How to Apply For a Qatar Tourist Visa

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Qatar tourist visas can be applied online by authorized organizations and government ministries. The visa is free, and valid for one month, and after background checks and medical exams, it may be renewed for five months (for a total of six months). Here you will get to know how to apply for a Qatar tourist visa.

Before Your Arrival

If you've decided to visit the State of Qatar, you should be aware of the appropriate sort of visa before. Typically, a visa is required for all visitors to Qatar who are not GCC or Qatari nationals. A visa application may be completed quickly and easily online via the Hukoomi portal or the Ministry of Interior (MOI) website.


For citizens of 33 nations, immediate visas will get upon arrival. For nationals of countries whose visas cannot be obtained immediately, visa applications must be made before travel.

Most people arriving in Qatar to live and work will have their visa applications submitted by their employers. For those who apply for their visas independently, the procedure is simple. It offers options for both short- and long-term visas.

Online Tourist Visa

People who do not qualify for ETA or visa-free entry can apply online for a tourist visa. Through the Qatar Visa Service, visitors entering Qatar who is flying with any airline may apply for a tourist visa. The cost of a tourist visa for Qatar is QAR 100. Holders of tourist visas are permitted to visit Qatar once for a maximum of 30 days.

Visitors must request a Qatar tourist visa as;

  • Submit a form online
  • Upload the necessary documents (including passport scans & personal photographs)
  • Provide a reservation for airline travel
  • Make a payment online with a valid Visa or MasterCard.

After entering "My Trips" on the airline's website and choosing "Apply for a Visa," passengers flying with Qatar Airways to Qatar may do so. This instantly sends them to the Qatar Visa Service website, where they can begin the application process for the Qatar Tourist Visa on behalf of themselves and any accompanying travelers who are listed on the same reservation.

Qatar Transit Visa

The Qatar Transit Visa is available to travelers of Qatar Airways who are transiting the country for at least 5 hours. Passengers of all countries are welcome to use it at no cost, and it is good for up to 96 hours (four days).

Before leaving, you must apply for a transit visa if you intend to make a brief (up to 24 hours) stopover in Qatar on route to another country. You may exit the area designated for airport transfers and remain in Qatar for 24 hours with this visa.

For individuals whose jobs necessitate a brief stay in Qatar, such as sailors and truck drivers passing through, the transit visa is useful. A transit visa, however, is not appropriate for routine work trips.

Before leaving, transit visas can be obtained at the embassy of Qatar in your area. Travelers' transit visa applications can be submitted electronically by embassy staff members and other approved individuals.

Qatar Visa Applications

Qatar Visa Applications

  1. A passport with at least 2 blank pages is valid for at least six months and at least 90 days after the travel. Copy the first page, including personal data and previous visas if obtained.
  2. A complete visa application form and two biometric photos not older than six months.
  3. Passport copy and personal photo requirements for the e-visa applications should align with the guidelines provided online.
  4. Proof of travel with confirmed both-way tickets.
  5. Bank account details prove that the passenger can sufficiently fund their trip.
  6. The applicant mustn't pose any threat to public health, security, morals, or the national economy. Hence, the applicant should not be accused or convicted of a crime.
  7. Evidence of employment or job in the form of certified documents through employer letter, student certificate, copy of registration, or demonstration of pension funds.
  8. Accommodation details through an invitation letter or proof of your hotel reservation throughout your stay.
  9. Documentation of travel health insurance.

There are specific documents to enclose your application depending on your employment status.

Tourist Visas Types

Tourist Visa (Upon and Before Arrival)

Citizens of over 85 approved countries can get a Tourist Visa upon arrival. This visa is issued online before travel.

Tourist Visa through Employer

This visa allows hotels, embassies, and other authorized employers to arrange visas for citizens of the 33 approved countries before arriving in Qatar.

Tourist Visa Through Qatar Airways or Hotels

Visitors from the 33 countries that have been granted visas may obtain them via recognized hotels in Qatar or from sponsors who are Qatar Airways employees who are related to the applicants. It is not extendable and only valid for one month.

Business Visas

Business Visas permit non-Qataris to run businesses and work in the country for a short term. The business visa has two types of visas:

72-hour Business Visa – You obtain this visa on arrival and extend it for 72 hours. The visa suits those wishing to visit the country on short-term business trips. Applicants need to carry all documentation proving the purpose of their visit.

Business Visa is for new expatriate workers and persons executing short-term contractual work in Qatar. It is valid for three months and must be arranged in advance by an approved company or institution operating in Qatar.

GCC Resident Visit Visa

A one-month GCC resident visit visa can be obtained on arrival or through a Qatari embassy by GCC residents in authorized professions and those traveling with them. Three more months, you can add after a specific process to the validity of the visa. Candidates should have the necessary documentation to support their occupation.

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Family Visit Visa

Those working abroad who want to bring their family members to Qatar for a brief period (up to six months) can apply for a Family Visit Visa. The one-month visa can be extended for three more months for other family members and up to six months for spouses, children, and other blood relations. Visa holders who want to apply for an extension must undergo a medical check.

Qatar Visa Rules

  • Residents of the Gulf Cooperation Council who are in legitimate occupations may obtain a "GCC Resident Visa" upon arrival. It allows for a 30-day single-entry visa to Qatar with the potential of an extension for three months. Visitors who wish to apply for such a visa may be required to show their professional credentials upon admission.
  • If they meet specific requirements, nationals of nations whose citizens are not permitted to enter Qatar without a visa may apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA).
  • People can fill out an online application to get an electronic travel authorization if they have a valid residency permit or a visit visa for one of the following countries: the USA, Australia, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, or one of the Schengen states. As a result, ETA applicants must provide proof of residency in one of the nations above.
  • Be aware that Qatar does not recognize dual nationality, so anyone with Qatari citizenship must enter and leave the country using just a Qatari passport.
  • Please note that entry criteria are subject to change based on decisions made by the authorities. Thus, you must get reliable information from the regional embassies in your home country before you go.
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How Do Apply For Official Visit Visa?

This visa can be applied online by authorized organizations and government ministries. The visa is free, and valid for one month, and after background checks and medical exams, it may be renewed for five months (for a total of six months).

Where is the Immigration Department Location?

All travel documentation can be filed at the General Directorate of Border Passports and Expats Affairs at the MOI, even though many visas can be granted online. Just west of D-Ring Road on Luqta Street (the road to the Qatar Foundation), you can find the main immigration department.

How Can I Obtain A Visa To Visit Qatar?

  • Transit visa, or TR
  • Use Form V1 or the Visa Application to submit your request.
  • Bring a copy of your passport that is at least six months old as well as the original.
  • A copy of a Qatari residency ID or permission.
  • Two photos the size of a passport.
  • For non-residents, the processing time for visas is five days.

Which Countries Have A Visa-On-Arrival Arrangement With Qatar?

The United States of America, Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Finland, Spain, Monaco, the Vatican, Iceland, Andorra, San Marino, Lichtenstein, Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and South Korea.

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