Is Buying Lusail Apartments for Sale A Good Investment?

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Lusail City is "the smart" city in Qatar. It is very active in the current time for the FIFA World Cup 2022. Many new projects and developments in the city are under construction, while some are ready to explore. Lusail City offers a lot of opportunities for property buyers and investors. It has the best apartments for sale, a golden chance for property investors. These apartments are the best source for investors who want to get sustainable modern residential units.

The Lusail City Development Is Planned With an Eco-Friendly Environment

The Lusail City development is designed and planned with an eco-friendly environment and infrastructure. So people should look into the Lusail property market if they are interested in buying brand new properties. They can invest in modern residential buildings and more than apartments that feature world-class amenities.

So it is the perfect time for you to decide to buy an apartment in Lusatia City. Foreign investors can also invest in Lusail apartments for sale. It is the best way to secure your money as an investment for the future.

Sustainable Development in Residential Apartments in Lusail

Sustainable development in residential apartments and the infrastructure of Lusail City is planned on hyper-modern concepts. The developing projects in this city are a model of sustainable development with the latest technology. The developers are employing efficient construction strategies to pursue green living for the residents.

Exciting Urban Development Projects in Lusail City

The planning of Lusail City is designed with a sustainable lifestyle to execute. The residential apartments feature the latest smart home technology. Further, modern cooling systems are installed in residential buildings. The water system is managed to conserve energy. Different techniques are employed to save the natural surroundings and make them as friendly as possible.

The Benefits of Investing In Lusail Apartments for Sale

Foreigners who buy or rent elevated properties get permanent residency. Advantages of permanent residency include cost-free access to healthcare and education. Besides that, it makes it possible for visitors to remain and work.

Foreigners who purchase Lusail apartments for sale may benefit from the rental market because of employment options and major international festivals and events that attract visitors to the city. Likewise, it enables them to live comfortably in a dynamic metropolis like Lusail.

The FIFA World Cup 2022 and other key events in Qatar are the main factors driving the country's high housing requirement. Several upscale projects in Al Sadd, Lusail, and The Pearl Qatar are developing.

The Qatar 2022 Official website evaluates that over 1.5 million people will travel to the country to support the football teams playing in the World Cup. The FIFA World Cup caused rental rates to zoom in the second quarter of 2022. However, property experts noticed the market stabilized in the third quarter as the Fifa World cup drew nearer.

The Benefits of Living in Lusail City

  • The biggest attraction in Lusail City is the Lusail Stadium. It is going to host the opening and final matches of the FIFA World Cup 2022.
  • The total area of Lusail City is 38 square kilometers. It has four islands and 19 districts. Almost 200,000 people can live in this advanced and developed city.
  • The city's plan is marvelous and has great masterminds behind its architecture and planning. The infrastructure is really unique.
  • Lusail presents a beautiful picture of a healthy lifestyle with green living. It has beautiful landscaping and luxurious properties. Moreover, the city features eco-friendly, energy-efficient installations and systems. There are underground tunnels that carry chilled water for the cooling system. Hybrid technology is employed in construction, design, and structure.
  • The best thing is that Lusail City is a smart city. It is a city that is furnished with apartments with innovative home features.

How Do I Invest In Lusail Apartments for Sale?

Investing in Lusail apartments is a simple process. The government permits foreign buyers and investors to own property. You can take help from the best real estate agents and real estate companies to get the best apartments for sale in Lusail City.

Saakin Qatar lists the best apartments for sale in Lusail on its property portal. It connects you with sellers and real estate brokers. You can also contact legal attorneys who will thoroughly guide you on investing in Lusail apartments. The Ministry of Justice's official department also supports buyers and investors in buying apartments and other properties.

An Outline of Investment Opportunities in Lusail City

Due to the recent decision to allow 100% foreign property ownership, Lusail presents intriguing investment options for foreign buyers. The foreign real estate ownership terms in Qatar are outlined in Cabinet Resolution No. 28 of 2020. They also specify which places foreigners may rent or own land in some circumstances:

  • Foreigners can buy properties in 9 locations and rent properties in 16 areas recorded in the resolution for up to 99 years.
  • Foreigners can buy a separate residential unit and a second separate commercial unit, like retail space or an office, so they don’t revise the formation or size of either unit.
  • Foreign property landlords have the right to sell or rent a property without restrictions.
  • Foreigners who buy land must finish construction within four years of the land registration date under their names.
  • Foreign property owners and renters can apply for permanent residency if they reside in Qatar for at least 90 days each year. The residency will be issued after they close the sale or secure a rental.
  • Landlords and tenants of properties valued at QR 730,000 or more can get residency permits for themselves and their families.
  • Foreigners who buy or rent properties valued at QR 1 million or more can get permanent residency benefits, including free health care and education for themselves and their families.

The Ministries of Interior and Justice guide buyers and investors interested in Lusail apartments for sale

In Lusail City, the Departments of Interior and Justice have established a division devoted to non-Qataris' use and ownership of property investment. The office is a single source of information for foreign buyers and investors who want to purchase apartments in Lusail. The Cabinet Resolution No. 28 of 2020 manages all procedures and regulations about selling and buying Qatari real estate.

Discover Lusail City Apartments and Featured Properties with Saakin

Discover luxury properties with Saakin in listings. We will assist you to get the best property and apartment for sale in Lusail, Qatar. We provide customized real estate services, preferring the perfect property in Lusail for you. It is the right time to invest in new apartments. They are fully furnished and constructed in the new style. We provide the best-priced properties and the best deals. There is no doubt that Lusail city is giving investors more chances to secure their future and business in real estate.

How to Find an Apartment for Sale or Rent in Lusail City

With the help of Saakin Qatar, you can find an ideal apartment for living in the city of Lusail. You can search for the featured properties by using our website filters and the best listings. These listings also describe the location and the price ranges.

Some Common Things to Consider When Buying an Apartment in Lusail

  • Prepare Documents to buy apartments in Lusail
  • Find out where you can purchase properties in Lusail
  • Designated areas in Lusail for buying a freehold property
  • Set a budget and evaluate your mortgage needs
  • Financial Status of the Buyer.
  • Check the Developer's Reputation & Goodwill Before Buying the Right Property.
  • Construction Grade of the Property.
  • Carpet Area of the Property.
  • Location & community of the Property.
  • Research and consult with a reliable broker before making an offer
  • Complete the transfer and register your property
  • Explore properties through the Most Popular Real Estate Listings
  • Discover a wide range of apartments in Lusail, Qatar, with Saakin

Documents Required For Buying an Apartment in Lusail

  • A title deed
  • A liability note/letter to the bank where they applied for the mortgage
  • A six-month bank statement
  • A Qatari ID
  • Any other employment-related documentation

According to the seller's request, self-employed people must submit their business registration number and the down payment. A business statement of accounts and two years' worth of verified financial statements must be submitted within the first full year of revenue.

In Lusail City, you can purchase anything from a studio to a five-bedroom apartment. Depending on the amenities, luxury, and area, apartments can range in price. When buying, a 30% down payment of the apartment's total price is required. You can buy an apartment on a six-year payment schedule. Moreover, another option is residential apartment buildings yielding a 6% return on investment. The location matters most, so consider it.


What Are Some Famous Shopping Malls in Lusail City?

  1. The Marina Mall Lusail
  2. Place Vendome
  3. Lulu Hypermarket

What Are the Top Places To See in Lusail?

Top 8 Places to See In Lusail for the Excellent Holiday

  1. Crescent Park
  2. Lusail Marina
  3. Lusail Stadium
  4. Place Vendome Mall
  5. Lusail sports arena
  6. Marina Twin Towers in Lusail City
  7. Katara Tower Lusail
  8. Entertainment City in Lusail
  9. Al Maha Island Lusail
  10. Winter Wonderland

What Are the Documents Required For Buying An Apartment in Lusail?

Documents required for buying an apartment in Lusail

  • A title deed
  • A Qatari ID
  • A liability note/letter to the bank where they applied for the mortgage
  • A six-month bank statement
  • Any other employment-related documentation

How Do I Invest In Lusail Apartments for Sale?

Investing in Lusail apartments is a simple process. The government permits foreign buyers and investors to own property. You can take help from the best real estate agents and real estate companies to get the best apartments for sale in Lusail City. Saakin Qatar lists the best apartments for sale in Lusail on its property portal.

What Are Some Types of Apartments for Sale in Lusail?

  • Luxury apartments
  • Fully furnished apartments
  • Semi-furnished apartments
  • Unfurnished apartments
  • Studios apartments
  • Serviced apartments

How Do I Get To Lusail Stadium?

Stadium Express Buses service will transport viewers 25 minutes walk from the stadium and run from specific Stadium Express Bus Hubs. Bus service begins four hours before the start of the match and ends one and a half hours before the final horn. The Hayya to Qatar 2022 app can be used to locate bus hubs.

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