Cost of Living in Doha, Qatar

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Qatar is the richest country in the world. However, Doha is its capital and business hub. Thus the cost of living might be expected to be quite higher. Doha is considered one of the highest per capita incomes in the world. On the other hand, it is also one of the more affordable gulf destinations. Doha ranked 130th out of 209 cities by the survey of 2021 Mercer. It also noticed that the prices are competitive among big cities worldwide.

Qatar is one of The More Expensive Countries in The Middle East.

The living cost in Qatar – especially in the capital, Doha – is comparable to other big cities worldwide. As much food is imported, you can expect to pay much more than normal. Qatar is a tax-free stimulus, so this capital city's cost of living is quite attractive. However, it depends on the ex-pats source of income and employment. What kind of lifestyle do they choose, and how do they manage to spend their money?

People Evaluate Different Perspectives To Estimate Living Costs in Doha, Qatar.

Cost of Accommodation Doha

The cost of accommodation in Doha depends on the financial condition of the ex-pats.

  • What is his employment or job?
  • What kind of house is he living in?
  • How many family members does he have to deliver that home?

There are different residential properties, and ex-pats can choose according to their choice and budget.

The most common residential option is the apartments and villas. The rented villas include basic amenities such as a swimming pool, gymnasium, supermarkets, groceries, and pharmacies. However, the price of a stand-alone villa is somewhat higher than a compound villa.

The owner or landlord of a stand-alone villa determines the rental price of a stand-alone villa. There is a time for a rise in rental costs annually. It should be considered and kept in mind whenever arranging a rental contract.

There are certain areas in Doha where ex-pats can purchase properties. Among the most popular development is the Pearl development project. This project has commercial, retail, and residential properties and spaces, built on reclaimed land. Yet buying property is more expensive and difficult. So most foreigners and ex-pats prefer to rent homes for a living.

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An Average Evaluation of the Cost Of Living in Doha

The price can vary depending on the service and product provider. It only gives you an average price in January 2022.

Accommodation doha

Cost of Accommodation

Monthly Rent

  • 5,700 QAR for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center
  • 3,750 QAR for a one-bedroom apartment outside the city center
  • 10,800 QAR for a three-bedroom apartment in the city center
  • 7,300 QAR for a three-bedroom apartment outside the city center

Affordable Rental Price Analysis in Reasonable Areas

  • If a single person wants a good living shared place, he can have a bed space for living. It costs you around 500 QAR per month, especially in the city of Al Sadd and its outskirts.
  • If you choose to live in a shared apartment as a bachelor, the rental cost averages 1500 to 3000 per month QAR. The rental cost varies as per the location and facilities.

Staying with the Family

  • If you live with your family, it can be somewhat more expensive. It also depends on which area you decide to live in and the level of luxury and other facilities in your rental apartment or villa. A studio flat can cost almost 2400 per month, in an unfurnished condition. There is an impressive range of rental prices you can only find in Al Thumama and Ain Khalid. And if you want a furnished apartment in this area, it will cost you around 3000 QAR per month.
  • One BHK in a luxury style can cost you between 4000 and 6000 for a furnished apartment in some areas. The rental price in Al Sadd is somewhat expensive because it connects the location with the city's major areas.
  • The most stylish, luxurious, and expensive localities to live in are Lusail and katara. These posh Localities have a rental price starting from 10,000 QAR for just a studio flat. There are many options to have a rental place for your residence, and you can choose up to your level of living standard and financial condition. Moreover, the location and area are also considered with changes in rental prices.
  • When you decide to buy a home in Qatar, you mostly choose the best area because you buy a property when you have intentions for a long-term staycation. So you consider everything like the amenities, advantages of cities, luxury level facilities, location beauty, market value, and other relevant factors.
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Cost of Food in Doha

You find a range of grocery stores at favorite Carefore for the more expensive mega marts. There you find the neighborhood shops and local establishments like;

  • Food World
  • Al Meera
  • Family food center
  • Q Mart
  • Lulu hypermarket

You find fruits, vegetables, meat, and other edible goods and products. If you buy local, that will save, but buying the brand names will cost a more penny. Shopping around for certain items is recommended as they vary by several Riyals depending on the outlet.

Restaurant doha

Eating out at a Restaurant

  • 25 QAR at Big Mac deal
  • 3 QAR at Coca Cola 330ml
  • 18 QAR for cappuccino
  • 200 QAR for an average three-course meal for two persons at a mid-range restaurant
  • 11.30 QAR for one dozen eggs
  • 7 QAR for one litter of milk
  • 7 QAR for one kilogram rice
  • 5.30 QAR for a loaf of white bread
  • 30 QAR for chicken breasts
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Cost of Schooling in Doha

Some employees have an education expenses package, including their job. Further, some companies compensate children from three years of age and others only from age 5. These particulars vary in different cases. However, the cost of education is a concern; the ex-pats should understand that tuition at international schools is very expensive and higher.

It depends on the child's age and the type of school or curricular activities. There are some options for the best schools and nurseries to choose from. So you can select any according to your budget.

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Cost of Healthcare in Doha

Hamad hospital and clinic centers provide free healthcare to the residents and locals. Ex-pats need to get a healthcare card from the employee's human resources office or through the hospital system directly by using the services. However, emergency service is free. The ex-pats have to pay the fee for the health card.

Many private hospitals in Doha offer the best medical care and surgical care. Some employees have a medical package, including in their jobs. If one does not have such a package, he can purchase it from one of the private hospitals directly.

Personal Care

  • Cold medicine for six days (Tylenol, Frenadol, Coldrex, or equivalent brands)
  • QAR 18
  • One box of antibiotics (12 doses) 65 QAR‎
  • Short visit to private doctor (15 minutes) 263‎ QAR

Cost of Transport in Doha

Doha has managed a good transport network for some recent years. There are maintained bus routes powered by Movaslat. Buses and the metro system are affordable ways of getting around in Doha. A taxi is also an option for private and public transport, and the Uber service is private.

Different kinds of vehicles and cars are available. The people who own new cars need insurance for it. Some employees have transport packages in their employment contract, even the initial flight tickets, and a car. It all depends on your type of employment or your job.

  • 2.10 QR 4 taxi rate per kilometers
  • 2.50 QAR for bus or train fare in the city center
  • 1.75 QAR for petrol or gasoline per liter
  • 0.65 QAR for mobile-to-mobile call rate per minute
  • 310 QAR for monthly Internet charges
  • 340 QAR for monthly basic utilities
  • 31 QAR hourly rate for domestic help

Final Thoughts

Your living cost in Qatar will vary greatly depending on your lifestyle and your family. If you are single, living in good accommodation, often spending QAR 15,000 each month. On the contrary, a family of 4 living in a villa will likely spend around QAR 35,000. But if you are doing a job that provides company housing or a housing allowance, you can cut those estimates by about 30%.

If you live the lifestyle of the average western expatriate in Qatar, you can expect the cost of living to be similar to what you would see in Europe. Utilities will cost quite less since they are largely supported. Nevertheless, food and drinks will be more expensive.

Qatar doesn't charge too much on the cost of living and housing, leisure and culture, outdoor hobbies, and patience in terms of quality of life. Yet, ex-pats living there benefit from no taxation, good security, and healthcare.

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