How to Get a Driving License in Qatar Easily

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If you want to live in Qatar for an extended period, you must do many things to settle. Getting a driving license is one of the preferable things for a living. This situation depends on your experience, whether you are applying for the first time or as an experienced driver. You can apply for a driving license in Qatar under the following conditions and regulations. Here you will find a detailed guideline for getting a Qatar driving license.

The most important things you must know about driving license

The driving license requirement works only under these Conditions.

You need to know the requirements for a Qatar driving license

  • Age requirement
  • Residency requirement
  • Profession requirement

Age Requirement

For applying for a driving license minimum age in Qatar is 18 years.

At 18 years of age, you can apply for a motorcycle license and light motor vehicles. The minimum age limit for a heavy vehicle driving license is 21 years. The heavy vehicles include trucks, buses, forklifts, etc.

Residency Requirement

If you are going to apply for a driving license in Qatar, you must have a valid residence permit or QID. A copy of your original passport and visa is also required if you are a foreigner.

Profession Requirement

Everything you wanted to know about driving License in Qatar and were afraid to ask

Foreigners with specific professions do not need to get a driving license. The authorized traffic department issues an ambitious assignment in Qatar, deciding which one is eligible to apply for a driving license.

Your Most Burning Questions About Driving License Requirement

  • What is your age?
  • Are you applying for the very first time for a driving license?
  • Are you an experienced driver?
  • Have you worked as a driver in the past?
  • Can you directly exchange your issued driving license to find a cutter driving license without a driving test?

These are some of the most incredible questions you can think about. Some countries make you eligible to exchange your driving license without enrolling in a driving course, and the Qatar traffic department approves this eligibility. Even you can have a shorter training course for driving if needed.

It depends upon your driving experience, and they lost their driving license. However, you must pass the driving test to get a valid driving license. An authorized driving school or the authorized traffic department determines your eligibility for it.

Get A Driving License? It's Easy If you do it Smartly

You can get the license quickly if you have all the related information, a little bit of experience, and talent.

A Driving License is an Incredibly Easy Method That Works for All Eligible Persons

Documents required for foreigners or ex-pats;

  • Valid Qatar ID original and copy
  • NO C bye Metrash2
  • Colored passport size four photographs
  • Eye test certificate
  • Original valid homeland can license if applying for half course
  • If you use spectacles while driving, our photographs will be with spectacles.
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The Procedure to Apply for a Qatar Driving License

  1. Firstly, you select a driving school.
  2. Apply for NOC No objection certificate on Metrash2 mobile application
  3. If a company sponsors you, the company must give a no-objection certificate using the Metrash2 application.
  4. If you are applying personally, he has to be given the sponsorship
  5. Qatari male person does not require NOC, and Qatari female requires NOC by her guardian using Metrash2 application.
  6. An Eye test is mandatory for applicants applying for a driving license. The driving schools conduct this test, or you can get an approved Eye test certificate from an optometrist by the traffic department.
  7. The fee for the test ranges from 25 QAR to 50 QAR.
  8. Then you have to decide the course length. A complete course has 40 practical classes, while a half course includes 20 practical classes only.
  9. The conduction of theory classes and tests is also a part of this procedure.
  10. The driving instructor gives you a practical lesson on parking.
  11. Then, you are assigned a parking test.
  12. In the next phase, you attend practical lessons on-road training by the instructor, and he makes you professional with all the driving techniques and skills required to be a good driver.
  13. Then, you have to pass the final road test, and a traffic police officer evaluates your driving skills. If you pass this test successfully, you finally get your driving license in Qatar.

How Much Time is required to complete a Driving Course in Qatar

It takes approximately 90 to 110 days to complete the entire course. It includes theory, training, tests, and waiting time; practical training and tests are also a part of this course.

If you choose a half course to get a driving license, it takes approximately 65 to 90 days, including theory, training, waiting time, practical training, and tests. However, this time frame sometimes varies as per the strategy of the driving schools.

Driving Test Procedure

You have to pay the fees and register yourself for the driving test. A Driving test usually has the following modules on different schedules.

  1. Theory test for road and traffic signals
  2. Parking tests, including al and P
  3. Road Tests

Furthermore, the fee amount depends on the license type and the applicant's class. The amount is also determined as per the time duration, like five years or ten years, or the fee for a learning license on an annual basis.

Some of the Recent Modifications in the Qatar Driving License System

  • Qatar traffic department has introduced a unified driving curriculum, applicable in all driving schools in Qatar.
  • The traffic department has banned the driving schools from imposing additional fees and has organized a unified contract with clear outlines of the obligations to the trainees.
  • A guardian can accompany a female driving trainee.
  • The unified curriculum is available in more than 18 languages, ten earlier.
  • The trainee will have to pass the theory test based on the new curriculum at the first step. If he passes this test, he can take a Road test.
  • The updated curriculum has included these skills to learn how to check the safety of a vehicle, engine, engine oil, lights, and tire pressure.
  • The traffic department has abolished short courses; only a full or half system is available.
  • There are no more exceptions for Saudi Kuwait license holders now.

The Fee of the Driving License

It is illegal and impossible to drive in Qatar without a valid driving license, and a non-Qatari applicant has to pay 250 QAR for a five-year driving license. The driving school courses and test fees are excluded from this amount and are also charged. The Qatari applicant pays 500 QAR for a ten-year driving license.

Driving License Office Timing

  • 7 AM to 11 AM and 4 PM to 7 PM (Friday Off)

Driving License Office Location

  • Khalifa Street, Madinat Khalifa

Driving License Contact Center Number

Driving License Email Adress


If you have the eligibility and potential, you can pass the driving test and successfully get the Qatar driving license. While you take a driving test, you should consider some important things like;

Dress up appropriately and do not ask more questions. Drive confidently, and do not forget the basic lessons and rules. You should also communicate with the people while driving if they stay in the car. Drive your car at a reasonable speed and check the handbrake. Focus on entering the main road and keeping the required distance between vehicles.

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