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The economy of Qatar is the most active and vibrant in the Middle East. The ever-growing demand for new projects supports Qatar's construction and real estate industry. The country declares new projects and new properties for sale each year.

The developments, new residential projects, and entertainment projects are considered the top attractions for investors. The off-plan properties for sale are the best for them. We have listed some of Qatar's best dedicated new projects and developments. Suppose you're looking for recent off-plan property news and updates on new projects to invest in Qatar. In that case, this blog post will significantly help you.

Qatar's extensive real estate market provides many opportunities for buyers and investors. It features commercial and residential properties in prime locations in Qatar. Some of the projects have residential towers and buildings.

Residential projects are a golden opportunity for investors and realtors to develop their property and real estate businesses. Here is the information on the top 10 projects to invest in real estate in Qatar.

These projects offer luxury properties for sale or investment in Qatar. Indeed, the country has the Best project management in the world.

Best Top 10 Projects to Invest In Real Estate in Qatar

Al Dawoodia - Ariane City - Al Wakrah, Qatar

1, Al Dawoodia - Ariane City - Al Wakrah, Qatar

Al Dawoodia - Ariane City - Al Wakrah, Qatar, is a residential project. This Project has the apartment buildings in planning. The flats and apartments of this Project are fully furnished and highly comfortable, with a beautiful lifestyle. The project type is a residential off-plan project. The prices of this Project are affordable and lower.

You can find active listings for this Project on different property-finding portals. This is the best off-plan Project. It is a residential construction project in which you can invest and get the best return on your investment. Saakin Qatar has the best listings of all new projects and developing projects on its website.

The developer of this Project is Tameer Real Estate. This Project offers the best features and amenities. Safe and secured parking spaces, retail and shops, concierge, and security services are some of the top amenities of this Project. The prices are very reasonable. You can take your payment plan in scheduled installments with a down payment on booking.

The project developer has a very innovative and sustainable approach to developing the Project. It applies highly modern and modified technology to plan and design the architecture of this Project. The price range is from QR 952,640-QAR 1,177,280.

The developer is committed to constructing this Project with the highest quality of living standards. It has a scheme of strategies and development to deliver it on time with the most integrated master planning.

There is a focus on designing the infrastructure and facilitating the people to work and live comfortably in this new community. The development of this Project is exceptional, with the most luxuries and conveniences. If you are interested in buying properties or investing in any off-plan property in this Project, speak to our local expert today.

You will get a guide to get insight into the Project and get privileged to the latest property and updates on the real estate market in Qatar.

The Garden Villas - Al Thumama, Qatar

2. The Garden Villas - Al Thumama, Qatar

It is the best residential off-plan Project with the most affordable prices for buying properties. The apartment style is ultramodern and highly innovative, with the best interior and exterior designs. The choice of theme and color that the developer has chosen is mind-blowing.

The finishing off of the apartment is state-of-the-art, which creates an impact in this exclusive modern City. Modern curtains and glass windows are employed in the villa.

Still, the best clear glass handrails and beautiful canopies are for the top floors. The author's view and location are appealing and wonderful. The location is also very prime and ideal.

The developer of this Project is also Tameer real estate, which is developing. This Project's most luxurious grand villas are built in this residential Project. The building style of each villa is superb. The Project features modern amenities and modern designs.

The villas have beautiful balconies, which portray fabulous interiors. The construction materials and flooring tiles are highly advanced and attractive techniques. The acrylic wall paintings and closets are lovely, with a peaceful environment within the residential unit.

The villas have beautiful gardens to enjoy leisurely with family and friends. There will be a grand mosque in the villa's amenities with easy access. The residents will get all the necessary points near their villas, like supermarkets, groceries, and pharmacies.

The location is ideal for connecting the surroundings to the other neighboring cities. The infrastructure has made travel easy for residents and foreigners through the best transport management and walkways.

The Project will Feature the Following Additions:

  • A spacious living area and a dining room.
  • Has a large garden with BBQ space.
  • The villa has five fantastic master bedrooms. Each room has an attached bathroom and closet with beautiful flooring.
  • There is outdoor space for seating in the garden and expansive balconies in each bedroom.
  • The balcony material is glass and stainless steel for the handrail.
  • Wood and aluminum are used in kitchen cabinets.
  • Bathroom sets are installed with the international brands and standard
  • Big wardrobes and walk-in closets
  • dedicated car parking with automatic doors
  • separate room for the maid
  • Separate room for the driver
  • T.V. and Wi-Fi network facility
  • Lift or elevator service.
  • Highly modified safety and security measures.

The developer is focusing on high technology to build and complete this Project. It has an objective to accomplish the Project that has the best output to fulfill the expectations of the investors and the residents. The payment plan is scheduled in easy installments with partial and advance payment on booking.

Orjuwan Tower - Lusail, Qatar

3. Orjuwan Tower - Lusail, Qatar

It is the best residential tower and an off-plan project with Qatar's dynamic spirit of real estate. It is a splendid construction project in Lusail city that represents rich culture and traditions.

The large and spacious windows and balconies present a fantastic view of the City. It is in a prime location, with the best properties for sale and investment. Moreover, the prices for this Project's properties are affordable and lower. It is an ideal project for buyers and investors.

The Project is developing the best and most modern apartments for living. Tameer Real Estate is developing this Project 100%. One, two, and three-bedroom apartments in this Project are located in the heart of Lusail City. Each residential unit has a spacious dining area and a living area with a beautiful kitchen.

There is the main bedroom and a dressing room with an attached bathroom. A guest room is also planned in the apartment design. The highly sophisticated apartments have beautiful balconies and a lobby for all their stunning outer looks. The apartments feature the best facilities and amenities.

The kitchens are highly modern, with fully fitted appliances. The bathrooms have stylish accessories. The interior of the living room and all the bedrooms are designed with an attractive lifestyle. It appeals to the residents. The finishing and furnishing of the luxury apartments are remarkable.

A fully equipped gym is also a plus point for the residents to maintain their physical effort and workouts. You find different facilities in the complex around them. The payment plan is scheduled in installments, with some partial payment due immediately upon booking.

R05 - Al Erkyah - Lusail, Qatar

4. R05 - Al Erkyah - Lusail, Qatar

It is a beautiful project. Different architectures and engineers have combined the best professional expertise to build up the best community as a whole. This is a residential project with a primary market at affordable prices.

The real estate websites have listed the properties to buy and invest in. The prices are lower. It is a unique project that blends green spaces and the best architecture to make it the best place for a healthy environment. The residents will enjoy the green lifestyle and natural beauty of their surroundings.

The City is beautifully furnished with brand new apartments featuring beautiful balconies and a stunning view of the City. The best materials and accessories are employed in the kitchen, with a large bedroom presenting modern statics. The dwellers also enjoy walking close to it to manage their belongings.


  • 24 Hours Security
  • Concierge Service
  • Swimming Pool
  • Fully Equipped Gymnasium
  • Dedicated Parking
  • Restaurant
  • Kids Play Area

City Avenue Phase 2 - Al Erkyah - Lusail City, Qatar

5. City Avenue Phase 2 - Al Erkyah - Lusail City, Qatar

It offers the best features and amenities with the most excellent infrastructure to create a beautiful blend of lifestyles. It comprises top-rated entertainment venues, the best leisure points, parks and gardens, and new green areas.

Further, there you will find world-class restaurants and retail outlets. You can dine in world-class hotels. There is a grand mosque for the community and the best premium healthcare system for the residents.

The British schools and kindergarten system are there for a world-class education standard. The location is the ideal primer for the Project.

This residential tower is in the progressive spirit by reflecting the rich culture of Doha. Exceptional services and facilities for the residents will live in this residential tower. There is a welcoming lobby to greet the welcome with warm feelings.

The developer has captured the unique building style in this Project to allow for a real sense of real estate master plan and success. The Project promotes an entrepreneurial approach to welcoming individual investors.

The developer has the mission to deliver this luxury Project with the best sustainable community possible to the residents. The price range is from QR 934,830 to QR 5,141,350.

Main Features:

  • Client: Ariane Real Estate
  • Location: Lusail, Doha, Qatar
  • Plot area: 48,292m²
  • Built-up area: 217,922m²
  • Components: Hotel & Hotel Apartments, Healthcare & Commercial
  • Floors: 2B + G + M + 10F
  • Scope: Design & Supervision
  • Status: Under Design Stage

Blossom Residential Building Foxhills

6. Blossom Residential Building - Fox hills - Lusail City, Qatar

It is an exciting and excellent project to discover the best investment properties. It is a residential tower with a unique exterior and interior design.

There are 112 apartment units in this residential tower with two-bedroom layouts. This Project offers fully furnished apartments. The Project started in 2017 and is expected to be completed in 2023. Mart Real Estate is developing this Project. The starting price of this Project is QR 1,324,875.


  • Swimming pool access.
  • Fully Equipped Gymnasium
  • Secured parking.
  • Security service.
  • Concierge service.
  • Land area (m²): 3,359.41
  • Gross Floor Area (m²) is 22,749.19

7. Seville Residence - Foxhills - Lusail City, Qatar

The cultural ambiance in these fully furnished one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments can be felt. The housing promises the best facilities of the highest caliber.

The Andalusian era served as the architecture's primary inspiration, fusing Spain's serenity with the ferocity of the Roman republic. The property is situated in the 38-square-kilometer City of Lusail, which can accommodate 200,000 people.

Encounter a time-traveling way of life to invest in beneficial properties. The price range is from QR 1,228,504-QAR 1,704,640.


  • Swimming pool access.
  • Children's Play area
  • Secured parking.
  • Security service.
  • Concierge service.
  • Land area (m²):
  • 2,033.00
  • Gross Floor Area (m²)
  • 6,534.25

8. Skala Villas - Qetaifan Island - Lusail City, Qatar

Skala's Villas was developed to give the communities a new lifestyle that has become the prime motivating factor behind this successful project completion. And there is no better way to maximize the value of your beachfront property.

Families can enjoy a valuable everyday life brimming with happiness and genuine contentment because of pastimes that never grow old, first-rate luxuries, and a serene architectural style.

9. P18 - Foxhills - Lusail City, Qatar

This residential Project enables you to continue living in serenity, peace, and relaxation—luxurious residences in various architectural styles. You can avail everything you need for your lifestyle within a quick bike ride or walk, which lessens the need for cars and other vehicles.

Besides that, the accessible and fully integrated master plan of P18 - Foxhills - Lusail City is a public railway network and light rail service.

10. Milos Residence - Legtifiya City, West Bay, Qatar

The neighborhood is close to the leading leisure areas and is surrounded by the golf club, Lagoona Mall, and education institutions, which contributes to the City's distinctive charm. Its cutting-edge structure and layout are focused on health and sustainability.

This thriving City raises the bar for leading a healthy lifestyle while maintaining happiness and protection. Legtaifiya City is defined by ecological sustainability. The price range is QAR 1,421,270 - QAR 14,176,000.

Even though technology and creativity are at the forefront of this Project, a steadfast commitment to the future will depend on the developer's personal growth. Trust is a human-to-human exchange. And the way the procedures are followed is what supports that belief. It is based on;

  • Engaged.
  • Constructing an iconic high-rise
  • Sustainable.
  • Shaping a new tomorrow for the residents
  • inventive and resourceful


  • The parking area is located in the basement, ground floor, and the stands
  • G.F. and Upper Ground are duplexes (4 Bedrooms & 2 bedrooms)
  • Podium 2 includes the Gym and Multipurpose hall
  • The swimming pool is located on the 3rd Floor
  • There are even shops and retail outlets on the ground + upper ground floor facing the highway.
  • The tower balconies are regarded as terraces with astonishing ocean views from all sides (Katara, west bay lagoon, Pearl, and the direct sea)

Some More Fantastic Projects in Yasmeen City - Lusail, Qatar

Yasmeen City Mixed Use - Yasmeen City - Lusail, Qatar

The exquisite, comfortable, and feasible apartments in the housing complex will give you the safety and comfort you need. Each apartment has been planned to represent the elegance of such a modern city.

Personal balconies with beautiful landscapes are combined with stylish decor that features contemporary glazed ceramic tile flooring. It has the following more projects that offer the best off-plan properties to invest in Qatar.

  • Yasmeen Business Bay
  • The Crescent - Yasmeen City - Lusail, Qatar
  • Al Wadi Building - Yasmeen City - Lusail, Qatar
  • Al Wadi Building 2 - Yasmeen City - Lusail, Qatar

Finding the Best Property for Sale in New Projects in Qatar

You see outstanding properties for sale in different off-plan projects in Qatar. Saakin is the best real estate directory for buying a property in Qatar. Via this portal, you can quickly get the best property.

We facilitate buyers and investors to invest in the best residential projects. We deliver the best and most promising real estate consultancy services. We put the listings on the website to widen the property market for people. Get all updates on the top-performing projects and top-rated properties on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about non-Qatari project owners and entrepreneurs? How can they benefit from the finance and advisory services the bank offers?

Entrepreneurs can benefit from the finance and advisory services provided they have a 51% active Qatari partner in the Project.​

What Are the Major Projects in Qatar?

Major Projects Opening in Doha in 2022

  • Al Dawoodia - Ariane City - Al Wakrah, Qatar
  • The Garden Villas - Al Thumama, Qatar
  • Lusail Stadium
  • Place Vendôme
  • Qetaifan Island North Waterpark
  • West Bay North Beach
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Skala Villas - Qetaifan Island - Lusail City, Qatar
  • Dadu Garden

What Is A Civil Project?

A construction project, referred to as a 'project,' is the systematic process of constructing, remodeling, renovating, etc., a building, construction, or infrastructure.

Is Qatar Good for Real Estate?

One of the wealthiest countries in the world, Qatar offers an excellent environment for real estate investments, whether for locals or foreigners. As of 2019, Qatar has an estimated population of around 2.169 million. Of these, a staggering 85.7% are Expats.

Can non-Qatari buy Property in Qatar?

Ownership of Real Estate in Qatar by Foreigners

16 of 2018) ('Foreign Real Estate Ownership Law'), non-Qataris (natural persons and legal entities) can have freehold ownership as well as usufruct rights (leasehold rights for 99 years) in real estate in certain designated areas in Qatar.

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