How Much Will It Cost To Attend Qatar World Cup?

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The World Cup 2022 is about to happen in a short time. Qatar's government is preparing to host a large population of fans who are eagerly waiting to visit Qatar for the tournaments. If you are wondering how much will it cost to attend the Qatar world cup? Then read below.

Preparation for Hosting the World Cup

Qatar is a very small country area-wise. If you don’t know yet, its population consists mainly of non-Qataris rather than local Qataris. That is because it has been a hub for jobs. People all over the world come to Qatar to do jobs as the government has created too many opportunities for them. Similarly, the population of locals is very small as compared to foreigners.

Since the plan of hosting the World Cup in Qatar was announced, the government has been working day and night to ensure everything goes well. Although this country is very stable if you talk about its economy and luxury lifestyle, somehow, they still face a few complications in hosting it.

As we discussed above, the area of this country is small, so accommodating too many people is a great challenge. The government has been working to procure apartments, hotels, villas, and even houses for the accommodation of teams and fans. Here, real estate agencies like Saakin Inc. are working hard to secure properties at reasonable rates for the guests. They want to make sure guests don’t face any type of shortage in the accommodations.

Not only are real estate agencies looking for accommodation, but also they are contributing to the construction project currently going on in Qatar.

How Much Will It Cost To Attend Qatar World Cup?

Before attending this World Cup, first you need to plan and then make your budget accordingly. So, the first cost is purchasing the ticket for the match. This cost might be in the range of USD 60 to USD 70. This price is not consistent as you might see a change in the prices of tickets near the date of the match. Next comes the return ticket to Qatar. This ticket depends on the country from where you are traveling.

Afterward, you have to pay the accommodation cost. This cost is different as it depends on the location as well as the type of property you choose to stay in. Food and transport costs are the additional costs you have to pay for the daily necessities.

The total cost is estimated to be around USD 6,000. Hence, plan your trip by keeping this budget in mind.

Tickets Category

It's a good thing to see that the prices of the tickets are nearly the same no matter where you buy them. Match organizers have categorized the tickets into 4 separate categories. If you purchase the first category of tickets, then this specific category is the most costly. Moreover, anyone can purchase tickets from categories 1 to 3, whereas the category 4 ticket is only applicable to the residents of Qatar. A special category of the ticket is reserved for the disabled.

Total Estimated Expenditure for the Match

  • So, your per day cost of accommodation is nearly USD 650.
  • Then, the cost of a meal for a single day is USD 50.
  • The cost of a return ticket to Qatar will cost you USD 1000. If you book tickets for three matches, then you need to pay an additional USD 200.
  • A total estimated budget of all group matches will cost you about USD 6000.

As the days are drawing near for the match, fans are seeing an upsurge in the prices of tickets. In the first batch, organizers were able to sell a total of eighty thousand tickets. However, this is not the only number of fans who are visiting Qatar for the matches; rather, there are many more than this figure. You will be surprised to see that the Qatar government is organizing the matches in an indoor, air-conditioned stadium.

Many fans are surprised to see how cheap Qatar is providing World Cup tickets as compared to what Russia sold. You are given a choice in the selection of ticket categories. Therefore, choose it according to your budget.

Accommodation of Fans

Accommodation of Fans

A huge number of fans are waiting eagerly to visit Qatar for the World Cup. However, it is a challenge for them to accommodate such a large population of more than 1 million people. Therefore, the government is working with real estate agencies to select and provide space for the fans. They are making sure the space is big enough for the fans.

The government is allocating apartments and hotels on a rental basis to accommodate them. You will have to view the rental list of properties provided by Saakin Qatar. We will provide you with the best-rented property at a cheap price so that visitors are happy to be accommodated in our suggested property.

The Significance of the Fifa World Cup on Qatar’s Economy

No doubt, this world cup will be good for Qatar’s economy. That is because it is opening a corridor, a gateway for foreigners to invest in the real estate of Qatar. Foreigners are contributing to mega-construction projects like roads, buildings, tourist spots, etc. Also, a great workforce is coming to Qatar for new job opportunities.

You will enjoy your trip to Qatar for the tournament. Foreigners are bringing new ideas and technology to Qatar. Together, these factors contribute to its economy. With the world cup, Qatar's government has relaxed some of the restrictions present on foreigners. It has encouraged them to invest in the property market. They are now either doing the property business alone or have done partnerships with other people in the projects.

The no property tax feature and low other types of taxes are further encouraging them and providing them with opportunities to invest in the market. The investors who have invested in property can now take advantage of the high rent as an income.

Initially, people viewed and considered Qatar as a producer and exporter of oil and gas. But now, with the addition of the World Cup organized in Qatar, the view of Qatar in the world has changed. In recent years, the rate of tourism in Qatar has also been boosted because those who are visiting Qatar for the World Cup will again want to visit this country. Hence, Qatar already has developed infrastructure and is now improving and developing more.

How Saakin Qatar Can Help You During Fifa World Cup

We are helping the visitors who are coming for the World Cup by providing them with a variety of properties. Fans can select the type of apartments they want for rent at low rates as compared to other real estate agencies. Next, you can search through our property directory and will eventually find the desired property through our site.



Qatar is now in the spotlight as people are visiting it mostly for the first time for the World Cup matches. We hope we have answered your question about how much will it cost to attend the Qatar world cup. Although the tickets and other charges you will pay in Qatar will be less than what you paid for the matches in other countries.


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