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Doha, the capital city of Qatar, is known for its modern and luxurious architecture and interiors. The city is home to some of the world's most renowned interior design companies that create elegant, functional, and sophisticated spaces for residential and commercial projects. From contemporary to traditional, these companies have a wealth of experience and expertise in creating bespoke designs that reflect each client's unique taste and style. In this blog, we will highlight the top 10 interior design companies in Doha, known for their exceptional work and reputation in the industry.

List of Interior Design Companies in Doha

  1. Quanto Bello
  2. American Design Source
  4. Mirabello Interiors
  5. Designer Studio
  6. Bazlamit Interior
  7. Decorelle
  8. Luna Design
  9. Essenza Interiors

Quanto Bello

Quanto Bello is a well-established interior design company with over 35 years of experience in the industry. The company started as a small shop-fitting operation. It quickly grew to become a leading service provider in the retail and catering industries in South Africa. Their services have expanded to include a design division and project management, offering clients a one-stop solution for all their interior design needs.

Quanto Bello has a 1200 square meter joinery factory in Qatar and a furniture import business to ensure their client's needs are fully met in-house.

They offer a single point of contact design and build service, maximizing efficiency and delivering high-quality projects faster at the best price. The company has secured work in the U.K., USA, Dubai, Bahrain, and several African countries.

American Design Source

American Design Source is an accomplished architectural and interior design company based in Doha, Qatar. The company is known for its expertise in creating high-end residential and retail spaces and for providing design-build services. Over the years, ADS has established a reputation for delivering innovative designs, superior construction quality, meticulous attention to detail, and exceptional customer service.

With its team's years of experience in the USA, ADS brings a unique, international perspective to its projects in Qatar, creating unique spaces that reflect each client's style and taste.

Pentagram Design Trading & Contracting

Pentagram Design is a well-established company in Qatar, boasting a talented and experienced management team. It delivers top-notch and efficient solutions. It offers comprehensive services encompassing design, furniture, and construction for residential, industrial, hospitality, and entertainment sectors. Catering to local and global clients, Pentagram Design prides itself on providing state-of-the-art modern designs that are unmatched in quality.

Mirabello Interiors

Mirabello Interiors is the perfect solution for all your interior design needs. Focusing on providing boutique-style service, they offer a comprehensive approach to interior design, from concept development to final execution. The company's interior designers and team members use their creativity and attention to detail to exceed their client's expectations on every project, whether a living room or interior office design.

Their passion for delivering exceptional results sets them apart from the rest. They are dedicated to helping clients make their interior design dreams a reality.

Designer Studio

Designer Studio is a renowned interior design company in Doha that offers a complete and unparalleled solution for all your interior design needs. With a passion for delivering exceptional results, their team of experts is dedicated to helping clients turn their interior design dreams into a reality. From concept development to final execution, they provide a boutique-style, personal and professional service, exceeding their client's expectations on every project.

Whether working on a home or office interior design, their interior designers use their creativity and attention to detail to ensure that every aspect of the project is designed with care and precision. Their dedication to excellence makes them unique and ideal for anyone looking for a one-stop shop for interior design solutions. Let Designer Studio bring your vision to life and create the perfect space.

Bazlamit Interior Doha

Bazlamit Interior Doha is a highly acclaimed interior design firm based in Doha, Qatar. With a team of skilled and talented professionals, they specialize in creating beautiful and functional interior spaces for both residential and commercial clients. Whether working on a small renovation project or a large-scale development, they approach each project with a dedication to eminence, delivering aesthetically pleasing and practical results.

Their attention to detail and commitment to meeting their client's needs makes them known for their ability to bring their visions to life. With a focus on quality, innovation, and customer service, Bazlamit Interior Doha is a trusted partner for all your interior design needs.


Decorelle is a well-established architectural and interior design company known for its innovative strategies and cost-effective designs. Operating under the name of "Beity" in Beirut, the company was re-established in 2006 in Qatar and has since become a leading interior designer in the market. With a team of friendly, trained, and skilled designers, they are a go-to solution for any growing project.

Known for their attention to detail and obligation to customer satisfaction, Decorelle has established a reputation as a trusted and reliable partner in the interior design industry. Whether working on a residential or commercial project, they bring their expertise and creativity to every project, delivering functional and gorgeous results.

LUNA Design Qatar

LUNA is a cutting-edge and inventive design firm located in Doha, Qatar, that has been in operation since 2013. Luna's design philosophy centers around creating unique and stylish spaces that exude elegance and quality. Each project is a new challenge to understand specific needs and desires. Its expertise spans various areas, including residential, hospitality, workspace, retail, branding, and custom furniture. LUNA aims to revolutionize the design industry, creating beautiful pieces that blend natural beauty with contemporary style.

Essenza Interiors

Essenza Interiors is a top interior design company based in Qatar, focusing on creating high-end residential and commercial spaces, including the hospitality and retail industries. With over 15 years of experience in the GCC, the firm's talented team is dedicated to bringing their client's visions to life with professional creativity and fidelity to the highest industry standards. Essenza Design takes a flexible and committed approach to each project, working to meet each client's needs.

Clouds Interiors

Cloud Interiors professionals face intricate and delicate challenges in the construction industry. Design is no longer just about achieving a single outcome. It has evolved into a process of creating beyond the imagination. At CLOUDS, the team endeavors to craft a built environment that transcends expectations and transforms our lives. Their design philosophy not only shapes desires but also impacts the utilization of resources and energy.

How Can I Choose The Best Interior Design Company For My Project In Doha?

Finding the best interior design company in Doha requires careful research and consideration of several key factors. You should start by defining your design style and specific needs. Then look for companies with a portfolio that matches your intentions. Consider their experience, credentials, and reputation by reading online reviews, requesting referrals, and checking their websites.

Further, assess their communication skills, availability, pricing, and budgeting process to ensure smooth and successful collaboration. Following these steps, you can select an interior design company to bring your vision to life and create a space that reflects your unique style and needs.


What services do the interior design companies in Doha offer?

Doha's top interior design companies offer various services, including residential and commercial interior design, furniture design and selection, space planning, project management, and consultation.

Are the top interior design companies in Doha expensive?

The cost of interior design services from the top companies in Doha can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. Discussing your budget with each company and getting an estimate before deciding what is best.

Which one is the best interior design company in Doha?

Quanto Bello is a well-established interior design company in Doha with over 35 years of experience in the industry. PENTAGRAM DESIGN TRADING & CONTRACTING is Doha's best interior design company.

Can Doha's top interior design companies accommodate my specific design preferences and requirements?

Doha's top interior design companies have experienced designers who can accommodate various design preferences and requirements. Communicating your design vision and needs is important to ensure a successful project outcome.

How to choose the best interior design company for your project?

To choose the best interior design company for your project, consider their portfolio, experience, design style, and client reviews. Schedule consultations with a few companies to assess their communication and problem-solving skills.

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