How to Renew a Work Permit in Qatar

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Qatar welcomes Expats from worldwide to come to the country and work. It operates the work permit system by certain government rules. Expats are working in different industries in Qatar. The companies issue work permits to their employees. In the first step, they arrange a temporary visa to allow the Expats to enter the country.

Then you get your work residence permit in the coming four weeks. The company arranges these permits for its employees. It means that you get your work permit from your employer in Qatar.

Work Permit in Qatar

You're looking to find employment in Qatar after securing a position there. You first need to get a work residence permit. The request will be handled on your behalf by your Qatari company. Besides that, your company must arrange a travel visa for you to gain entry into Qatar.

However, it may take up to four weeks. You can begin your stay in Qatar with the Work Residence Permit. At this stage, you might also locate a house. The Ministry of Interior in Qatar concerns work residency permits, which your company must renew yearly.

How to Get a Renewal of Your Work Permit in Qatar?

When you start your job, you sign an employment contract. The work permit's validity depends on this employment contract's validity. When the employment contract ends, you need to apply for a renewal of your work permit. If you continue your job at the same company or place, the employer arranges your renewal work permit.

In other cases, you will get a NOC from the previous company if you want to switch to another company or an organization. And the next company will issue you the next work permit.

Who Issues Work Permits and Renewals in Qatar?

The workers get their renewal work permits through their employers. These employers have specific licenses and cards to get work visas and work permits for their employees from authorized government departments.

The Ministry of Interior issues all kinds of work residency permits in Qatar. However, the employer must renew the worker's work permit each year by submitting the required fees and documents.

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Requirements to Get Work Visas in Qatar

  1. The employment contract.
  2. An application form that the Ministry of Labor issues.
  3. A medical certificate proving that the employee is in good health
  4. A copy of the employee's passport
  5. Two passport photographs & Biometrics, including fingerprints
  6. Any relevant educational certificates
  7. The immigration card of the Employer

Can I Renew My Work Permit in Qatar?

When you move to Qatar on employment status or a work visa, your company issues you a work permit. The company gets this work permit from the government for you. Your valid employment visa, passport copy, photos, medical certificate, and fee are submitted to get a work permit. However, this employment contract is valid from one year to three years.

The company applies to get a renewal work permit three months before the previous work permit expires. The company gets a renewal work permit for its employees from the official authorities of the Qatar government. You can also get an employment visa for 1 to 5 years.

The Employer Gets Your Work Permit Renewed

Your company renews your work permit for you when it needs to be renewed. Your work permit contract is between one and three years through the resident services portal.

The companies or the employers who apply to renew their employees' work permits online use the Qatari smart ID card. The employers apply to renew a work permit three months before the previous or current work permit expires.

The Government Charges Some Fees for This Renewal

Fee for the renewal of work permits that companies sponsor.

  • For family sponsorship, the renewal fee is 500 QR.
  • For employment, the entry visa fee is 200 QR
  • 300 QR fees for individual employees

Instructions to Apply For a Renewal Work Permit

Individuals and companies can submit their requests to the labor recruitment department at the Ministry of Labor to get a renewal of the work permits. If they want a work permit for women, they can apply, but only in cases where they work in private and joint stock companies.

The instructions

  • You can download the form from the official website.
  • Fill out the downloaded form and submit this form to the family affairs department along with the required fees and documents.

Which Documents Are Required To Be Attached To This Form?

  • The company registration card photocopy
  • Passport copy with a valid residence
  • The copy of the ID card of your sponsor,
  • The copy of the academic certificates, and any license for specific professionals. These documents must be certified and translated.
  • The copy of the previous work permit
  • The copy of the employment contract
  • Photographs
  • An approval letter from the Ministry of Education and higher education
  • An approval letter from the family affair department, if required
  • An approval letter from this social development center, if required

Contact Information

For further information and queries related to the renewal work permit, you can call at 16008

Or you can send an email to

Email: [email protected]qa

Renewal Website: 

Types of Renewal Work Permit

  • The family residence visa
  • Qatar business visa
  • Work visa for Qatar
  • GCC resident visa

Resources to Get Relevant Information

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How Can I Extend and Renew My Visit Visa in Qatar?

Qatar family visit visa Renewal and extension 2022

Someone may extend his one-month Qatar family visit visa in one of two ways:

Bring your passport and flight ticket to the MoI Service Center or the Ministry of Immigration office. Expect to be paid QAR 200, as the visa renewal fee is QAR 200/- for every additional month.

Where to Apply For a Work Permit Renewal?

Through the government's Residence Services portal, your company can extend your work permit for a further period. Companies who have been authorized can apply for renewal online because they have Qatari Smart ID cards. A work permit can be renewed three months prior to the expiration of the current one expiring.

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