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Qatar is initiating a new visa program to bring in top entrepreneurs and skilled professionals from around the world. This program, led by Qatar Manpower Solutions Company (Jusour), is called the Mustaqel residency visa program. This visa program has a five-year residency program, which is a very good opportunity for people. This program is designed to attract talented people and skilled professionals from different nationalities. Qatar has planned to bring the most talented and innovative minds into its country. They will definitely have a productive and positive impact on reinforcing the economy. It is the most significant initiative to attract global talent to ignite the labor market in Qatar. It will diversify the country's dynamic economic landscape.

About Qatar Mustaqel Visa Program

About Qatar Mustaqel Visa Program

Qatar Manpower Solution Company has introduced this residency visa program. It is a five-year-long residency permit that will be granted to talented people in two main categories. The entrepreneur visa and the talent visa. They must prepare all the required documents to process this visa program. It offers a five-year residency permit that can be renewed and has two types of visas.

With the Mustaqel visa, people can live and work in Qatar, own property, and bring family members. The application fee is 5,000 Qatari Riyals ($1,373) for the 'Entrepreneur Visa' and 4,000 Qatari Riyals ($1,098) for the 'Talent Visa.' If an application is rejected, the fee will be refunded.

Mustaqel visa program types

The first type, the 'Entrepreneur Visa,' is for business owners, especially those with small—to medium-sized businesses. Applicants must have their business plans approved by a recognized business incubator in Qatar. If approved, they will receive an 'endorsement code' to complete their online application. The second type, the 'Talent Visa,' is for skilled people in the arts, entertainment, sports, and technology.

These applicants also need an endorsement from a relevant Qatari organization to get an 'endorsement code' and finish their online application process. Other required documents include a copy of your passport, degree certificate, police clearance, and proof of experience.

Entrepreneur visa

This type of visa is offered to business persons and business owners. The people must have talent to manage their businesses, from small to medium enterprises like SMEs. The people will have to present their business model or business plan, which needs to be recognized by a business incubator based in Qatar. Successful applicants will get an endorsement code to proceed with their online application process. It will foster innovation and business growth in Qatar.

Talent visa

This visa type is for people who are experts in different kinds of talents like technology, sports, and the arts. People need to get a talent endorsement from a relevant entity. In this way, they will receive their endorsement code to proceed with their online application procedure. Through this visa program, different skilled professionals and talented people will come to contribute to Qatar's economic growth and technological advancement.

Cost and Fees

The fee for an entrepreneur visa is 5000 QAR. The fee for a talent visa is 4000 QAR. The people who want to apply for this visa program will have to submit the visa fee according to their application options. If their application is rejected, they will get their paid fees refunded. This has been done to ensure transparent visa processing work.

Benefits of the Mustaqel visa program

This visa program offers many advantages to foreigners with residency status and self-sponsorship. They can get 5 years residency status, work in Qatar independently, buy property in Qatar and sponsor their family to bring them to Qatar. It is a very attractive opportunity for talented persons who want a long-term future perspective. The applicants can get further details and the online application process guidelines through the official website. 

Mustaqel Visa Applications Are Now Open

Mustaqel Visa Website

About Jusour

Jusour says this is one of their most important programs. The ambition is to increase the talent pool, boost economic growth, and support Qatar's Vision 2030, which focuses on diversifying the economy. In this context, a recent report by the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) noted growth in Qatar's private sector, especially in wholesale, retail, and services, with financial services also doing well.

Jusour Website

Jusour and Qatar National Vision 2030

This entity, authorized by the country's government, is at the forefront of introducing this visa program. The objective behind this initiative is pure dedication to upgrading the national talent pool to support developments to merge that are underlined in Qatar's national vision 2030. This endeavor will diversify working sectors to foster the country's sustainable economy. It has always offered foreign investors and expatriates the best initiatives and policies. It is a beautiful destination with a strong economy supporting immigrants in developing their careers for a brighter future.

Why apply for a Mustaqel residency visa?

This residency visa program offers attractive advantages and benefits to businesspersons, professionals, and entrepreneurs worldwide. The country has a strategic location in the Middle East with great economic and business opportunities in diverse sectors and industries. There is excellent scope in the technology sector. They can enjoy a high quality of life with modern infrastructure and world-class properties in a safe and secure environment. The residency allows you to live for five years with a renewable option. 

The foreigners can buy properties in freehold areas in Qatar and sponsor their families to bring them into the country. They can find an environment for professional growth with business support and talent endorsement. Besides these factors, they can enjoy cultural experiences with a rich heritage and a diverse community. They can find the best educational opportunities for their children.

They can contribute to the National Vision 2030 by initiating business endeavors in the country. You should apply for this Qatar Mustaqel Visa Program to try your luck in this competitive business landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Qatar Mustaqel Visa Program

What is the purpose of this residency visa program?

It is a five-year residency visa program initiated by the manpower solution company Josour. It has been planned to attract global talent, including professionals and entrepreneurs.

What are the benefits of this visa residency program?

You can get a 5-year residency permit, sponsor your family members, and get property ownership in Qatar.

Who is eligible to apply for this residency visa program?

A skilled professional or an entrepreneur can apply for this residency visa program.

What makes Qatar an attractive place to live and work?

A high quality of life with modern infrastructure and properties, a rich cultural heritage, and a strategic location in the Middle East attract global talent to live and work in Qatar.

How can entrepreneurs get their business plans endorsed?

Entrepreneurs must have their business models approved by a recognized business incubator in Qatar to receive the endorsement code necessary for the application.

What is the role of this visa program in Qatar National Vision 2030?

It will contribute to Qatar's national vision 2030 by increasing the national talent pool to diversify its industries for economic growth.

What is the cost of the application fee?

The fee for an entrepreneur visa is 5000 QAR. The fee for a talent visa is 4000 QAR.

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