Best Budget-Friendly Places to Live in Qatar

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Qatar, the popular tourist golf state, is famous worldwide for its diverse cultures, and it is ideal for ex-pats and those who come here looking for work. Though it is pretty expensive compared to the other Middle Eastern states, it is beneficial due to tax-free incomes and living. This article will focus on the cheapest places to live in Qatar, which are best budget-friendly for a living and have rented as low as 2000 QAR per month. Isn't that great?

Top 12 Cheap Places To Live In Qatar.

  1. Al-Sadd
  2. Abu Hamour
  3. Al-Gharaffa
  4. Muntaza
  5. Old airport road
  6. Doha Jadeeda
  7. New Salatah
  8. Al Mansoura
  9. Salwa road
  10. Tumama
  11. Umi Ghuwalina
  12. Wakra

How Is Al-Sadd Budget-Friendly?

Al Sadd lies among the cheapest accommodation for singles in Qatar. The rent is only about 500 QAR with the bunk bedroom, which saves a lot of money on your salary. If you plan to stay in a shared room, the accommodation cost will lie around 1500 to 3000 QAR depending upon the locality and room. You were making your stay in Qatar less hefty over your pocket. 

How Is Al-Hamour Cheap To Stay?

Al Hamour is a very convenient location while living budget-friendly. It not only has good commuting services and amenities but also inculcates malls, shopping centers, hospitals, and schools nearby, allowing you to live effectively! The average price per unfurnished bedroom would cost around 3000 QAR, but you can find as low as 2400 QAR! Thus, if you live with family, this place might not be a bad option in Qatar! 

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Is Al-Gharrafa A Budget-Friendly Place To Live In Qatar?

If you want to seek a luxurious lifestyle but budget-friendly, then Al-Gharaffa might stand as a good option. This place is preferable for frequent visits to Shamaal road, Education city, and the nearby areas. It mainly comprises villas, and a semi-furnished villa consisting of four bedrooms would generally cost around 8000 to 9000 QAR. Studios and one-bedroom are also readily available for rent for about 3000 QAR, making Al-Gharaffa a place ideal for living.

Can You Live In Muntazah With Less Burden On Your Pocket?

Do you have a big family? No problem at all! Al Muntazah is an ideal place for extended families to reside in. An apartment consisting of three bedrooms would cost 5500 QAR, and you are making your residual economical. A fully furnished one-bedroom house would have a rental cost of 3500 to 4000 QAR. Isn't that great?

Is The Old Airport Road A Cheap Place To Live In Qatar?

Want some cheap living areas in Qatar? Then look nowhere but the Old airport road. It is located on the outskirts of Doha. It has the best in-budget restaurants and other accommodations such as malls, hospitals, and schools. This makes Old Airport road a place you would leave for necessity purposes as it's so full! The apartments here would cost around 3000 to 3500 QAR for single bedrooms and 4500 QAR for two bedrooms. Explore the area carefully, then choose your spot for living; enjoy!!!

Can You Live In Doha Jadeeda On Budget?

Though Doha Jadeeda is on the go for development and might not be the perfect place for residence in Qatar, it offers good living, mainly for bachelors, and families reside there too! The best part is that basic amenities are available there, and a metro station is present for effective commuting services. A one-bedroom apartment that's well furnished would cost around 4000 QAR. There's a parking problem here, which might make it inaccessible so before choosing your residence herein, make sure that parking is available with the room.

Can You Live In New Salatah On The Budget?

Though AlSalatah doesn't bring much excitement, it has cheap accommodation, especially for those who prefer quietness and peace. It's generally near to the workplaces and the city side. It is at the backside of the Qatar chamber, and a studio in a villa would cost around 2500 QAR only!

 Is Al Mansoura A Cheap Place To Live In Qatar?

Al Mansoura can be a perfect destination for living for extended and extensive families. It provides pretty cost-effective accommodation, and the apartments are generally bigger with many we'll establish fitted buildings. An unfurnished apartment would cost around 4000 QAR, whereas a furnished apartment would rent 6500 QAR.

Salwa RoadCan You Live On Salwa Road Cost-Effectively?

Salwa road is ideal if you want brand-new properties at low prices. It is a newly constructed area with new apartments and properties available at low prices. It is convenient for those working in Al-Waab or the Industrial area. A brand new one-bedroom house would cost around 2500 QAR, making it an ideal location for a dwelling!

Is Tumama A Rightful Place In Qatar For A Living?

Al Tumama is a beautiful place with many villas and a scenic view. It has a preferable residence for families. For a family, a two-bedroom house would cost a rent of about 5500 QAR, depending upon if it's furnished or not. If you have a vast family and prefer to reside in a villa, you can get one from 9000 QAR to 10,000 QAR.

Can You Live On A Budget At Umi Ghulawaina?

Want a place with reasonable amenities all around? Then Umm Ghuwailina is ideal for you. This place links to various places such as Mesheirib, Old airport road, and Souq Waqif. Not only that, there are a variety of three and four-star hotels, a massive bookstore, and supermarkets around for convenience. A Fully furnished room here would cost around 4000 QAR and even less if you go for unfurnished.

Is Wakra A Suitable Living Place? 

This place is relatively cheap and remarkable for living. Though it was pretty far away in the previous times, after the arrival of the Doha metro station, the time to enter Doha has been altered to just 25 minutes compared to the 1-hour drive. This makes it an eye-catching place to dwell!

One-bedroom apartments cost 1950 QAR that is fully furnished and close to amenities, whereas if you can afford 3000 to 4000 QAR, finding a soothing two-bedroom would be a piece of cake!


Qatar is a bustling country with lots of opportunities for people worldwide. However, settlement is necessary, and finding Qatar's cheap properties is tricky. The realtors in Qatar work effectively to provide you with the best accommodation precisely according to your expectations. Saakin real estate has expertise in it, and they work tirelessly to ensure that your preferred needs are fulfilled, and you find a place of your choice which is ideal for living and follows your expenses and budget. For further looking into properties you can visit our website.


Q1. How Much Qatari Riyal Would You Need To Live Well In Qatar?

Ans. For a four-person family, the monthly expenses are about 11500 QAR without rent, whereas a single person would need 3500QAR to make a good living.

Q2.Is Qatar Expensive To Reside In?

Ans. The best part about Qatar is it's tax-free, it's pretty cheap, and the utility charges such as electricity, water, oil, and phone charges are shallow.

Q3. Where Do Most of the Ex-Pats Live In Qatar?

Ans. Most ex-pats live in Al-Sadd as it is the oldest place in Doha. It is also considered the city's center and is feasible for traveling.

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