How to Keep the Apartment Cool without an Air Conditioner?

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The current weather in Qatar is scorching, flaming, melting, hot days, or any other adjectives of that sort, but it is the summer heat. You wouldn't want to stay outside when it's 51°C out. While others take pleasure in soaking in the summer sun, we seek refuge from the sweltering heat in an air-conditioned space. Most of us also like to stay indoors during the summer, whether at home, at work, in restaurants, malls, or anywhere else that has air conditioning to keep us calm and comfortable body temperature.

Our homes are among the areas we frequently spend more time; thus, it is ideal for keeping them as cool as feasible. Whether you reside in a townhouse, villa, or apartment in Qatar, let's see how to keep the apartment excellent without ac and control energy bills. You must be aware of specific easy steps you may take to make your house resistant to the summer heat and save your utility costs.

We also discovered that paying attention to the direction in which the air moves through your residence and ensuring nothing substantial is blocking that airflow will help a lot. It is advised that large furniture that blocks breezes will prevent your flat from entering cold air and enable heated air to exit.

Additionally, if you’re flat or house is fortunate enough to have windows on various sides, two experts advised us to ensure they are always open simultaneously so that an air passageway can be constructed via them. In light of this, professionals use several strategies to reduce indoor temperatures (and energy costs).

Ways to Keep Apartment Cool Without AC

Here are the tips which can help in staying calm in an apartment cool without ac

Utilize Ceiling Fan Properly

  • Utilize Ceiling Fan Properly

Although everyone has fans, not everyone knows how to maximize their cooling capacity. It's similar to trying to put out a fire by having a dragon blow on it to switch on a ceiling fan and expect it to produce chilly air in a warm apartment. Instead, set up two fans, one blowing out of a different window and one in your bedroom window, to provide some airflow. The hot air will exit while the cooler evening air enters, generating an air exchange with the cooling effect you're hoping for.

Choose a White Ceiling At All Times

  • Choose a White Ceiling At All Times

Any cooler other than a typical white ceiling is more likely to absorb heat, making the room even hotter for you. It is advised that you choose a white ceiling to reflect heat away rather than trap it and raise the temperature of your home during this summer's sweltering days.

Utilize Drapes and Blinds

  • Utilize Drapes and Blinds

When you depart for the day, don't forget to close the windows and any blinds on your windows. An excellent strategy to lessen the incoming heat in your apartment is to keep the direct sun out of it by blackout curtains. Consider putting some thick, dark drapes if your lease permits you to make little changes to your walls.

With the help of a friend, mounting a curtain rod directly on the wall is very simple. Blackout curtains keep the interior warm throughout the winter by obstructing sunlight and UV rays from entering.


  • Dim the Lights

In particular, incandescent bulbs and halogen light bulbs can produce surprisingly high heat. This is particularly true in smaller spaces and apartments on higher floors. More heat will be radiated from lamps and table-level lighting fixtures than from ceiling lights. Turn off the light if you aren't using it.

Consider replacing your outdated lighting with LED and compact fluorescent bulbs instead of incandescent ones because they emit less heat. Lighting should ideally be avoided during the hottest hours of the day. This saves you some money on your electric bill and keeps your apartment from overheating due to excessive electricity use.

  • Consider Your Doors Carefully

When it's hot outside, closing off unoccupied rooms will stop cool air from circulating there. You'll also want to gain an advantage of the cooler nighttime temperatures, allowing natural airflow in your house.

  • Try Not To Use Any Cooking Appliances

Ovens, slow cookers, and bread makers are just a few kitchen gadgets you shouldn't use in the summer. You can use a toaster oven as a standard oven for some meals because toaster ovens produce a lot less heat. Before you purchase, check the recipe or packaging to see the suggested heating method. During the summer, you can also rely on your stove and microwave.

Stay away from the warmest times of the day when you're cooking. The optimum time to move out is in the evening after you've given your place some time to cool and ventilate.

  • Get Window Box Fans Installed

During the summer, people frequently use box fans since they are affordable, effective, and require little maintenance to stay calm. The windows of your upstairs bedroom or other rooms make for the most incredible places to install them or swamp cooler.

This will also keep your home free of exhaust, but make sure the fan is pointed outside so that hot air can be expelled and your interior area is kept cool and fresh.

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What Distinguishes An Air Cooler From A Portable Air Conditioner?

An AC uses a refrigerant to convert warm, often humid air into dry, cool air. The chilly air is then circulated once again throughout the space. Hot air is circulated through a water-soaked ice pack pad by an air cooler using a fan. The water in the residence evaporates due to the heated air, cooling the atmosphere.

What Can You Do To Cool Off More Quickly?

  • Apply ice to specific body parts as needed.
  • Consume coconut water
  • Make some peppermint tea for yourself
  • Set up a crosswind
  • Use the Egyptian approach
  • Close the drapes
  • Take your animals off the bed.
  • To sleep, put on cotton pajamas.
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