How Can I Buy Commercial Properties in Qatar?

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Do you have plans to invest in the real estate business? It would be best to invest in commercial lands and commercial buildings. An investor is a significant part of an emerging real estate market. Ex-pats can also obtain commercial property in Qatar. If you own commercial land for sale in Qatar, you get a work permit along with residency status.

Buying commercial land gives you better and instantaneous benefits as you have intentions to work and live in this gulf state. Here, you will find a thorough guide to buying commercial properties in Qatar.

Things to Consider at the Initial Level for Getting a Commercial Property in Qatar

Get basic knowledge and awareness of local laws and property rules related to purchasing commercial properties. If you have some plans for powerful investment ventures, you can buy a commercial property in Qatar through the help of real estate agencies and relevant legal assistance. Before purchasing a commercial property, you should have proper research and facts about the property market and real estate market.

It is also very important to evaluate the market value of different properties so that you may get the maximum return by investing. For this purpose, the featured properties on the portals guide you properly, describing the detailed specifications of the commercial properties. If you intend to invest in a commercial property in Qatar, you should consider the following points.

Get a Secure Financing Option and the Best Cost Access

If you buy commercial real estate, you can have a mortgage plan, maintenance and repair management, refurbishment costs, and other related services of property that could add value to your investment venture. You should also have key knowledge to assess the price value of different commercial properties in different districts of Qatar.

Decide the Location and Property Type to Purchase in Qatar

The real estate websites display all the whereabouts of the commercial properties you find to buy. Additionally, it includes the complete guideline, location, and map of the property, description of the building type, property size, project or building title, price, payment plan strategy, facilities, and amenities.

You can choose a required commercial property in your liked and desirable commercial area. You can easily find an ideal commercial property through these filter options on property-finding websites.

Documents you require to purchase a Commercial Property in Qatar

  • Your Qatari  ID card copy
  • Your passport copy
  • Residency & Employment Proof
  • Down Payment & management of other payment plans
  • Sale Agreement & other Legal documents for the purchasing process

Hire a Real Estate Agency in Qatar

For Evaluation of Property and Price

You can avail of the services of a real estate agent to handle the buying process and related administrative work, surveys, payment management, sale agreement, documentation, and other legal formalities. The agent will also guide you properly on which property is suitable to invest, in and which area is more attractive from an investment perspective.

They will also evaluate the optional featured properties. Moreover, your hired agent will help you finalize a negotiable and reasonable price. He will manage to draw up the agreement contract and other important documents, and you will get all exchanges of ownership and transfer formalities easily.

Foreigners Buy Properties in Qatar

Can Foreigners Buy Properties in Qatar?

The government has announced new regulations on foreigners for getting properties, and it has expanded the real estate business scope for ex-pats. However, they can buy commercial properties in particular districts and areas of Qatar.

These are the freehold ownership areas for non-Qatari;

  • West Bay Lagoon
  • The Pearl Qatar
  • Al Khor Resort
  • Rawdat Al Jahaniyah
  • Al Qassar
  • Al Dafna
  • Onaiza
  • Al Wasail
  • Al Kharij
  • Jabal Theyleeb

Non- Qataris can also lease properties for 99 years in some specific places.

Types of Commercial Properties in Qatar

Commercial real estate includes;

  • Office Buildings
  • Office Spaces
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Labor Camps
  • Commercial Lands
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Retails
  • Shops
  • Hotels
  • Malls
  • Medical centers

The Benefits you get on Buying a Commercial Property in Qatar

Commercial property is employed in different connotations of business like sale purchase work, construction projects, and renting out commercial buildings or residential buildings. However, foreigners can invest in the real estate business in freehold areas of Qatar.

If you purchase commercial land, a freehold property, you've got to be the owner of that, and you can also purchase real estate property directly from a developer. Moreover, the individual buying commercial land values above U.S. dollar 1,000,000 acquires permanent residence, giving government grants like education and healthcare.

A big benefit to buying commercial land in the freehold zone is the tax-free property market and long-term investment returns.

You get initial approval when you own commercial land to launch your project. The investors operate commercial land to build commercial buildings, residential villas, and a kind of investment or rental purpose. The prices vary as per the land's physical features, location, and market value. The freehold developing areas offering many commercial lands for sale are;

  • The Pearl
  • West Bay Lagoon
  • Lusail
  • Al Khor

The Main Benefits;

  • You get a residency permit when purchasing a commercial property worth QAR 730,000 or above. The Qatari government gives you this permit, thinking you are the homeowner. It also provides you with family residence status and permits you and your family to live in Qatar as long as you hold your property. In addition, the official government website guides you automatically through the residency application procedure.


  • When you purchase a commercial property worth 3,650,000 QAR and above, you obtain the identical benefits as permanent residency, including health care services, quality education, and other commercial benefits.
  • You can instantly sponsor your family members through your residency permit if you buy a property.
  • Residency status is valid as long as you possess your property.


To sum up, we can purposefully articulate that Qatar offers a great collection of commercial properties, and the country is creating more opportunities to upgrade its economic level. You can select the best and ideal commercial property for your business activities. When you decide to buy a commercial place, you must consider all the above circumstances and key points to have the best.

The real estate directories help you decide quickly to select a commercial place. Go through to get the latest featured properties. These are the fundamental factors and details you must go through before selecting a property for investment objective in Qatar. Furthermore, the FIFA World cup 2022 is boosting Qatar's real estate business ratio.

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