Types of Housing in Qatar

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When you Shift to a new country, it can be challenging, specifically when finding your residence to call home. Fortunately, most residents in Qatar are pleasantly excited to see that the country has a lot of housing options to select from, particularly when it comes to finding properties for rent in Qatar. You can buy a residential property or even get it on rent. Here are the different kinds of housing available in Qatar.

  • - Apartments
  • - Studios & one-bedroom apartment
  • - Standalone Villas & Compound Villas
  • - Townhouses
  • - Penthouses

The Most Popular Housing type in Qatar

Intrinsically, the most heightened and most popular housing types available in Qatar are apartments. The luxurious properties are available in The Pearl and West Bay, among other areas. The apartment’s types in Qatar are;

  • - Studio apartments
  • - Furnished apartments
  • - Semi-furnished apartments
  • - Unfurnished apartments
  • - Serviced apartments

Buying Properties in Qatar

Foreigners are only allowed to invest and buy properties in specific freehold areas. You can decide to invest in a freehold property or purchase leasehold rights. Moreover, by purchasing a freehold property, you require to be the owner of both the property and the land it sits on. Foreigners can purchase properties as the country has lessened limitations for them. You gain more leasing properties in certain areas of Qatar.

Most people desire to invest in Doha, the hub of the state. Individuals have different pursuits for possessing property. Some buy a residential apartment for a living if they intend an extended duration of stay. Multiple investors lease residential buildings to rent.

They are curious about earning profit through the real estate business. You also find commercial lands, buildings, offices to purchase for your business and commercial use. A leased commercial property is considered for investment objectives. You can rent out your purchased property for return & income.

Getting a Rental Property in Qatar

If you do not have a strong financial background and you want to settle in Qatar, you can rent a property for your living. You can select a rental property as per your income, budget, requirements, and needs.

Residential apartments like standalone and compound villas, studio and service departments, paint houses, and townhouses. It is up to you to buy or rent a property. Commercial lands and buildings, offices, shops, warehouses, retail are also obtainable for renting and chartering.

There are two options to search for a villa or apartment in Qatar – either using a real estate agent or renting directly. A family of four estimated monthly costs is 11,269 QAR without rent, and a single person estimated monthly costs are 3,196 QAR without rent.

Features of Different Housing Types


The apartment is a beautiful and modern lodging with all basic facilities and advantages. Most of the apartments are furnished. You can select a unique and exclusive apartment easily in all the beautiful neighborhoods of Qatar. There are expensive and contemporary-style apartments you find in the Pearl with an ideal location.

You find ultramodern apartments in towers and huge buildings in Qatar. The individuals can avail a studio or a one-bedroom apartment. Moreover, you can get an apartment from 3 to 4 bedroom apartments and more up to your requirements.

The Apartments offer many Advantages and Comforts.

Doha, West Bay, and The Pearl are the most beautiful locations for dwellings. The price or rental cost fluctuates according to the location and size of the property. The apartments consist of grand bedrooms with bathrooms, a spacious living area, a dining area, a beautiful fully fitted kitchen with modern appliances, and even rooms for servants.

You find an air conditioning system, safety and security measures, and apartment maintenance services. The standard and trendy amenities are also available with the apartments. Outdoor parking space, gymnasium, shopping centers, groceries, parks, children's play area, swimming pool, and much more you find nearby.

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Residential Independent Villas and Compound Villas

A stand-alone villa is a spacious and elegant structure of a house. The architecture and style are marvelous. If you need a big place to live in, you should select a stand-alone luxurious villa. Usually, there are great villas in Lusail, Al Sadd, The Pearl, and West Bay Lagoon. There are also amazing compound villas that are remarkable in their attributes. The compound villas have a large kitchen with a wide living area and a dining area.

There are four to seven bedroom villas that you find in a compound or a community. The villas have a proper central AC system, security system, and shared swimming pool, lawn, and maintenance services. There are also basic amenities like supermarkets, schools, gardens, public transport, restaurants, sports courts, gymnasium, etc.


The individuals select a studio for living. It is a good option for a small house, and it has one bedroom, with a bathroom and a kitchen.

The Serviced Apartments

The Serviced apartments are also popular in Qatar. These furnished apartments offer cleaning and laundry with all services to avail. People on short-term stay in these apartments, and these are like hotel services.

Residential Townhouses

These elegant and beautiful housing types comprise 4 to 5 fully furnished master bedrooms with bathrooms you find. It includes a parking area, a big & fully fitted kitchen, and a dining area. There are also rooms for maids and drivers. Furthermore, the townhouses are convenient to public transport, restaurants, cafeterias, shopping malls, marts, and other essential needs.

These residential buildings deliver a modern perspective to your residence. Additionally, a townhouse has a proper central AC system, corridor, kitchen accessories, built-in wardrobes, concierge, security, shared pool and gym, and other facilities like these.

Frequently, a highly furnished and grand townhouse has extra associates and features. Moreover, the master bedrooms' baths enclose a standalone shower, bathtubs, and repository cabinets.

Residential Penthouses

A penthouse is the top-floor flat of a residential building, and it is even completely distinct in architecture compared to the other apartments of the building. It has the most excellent flooring system, furnished and the best furniture, and other equipment. You can have more space, more privacy, and freedom in a penthouse.

It has additional outside space than the other buildings' apartments, and elevator service is provided. Furthermore, the penthouse rental rates are high, and you can rent a penthouse on a yearly payment through post-dated cheques.

A penthouse includes five bedrooms, a kitchen with appliances, a laundry area, a large living and dining area, and wonderfully furnished bedrooms with bathrooms: structure and design are creative, giving mind-blowing grace and beauty.

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