How Can You Claim Your Lost Baggage At Doha Airport?

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If your baggage is lost at Doha airport or any other airport ever, you can claim for that. International Airports provide certain services for cooperating with the passengers. They care about the belongings of the passengers through superclass customer services. However, suppose you ever encounter such a situation of missing your baggage.

In that case, you can claim it at the concerned desk at Doha airport. You must immediately file a claim with details at the Lost and Found baggage desk.

The passenger can claim any loss or damage to their lost items at the airport. Their claim is attended to under the law. If you get your baggage damaged, you must report it at once.

Baggage Loss or Baggage Damage at Doha International Airport

Suppose you have lost your baggage at the airport.

How to resolve the matter?

You must be careful while receiving your baggage. Find and receive it on a particular suitcase receiving belt or in a designated area. If you do not find your lost baggage, you should immediately contact the special desk at the airport.

You need to explain all the details and information to the counter. They will get all the information and search for your package for you. When it is recovered and found, they will contact you to hand it over to you.

In other situations, you can file a complaint with the airline if your baggage is damaged or lost. It will be best if you read the rules and regulations. Get contact details of where you must file your complaint against your lost or damaged baggage at the airport.

The concerned Lost Property Office or Lost and Found desk will find it for you. If they did not get it, the compensation would be paid to you for it.

Baggage Claim Hamad International Airport

Qatar Airway contact information;


If Your Luggage Is Missed, You Do Not Get It On The Baggage Belt:

For Qatar Airways Flights:

  1. Go to the Baggage Services Office behind baggage belt no 1;
  2. Contact through an online link or send an e-mail to

For other Airlines:

  1. Visit the QAS Baggage Services Office behind baggage belt no 9;
  2. Send an e-mail to QAS Lost and Found at

What to Do If I Lost My Luggage on My Flight?

For Qatar Airways flights, you can send an e-mail to

For any other airlines' flights, please send an e-mail to Qatar Aviation Services (QAS) Lost and Found at

If Your Luggage Is Lost In the Passenger Terminal at Doha Airport

First of all, you need to contact the nearest information counter. If you are not inside the airport, you can immediately contact the lost property office through an e-mail address online.

  • You need to provide the details of your lost luggage or any other items while sending that e-mail.
  • Can you mention the color of your luggage or the brand name? It will be excellent and quick to find out.
  • You can also describe the details of your flight number and date of travel.
  • If you say the estimated time and the location when you suppose your item was lost.
  • You should also attach a picture of that lost luggage or the lost item if possible.
  • Contact information


There is an authorized staff at Hamad International Airport to help you find your lost baggage or any lost item. They accept inquiries related to your lost baggage. This service is free of charge. If the lost property office recovers the lost items, it only keeps them for a month.

It contacts the claimer to get his belongings when it finds them. If no one arrives within a period of one month, the lost property office donates all the items to charity. It does not accept any claims after 30 days.

Suppose you need to recover your last baggage. In that case, you must keep in regular contact with the lost property office at Hamad International Airport. You have a duration of 30 days to recover that.

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Contact Hamad International Airport

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What Do You Need To Do If Your Baggage Is Lost?

If your luggage is missing, you can immediately report it to the airline. They can find it through a tracking system.

What Should I Do If I Lose My Baggage?

You can contact Qatar Airways flights.

For other airlines, you can contact Qatar Aviation Services for lost and found.

How Do I Report Lost Baggage On Qatar Airways?

The process to report the lost baggage on Qatar Airways

  • If you do not receive your baggage during your flight, you must report it to the airline staff. The staff at the Qatar Airways baggage service desk will register your complaint.
  • You can also ask airline agents to take you to the baggage service desk. They will help you by locating and indicating your lost baggage.
  • The airline provides you with the best services to relocate your baggage and deliver it to your address.
  • If the airline does not deliver your lost item, it will compensate you for it.
  • Get their service to track your baggage.

You Can Track Your Baggage by Following This Special Service's Instructions

You can track your luggage through the Qatar Airways website.

  • There you choose an option to manage bookings and then baggage.
  • There you will see the ways to track your luggage.
  • You put your name and other details and follow the instructions to track your luggage.
  • There is also an option to chat with us on WhatsApp. Through this chat box, you can contact the representative of the baggage desk.

You Get a Refund If You Do Not Find Your Lost Baggage

However, suppose you do not get your lost baggage. In that case, you get the compensation__ from Qatar Airways under specific terms and conditions. You can find the other details on Qatar Airways' website and its exceptional services in handling lost baggage services for passengers. The airline manages your belongings and luggage very safely.

Sometimes if a misfortune happens, you lose your baggage, and the airline provides you with compensation. You can get a refund. However, you need to visit the website of Qatar Airways to learn more about the steps to getting refunds from Qatar Airways.

Doha Airport Helpline Lost and Found

  • Phone: 1-805-372-0680




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