How to Get Mofa Attestation in Qatar?

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Do you want to establish a profitable professional career in Qatar? After that, your degree certificate must be attested adequately by Qatar's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). According to the 2016 regulations, you must meet a few requirements for MOFA to complete the Attestation.

Mofa Attestation is the letter of authenticity or bonafide certificate provided by the relevant body where you received your degree counts as one of these requirements. The authentication letter must also adhere to a specific format.

The ministry of foreign affairs of Qatar is an executive entity. That oversees the country's foreign policy and is in charge of one of the critical steps in the attestation process. To obtain a residence visa, a higher education degree, or a work permit in Qatar, MOFA attestation is required.

The relevant authorities should complete the initial step of original document authentication for Qatar MOFA certification. The last stage of Qatar attestation is completed in Qatar and is known as the MOFA.

What Is MOFA Attestation?

MOFA is referred to as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The ministry of foreign affairs is a government agency that oversees a nation's foreign policy. This executive body is in charge of one crucial component of certificate attestation.

However, obtaining a residence visa, work permit, and higher education are requirements for any nation. The relevant authorities handle the MOFA attestation procedures.

The Documents Required In MOFA Attestation:

Similarly, whenever you go to MOFA to have your paperwork apostilled. The following departments should have already attested these documents:

Education Certificates:

You need a verification letter from the relevant institutions to prepare your documents for MOFA as a degree certificate.

Business Documents

The relevant house of trade should verify your commercial documentation.

Documents not Related to Schoolings, Such as Marriage Certificates and Birth Certificates:

The State Home Department of your state should verify these documents.

The following papers are needed for MOFA attestation in Qatar:

  • Original Document
  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of Qatari ID
  • Email ID
  • Contact Number

The final phase of Qatar legalization is MOFA attestation, which is necessary to process family visas, work permits, and other documents for Qatar.

All documents must first be attested to and proven authentic from the issuance source. The type of documents issued determines where they are published. After completing all primary steps, MOFA attestation—the last and most crucial step in certificate attestation—is carried out.

The competent authorities must first certify the documents before MOFA attestation may be completed. For instance, MOFA attestation is the last and most crucial procedure if you want to travel or relocate to another country.

Without MOFA attestation, a resident visa cannot be obtained. Obtaining a family visa requires MOFA certification.

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Procedure for Mofa Attestation

The MOFA must be attested to after all required attestations from the relevant nation have been completed. MOFA oversees how any nation deals with its international ties (ministry of foreign affairs). A government-appointed secretary is in charge of the ministry. This authority must offer Attestation to immigrants who want to relocate overseas. This MOFA attestation procedure will demonstrate to a foreign government how genuine your certificate is.

The steps for Attestation in Qatar are as follows,

  • Attestation of the home country from the ministry of foreign affairs
  • Embassy attestation
  • The Qatari Ministry of foreign affairs attestation

Common Uses of MOFA Attestation

You must approach the MOFA once you have finished the attestation process from your relevant country. The MOFA regulates all nations' international dealings and connections. The Qatari government appoints the secretary who runs the ministry.

This organization is in charge of attesting immigrants who want to relocate to Qatar. This procedure will demonstrate to the Qatari government how genuine and valid your certificate is. Uses for the MOFA Qatar include:

Utilizing MOFA attestation frequently:

  • Can pursue higher studies abroad.
  • Work overseas
  • To migrate
  • A visa for residents.

Office Timing

  • Morning shift from 7:30 Am to 1:00 Pm.
  • Afternoon shift from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm (Except Alshamal, Aldhaayin, Onaiza, Alkhor, Lusail, and Alshahaniyah).

Commercial Documents

Certificate of origin

150 QAR

Packing List (Manifest)

150 QAR

Business contracts

150 QAR

Commercial power of attorney

150 QAR

Commercial Invoices

From (QAR)

T0 (QAR)




500 QAR



1000 QAR



2500 QAR



5000 QAR


and more

Fees are collected at 0.6%
of the invoice value in QAR.

Civil Documents

Public Agency

100 QAR

Private Agency

100 QAR

Guarantee Document

100 QAR

Property Sale Contract

100 QAR

Property Lease Contract

100 QAR

Mortgage Contract

100 QAR

Document of Deposit

100 QAR


Personal Status Documents

Birth Certificate

100 QAR

Adoption Certificate

100 QAR

Certification of Will

100 QAR

Certification of Endowment

100 QAR

Certification of Maturity

100 QAR

Inheritance Enumeration Certificate

100 QAR

Record of will reception and unsealing

100 QAR

Marriage Contract

100 QAR

Certificate of divorce

100 QAR

Approvals of marriage non-objection

100 QAR

Marital Approvals

100 QAR


Judiciary Documents


100 QAR

Litigation papers

100 QAR

Arbitration documents

100 QAR

Education Documents

Academic certificates

100 QAR

Other certificates

100 QAR

Medical Documents

Medical certificates

100 QAR

Medical reports

100 QAR

Other Documents

Complete attestation

150 QAR

Any deed, document, contract, or certificate not
listed above, except for death certificates or
joining Islam certificates (exempted)

100 QAR


Frequently Ask Questions

Do you need MOFA Attestation?

When you apply for a resident visa, employment permit, or higher education in any nation, MOFA attestation is necessary. Your document is valid to use in any of the Gulf nations where you have applied, thanks to the MOFA attestation stamp on the reverse.

What do you mean by Attestation?

The Certificate attestation is the process of attesting each of these certificates. Attestation is verifying a certificate for use in Qatar for various purposes. As necessary records for the authentication of credentials are followed below,

  • Original certification
  • A copy of your passport

What types of Certificates can you Get in Qatar?

So, once attested in Qatar, the certifications can be used for various purposes.

  • The Attestation of academic credentials
  • Non-educational Attestation certificates
  • Attestation for commercial documents

Qatar accepts documents with educational and non-educational certifications. We have the diplomas in the case of the academic records from Qatar. A genuine certificate that the school issues to demonstrate that the student attended a specific school or college for a particular amount of time to complete their studies.

A degree certificate awarded by a college or university following the successful completion of a particular course. To utilize any of the certifications above in Qatar, they must all be attested. So, those who genuinely want to obtain a work permit or pursue higher education can easily do.

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