QR50.
  • For residents, QR100.

If you apply online for a health card, you can pay the fee with a credit card.

While filling out the online application form, make sure not to make any mistakes, as it can cancel your request to get a health card.

Documents Required for Health Card

Here are the documents you need to apply for a health card online.

  1. General:

Anyone applying for a health card would need a copy of any bill. It can be a phone, water, or electricity. This will give proof of where you live.

  1. Qatari Adults:

Qatari adult’s copies of their passport or id. Their recent passport-sized photo. A health card fee of QR50 is to be paid with a credit card.

  1. Qatari Children:

For children born in Qatar, their birth certificate, personal identity number of Qatar, recent passport size photo, and a health card fee of QR50 will be paid with a credit card and a vaccination card.

  1. GCC National Adult Residents:

The GCC national adult residents need to submit a copy of their passport or ID, a fee of QR50, and a passport-sized photo.

  1. GCC National Child Residents:

They need to submit their birth certificate, a passport-sized photo, a health card fee of QR50 to be paid with a credit card, and a vaccination card if they get the card for the first time. You won't need the vaccination card if the health card is renewed online.

  1. Adult Residents:

Adult residents of Qatar will need to submit a national adult resident’s copy of a Valid QID or passport with a valid residence permit. A health card fee of QR100 is to be paid with a credit card and a passport-sized photo.

  1. Children:

Children would need a recent passport-sized photo, a vaccination card (a vaccination card will only be required for getting the health card for the first time and won't be required for renewals), a valid residence permit, and a fee of QR100 to be paid with a credit card.

  1. Domestic Staff:

They will need to submit a valid passport along with a valid permit of residence, a fee of QR50 to be paid using a credit card, an original QID number of the sponsor, and recent passport-sized photos. For personal sponsorships, the profession should be approved by the MOI.

It will also help if you ensure that all the documents you have provided are not wrong and should not be expired.

Get Health Card in Qatar

We will help you get a health card quickly to enjoy healthcare facilities. It guides you through an easy procedure for applying for a health card. It provides different methods to apply for a health card in Qatar. So, if you find one difficult, you can use the other one.

It is not difficult to apply for a health card in Qatar. The online procedure has been mentioned above. That is one of the easiest methods to apply for a health card in Qatar. The health card does not cost you much but provides numerous health care facilities. You can get prescriptions, medical treatments, and procedures on it. If it expires, you can also apply for the renewal of your health card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some of the most frequently asked questions.

Do I Need A Vaccine in Qatar To Get A Health Card?

If you are applying for the very first time to get a health card, then you need to get vaccinated in Qatar. But if you are only renewing your health card. Then you will not need to get any vaccination done.

Can Immigrants Get A Health Care Card?

Yes, they can. They only require their valid visa, an original qid of the sponsor, and proof of permanent residency. They need to show their possession with any utility bill. It could be water, electricity, or a phone bill.

How Can I Apply For A Health Card Online?

If you want to apply for a health card online, then all you need to do is to download the governmental app Nar'aakom. Then you have to provide the requested information and wait for it to be accepted.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Health Card?

You don’t have to pay regularly for a health card. When getting the health card for the first time, you must pay its fee, depending on your designation. It can be either QR100 or QR50.

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