Is Hayya Card Mandatory to Attend Fifa World Cup 2022

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Do you want to visit Qatar in 2022 to attend the iconic FIFA World Cup? Qatar has declared the use of Hayya Cards mandatory for visitors who will come to watch the match. There are no limitations on how the public or foreigners can enter or exit. Even during the procedure, the accommodation for travelers would also be verified.

Foreigners Must Apply for Hayya Card to Attend Fifa World Cup 2022 in Qatar

Qatar will host FIFA Worldcup 2022 from November 20 through December 18, 2022. Thus, Foreigners must require a Hayya card in order to enter the state and World Cup stadiums for the 2022 tournament.

They must first apply for the "Hayya Card" special identity card. From November 1, 2022, to January 1, 2023, the Hayya Card will be accepted as a valid visa for entry into the nation to watch the 2022 World Cup. Foreign visitors need to apply for the Hayya card as soon as possible.

During the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, all visitors will require to present a Hayya Card, according to the Qatari government. The Hayya Card will function as an essential method of identity and a multiple entry visa to Qatar from abroad from November 2022 through January 23 of the following year.

Visitors from all over the world must follow these rules. Both game tickets and lodging reservations do not require a Hayya Card. The application form must be completed to ensure you can attend a game.

Stadium Access through the Hayya Card

The visitors will use their Hayya card to access the Fifa World Cup Stadium. They can also use public free transport by showing their Hayya card. The government of Qatar is managing all matters related to Hayya card issuance and other formalities.

FIFA is not taking part in approving applications for it. All those who want to apply for the Hayya card can get further information on its official website.

  • The residents of Qatar can ask their queries at the number: 2022
  • The foreigners can ask their queries at the number: 00974 44412022
  • They can also get some updates through social media platforms.

Qatar Airways Offers a Match Day Shuttle Service

Foreigners must apply for a Hayya card through the match day shuttle service.

The football fans attending the FIFA World Cup in 2022 can now apply for a Hayya card. They can apply for it by using the match day shuttle service. The match day shuttle service allows flying to Qatar for a day.

They can return to their homeland within 24 hours after watching the match. People will get many benefits through this service. They can enter Qatar and the stadium with a valid ticket.

The mobile app and the official website offer this match-day shuttle service. You will need your travel details to apply for your Hayya card. However, everyone with a FIFA World Cup ticket must apply for a Hayya card.

What Does the Hayya Card Offer?

You will get access to the Hayya services with the Hayya card. Before using, you must know the terms and conditions that relate to any additional offerings. Further, by submitting the application form to use the Hayya services, you need to accept the terms.

There might be different terms of service that apply from third parties. Spectators from other countries who enter Qatar will not need a visa. They can also use public transport.

All ticket buyers for the competition will use the e Hayya Card as proof of identity, and its owners will have access to various services designed to improve their stay in Qatar. You need both a valid game ticket and a Hayya Card to enter a stadium to watch a game.

You must need a FIFA match ticket to apply for a Hayya Card. The ticket booking terms of service, whose content is unaffected by these terms, are separately governed by FIFA Ticketing and exclusively apply to the match tickets. Visitors will then have access to the Hayya offerings with the Hayya card.

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Hayya Card-Holding Visitors Can Enter Qatar from November

Even so, all locals can leave and enter Qatar anytime during the event. Owners of soccer tickets will be eligible for Hayya card advantages and may remain in the country for the period as long as the accommodation is accessible. The Hayya card, valid until January 23, 2023, is considered a multiple entry permit.

For the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, a unique number called "2022" has been established, where residents of Qatar can now get replies about the activities and any associated news.

It is accessible in English and Arabic and will include all five FIFA-approved languages. The dialing code for this country is 00974 44412022.

Contact The Following With Any Issues Or Queries Further About The Hayya Card:

Contact Details:

How to Apply For a Hayya Card

Easily apply for a Hayya card by following the simple steps.

  • Apply for a Hayya card from the Qatar 2022 website. You will get access to the relevant Hayya card 2022 portal.
  • There you will see an option to “apply for a Hayya card”. Click on this option to start your application. Now you need to give details of your World Cup tickets. You have to enter your match ticket to apply for a Hayya card. Enter the information as per the directions of the portal. Next, you have to provide your personal information. Like your passport number, photos, and other related information, to operate, you will have to enter your contact details. It will be the last step in your submission. Now, click to submit your application to apply for a Hayya card.
  • You will receive the status of your submitted application through e-mail. You will know whether your application was approved or rejected.
  • The residents of Qatar receive this email for confirmation within an hour.
  • The foreigners receive the confirmation e-mail in five to seven days.

How Do You Receive Your Hayya Card?

When your submitted application is approved, you will be informed by the system and authorities that you are eligible to attend the FIFA World Cup 2022. You will get your digital Hayya card through the Hayya app when you arrive.

For it, you will need to download the Hayya card application on your Android. However, the residents of Qatar can get the Hayya card, physically through the authorities.

Final Words

We hope this information will be helpful to all Soccer Fans. Best of luck to arrive in Qatar to attend the FIFA World Cup 2022.

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