How to Purchase Property in Qatar?

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Purchasing a property in Qatar is somehow different than in other countries. People get property either for their residence or for investment. Whatever the reason behind this purchase is, you have certainly benefited. How to purchase property in Qatar can be challenging at times. But when you intend to purchase a property, you will come across many platforms, one of which is Saakin Qatar.

The Qatar Property Market

Qatar is a wealth-oriented land. That is why the real estate business is mostly at its peak. Many foreign tourists and investors are now visiting this country. Therefore, investors are ready to invest in luxury apartments and villas to accommodate foreign tourists.

For such investments, real estate agents and agencies play a key role. Similarly, you will see many companies featured in the property market. They are currently allowing investors to invest specifically in the country's infrastructure. The development process of Qatar depends on both local and foreign investments. Surprisingly, foreigners bring more cash flow to the country.

How to Buy Property in Qatar?

Years ago, the Qatari government prohibited non-Qataris from purchasing land, houses, or buildings in Qatar, no matter how long they had lived there. Later on, in 2004, the government published a law for them according to which they could purchase the property. The government had specified some places, like the Pearl and two others, which allowed non-Qataris to purchase land in only those regions.

To ease restrictions more, the Qatar government set another law called Cabinet Resolution No. 28 in 2020. This law further allowed foreigners to purchase more land in the country and avail of other benefits. By this law, they could own property and freehold real estate. They are given nine areas where they can get ownership. In the remaining 16 areas, they could benefit from a 99-year lease from the property.

Hence, these laws have made it an attraction for foreigners to contribute to Qatar’s economy.

A Detailed Review of Property inside Qatar

Rights of Property in Specified Regions

As mentioned above, Qatar's government only allows some specific areas where non-Qataris can own property irrespective of Qatar's nationality. Through the law, they can own and lease the land without any restriction on their ownership percentage. In those nine areas, they get full ownership rights, and in 16 areas, they are given limited property rights. Ownership and limited rights are only given to non-Qataris within specific areas.

Rights of Property outside the Specified Region

To own or keep a property on lease outside the specified region, a property must be owned by at least one Qatari. A Qatari or the state should own the property fully. The property should be listed on the Qatar stock exchange. Non-Qataris could invest up to 49 percent in the companies.

Previously, foreigners were allowed to invest in real estate, but with certain limitations. However, the new set of regulations is great for foreign investors. They have more opportunities and benefits to invest in the market.

The Process of Buying Property in Qatar

According to the law set by the government, non-Qataris will know how to buy property in Qatar, especially the freehold one. Also, they are provided with residency after this purchase. Their families can get residence there. This residency is valid up to the time of their property ownership.

Most of the time, a non-Qatari buys property directly from the builder. If you are buying a property that isn't completed yet, then a builder sells the property, not a seller. You must make an initial deposit when signing the agreement for the property purchase.

During this period, you can make frequent deposits to the builder. Usually, both parties set a plan for the transaction and divide the money into phases. This helps buyers pay in fractions rather than a huge chunk of money at a time. More or less, it is a similar process to paying in installments.

Real Estate Agent Can Facilitate the Property Searching Process

An authentic real estate agent can facilitate the property searching process for you. Visit the entire property market and shortlist the real estate agents. You have to share with them where you want to buy property.

Then, tell them the property type is a villa, house, or apartment. Afterward, share your budget with them. Your budget primarily describes the size of the property you intend to buy.

Therefore, your market research should be strong enough to pick the best estate agency. Otherwise, you might encounter fraud. The property agents are there as a guide for you. They guide you toward the desired property and then negotiate on prices too.

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Guide for Buying a House in Qatar through Our Company

We will guide you to find the best places in Qatar according to your lifestyle and budget. Then, we help the locals and foreigners who want to reside in Qatar. Furthermore, we will help you with the residency permit. Although for freehold property, non-Qataris can own it.

But to lease property, they must first grant a special visa. After this visa, they are eligible to purchase a lease property. Usually, it would take a month to get the property.

You have to read the agreement between the buyer and seller. If you have selected the property and both parties have agreed upon the contract, then, if you are a buyer, you have to secure some money. You have to pay installments, then.

Next, you have to get a non-objective certificate for your property. Check for other formalities, too, as you have to complete them. The seller requires your documents, like a passport, for verification.

Although this process seems to be easy-going, it requires time and paperwork. If you buy the property without help from real estate agents, this process will become lengthier. So, hire an agent from Saakin Qatar to complete this process on an urgent basis.

Benefits of New Regulations for Foreigners

Qatar's government enthusiastically welcomes foreign nationals to visit their country for investment. Foreigners weren't happy with the old laws of 2004, but for them, the new laws are like golden opportunities.

Below Are Some Benefits To Foreigners

  • They get a wide range of areas to invest in.
  • Can also invest in commercial property
  • The properties for expansion projects are set for freehold.
  • They can use foreign companies in Qatar.
  • Also, they can purchase assets in Qatar.
  • Obtaining a residency permit is simple.

Saakin Qatar Real Estate Search Engine

This is not a website only through which you can browse. But a real-time surveying platform allows you to visit properties, check the market trends, follow up with the real estate agents, view houses and apartments, tell them your query, live chat with them and apartments, tell them your query, live chat with the agents, etc. The authenticity of this company has made them a high-ranking company in Qatar.


For locals, it is a game of hands to purchase a property. But for foreigners, it is a challenge. Though most foreigners want to invest in Qatar through the property, they are unaware of the process. They need to follow the rules set by the state for property purchasing. Then, they can enjoy the abundant benefits of investing in the property market.


Can I Buy Property in Qatar on My Own?

Yes, you can buy the property independently, but a real estate agent will guide you through all the steps of this process.

How Can A Foreigner Purchase Property in Qatar?

Yes, they can purchase property but should follow the cabinet commission. Through this commission, they can even get visa permits too.

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