How to Open a Bank Account in Qatar?

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Opening a bank account in Qatar is a necessity for almost every person. Whether you are a citizen or a foreigner, you need a bank account for your business transactions. We will explain here the complete process and provide a helpful guide to opening a bank account in Qatar. We will explain everything you need to know about how to open a bank account in Qatar with commercial bank information and the documents you need to submit for this process. Let's get started.

Qatar Banking System

Qatar Banking System

As a foreigner, you will find the process of opening a bank account very easy. There are private banks and commercial banks that offer an easy process for opening bank accounts for foreigners. There are 80 licensed banks in Qatar. Some of them are country financial establishments, and some are foreign institutions. Qatar National Bank is the largest commercial bank. It has more than 55% of its banking assets. Qatar Islamic Bank is the largest Islamic bank, with 40% of total Islamic banking assets. Qatar's central bank regulates the country's banking policies. It works like a monetary agency to oversee the country's financial and insurance systems and manage monetary policies.

As a foreigner working in the country, you need to open a bank account to receive your salary or wages or for business transactions. If you have a local bank account in Qatar, you will be provided with benefits. You can apply for credit cards or finance your home or a car loan. Besides, a local bank account strengthens an employee in the country. However, you can also use an international debit or credit card for your needs. Commercial banks in Qatar let foreigners open online bank accounts.

Which Documents Do You Need to Open a Bank Account in Qatar?

Opening a bank account in Qatar for an expat is a very easy process. You need to go to your selected bank branch. First, choose whether you want to open a bank account at a private bank or a commercial bank. Then, decide which type of bank account you require. After it collects the essential documents, you must submit them for this process. Go to the nearest bank branch and provide the following documents for a successful bank opening process.

Documents Required

  • a copy of your passport
  • A copy of your visa or residence permit
  • two passport-sized photographs
  • letter from your employer in Qatar
  • your local Qatar ID card
  • offered out and signed an application form for opening a bank account.

If you open a separate account for your wife or your children, you can provide a sponsor letter for those.

How to Open a Business Bank Account in Qatar

Opening a business bank account in Qatar is a very beneficial advantage for a businessperson. Opening a business account to register a company or run a business legally in the country is a must-have. The following documents are required to open a business bank account:

  • company trade license
  • certificate of registration
  • company memorandum, an article of association
  • Share certificates
  • passport copy and residency visa copy
  • board resolution empowering a company officer to open an account

Types of Bank Accounts in Qatar

There are different types of bank accounts for foreigners. Standard accounts include current accounts and savings accounts. These provide checkbooks, debit cards, and ATM access. Savings accounts offer a higher interest rate than current accounts. There are also options to offer separate accounts for ladies and children. Offshore accounts are considered the best way to manage your finances. They have low taxes and offer multi-currency debit cards with transactions in different currencies. They provide 24-hour access and a help desk service. 

The commercial banks provide business banking solutions for expats and business persons who own their companies in Qatar. These banks offer loans and investing options. They provide mortgage offers. The investment accounts of foreigners have a high net worth. Many retail banks offer investment accounts.

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Which are The Main Banks in Qatar?

  • Qatar National Bank
  • Commercial Bank of Qatar
  • Doha bank
  • Qatar Islamic Bank
  • HSBC

Benefits of Opening a Bank Account in Qatar

  • Enjoy tax-free income as Qatar imposes no personal income tax.
  • Benefit from Qatar’s strong and stable economy, backed by its substantial natural gas and oil reserves.
  • Potentially higher interest rates on savings accounts compared to many other countries.
  • Access to a wide range of international banking services and financial products.
  • Option to hold accounts in multiple currencies, facilitating international transactions.
  • Utilize online and mobile banking services for convenient account management.
  • Banks in Qatar offer banking solutions and services specifically for expatriates.

Advantages for Foreigners Buying Property Through Qatari Banks

Banks in Qatar offer advantages to foreigners looking to buy property. These include attractive mortgage rates with flexible repayment terms and high loan-to-value ratios, up to 70-80% of the property value. Further, banks provide expert advice and assistance throughout the property buying process, ensuring smooth transactions. Many banks also offer pre-approved loans, expediting the purchase process.

Foreigners can take advantage of property insurance options to protect their investments. Likewise, owning property in certain designated areas can grant residency permits, adding to the appeal. 

Types of Banking Services in Qatar

The banking sector provides many services to account holders. You are provided with credit cards, checkbooks, and debit cards with ATM access. You can use direct debits and standing orders to pay utility bills and mobile phone charges. You can use digital and mobile banking for easy and convenient online payment transactions. You can apply for personal loans and car loans. You can even apply for a mortgage that comes with specific conditions and terms. You can manage your bank accounts in Qatar in different ways. It includes;

  • digital and online banking
  • mobile banking
  • phone banking
  • face-to-face banking

International Money Transfers in Qatar

Some financial institutions and establishments offer international money transfers in Qatar. The banks also offer this service. As a foreigner, you can transfer money by visiting your bank branch. You can also use a money transfer service through an online banking service. Many exchanges in the country help people transfer money abroad.


Opening a bank account in Qatar provides access to a stable and tax-free financial environment, high interest rates on savings, and advanced digital banking services. The country’s strong economy ensures the security of your funds, while international banking services and multicurrency accounts facilitate global transactions. Tailored solutions for expatriates make managing finances easier, improving overall convenience and financial growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money do you need to open a bank account in Qatar?

To open a current account in Qatar, you need to transfer a minimum monthly salary of 4000 QAR or a one-time deposit of 10,000 QR.

Which bank is the best to open an account in Qatar?

Qatar National Bank and Doha Bank are considered the best to open bank accounts.

What is the minimum salary to open a Doha bank account?

You need a minimum salary of 10,000 QAR to open a bank account at Doha Bank.

Which documents are required to open a bank account in Qatar?

  • a copy of your passport
  • a copy of your resident card
  • copy of Qatar ID
  • proof of income or proof of employment

 Which are the main banks in Qatar?

  • Qatar National Bank
  • Commercial Bank of Qatar
  • Doha bank
  • Qatar Islamic Bank
  • HSBC
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